Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for bloggers and website owners to earn a commission for advertising affiliate products on their website or blog. The owner of the blog or website signs a contract with an Affiliate Program to promote and advertise their products or services on their website or blog. When one of their visitors clicks on the link and buys the product or signs up for the service, they’ll earn a commission.

iTunes – The Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

ituhne affiliateiTunehas an affiliate program that allows bloggers, website owners, and app developers to link your site or apps to the App Store. You can link to any TV show, movie, book, app or song that is on the App Store……….Read More..……..


Rakuten Marketing Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

rakuten marketingRukuten Marketing was founded in 1997 under the name of LinkShare. The company is one of the oldest affiliate marketing companies around. Therefore, with all the experience they have in this business they are constantly changing, expanding, and looking for new ideas. The company has over 1000 merchants in its network to choose from. Furthermore, this is an international company and has 10 global offices that cover 8 different networks. This helps the company work together and gives you the feeling of an international company……….. Read More.………

AliExpress Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

aliexpressAliExpress was opened in 2010 in China. The company has a retail platform to help small Chinese businesses sell their products online. This helps the small Chinese business reach a global market. In the past few years, this company has grown in popularity around the world and has started to become a household name. AliExpress sales reports indicate that their sales are almost double the sales of the online giant Amazon. Many website owners are not starting to join the affiliate program from AliExpress………..Read More.………

Jumia Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

jumia affilitate programJumia is an online shopping platform similar to Amazon. The platform is for people in Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Morocco. These countries can shop online with the confidence that they will receive the products they’ve ordered. The company has an affiliate program that you can join. You’ll have the opportunity of earning up to an 11% commission on certain items that you sell through your affiliate links. What is excellent about this site, you’ll have a chance to earn a commission on the sales of an item up to 30 days after the person clicked on your affiliate link……….. Read More.………

ShareASale Affiliate Marketing Review – Legit or Scam

share a saleThe ShareASale website was created in the year 2000 by Brian Littleton. Brian owns a private company that is based in Chicago. The ShareASale website has over 1900 different merchant programs that help small to mid-sized companies promote and sell their physical and digital products online. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to find plenty of merchandise to promote and sell on your own website……….. Read More.………

Twitch Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

twichTwitch Affiliate Program is a platform where you can stream any content you choose or even introduce a new game. The company understands that many people have a passion to share, create, and streams live casts and games online. Twitch is trying hard to help people realize their dreams to earn an income from their passion. The affiliate program is there to help anyone who loves to create and stream videos build up their audience and work towards the status of a Twitch Partner……….. Read More.………

Surge Affiliate Network Review – Legit or Scam

surge affiliateSurge Affiliate Network is a UK based company that is free to join. You need no prior experience or technical knowledge to work as an affiliate marketer for this company. You’ll have different campaigns that you can promote and earn a commission from the site. As an affiliate for Surge, you’ll generate traffic from your website or social media account that will direct people to websites or different items to buy. If one of your site visitors converts and either signs up to the site or buys one of the products, you’ll earn a commission for your lead. The company has sweepstakes, home improvement, and finance campaigns that will earn you a commission when you promote one of these campaigns. You are free to pick and choose as many campaigns that you’d like to promote……….. Read More……….

Grammarly Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

grammarlyGrammarly is an online grammar and a spell checker that works online with your Chrome browser or you can download this to work with your MS Word Program. The application will check for common grammatical errors, verb agreement, modifier placement, article use, regular verb conjugations, and much more. Furthermore, Grammarly has an affiliate program that you can apply for. As an affiliate of Grammarly, you have the opportunity to place a banner on your website or use a tracking text link that can be placed on your website. This link can be added to your emails, e-books, social media accounts or used as a signature link in forums or blog comments……….. Read More.………

VodaHost Affiliate Review – Legit or Scam

voda hostVodaHost is a website hosting company that offers everyone a free website building program called BlueVoda. It is easy to join the affiliate program as long as you own a website or blog. You will be displaying banners ads or affiliate links on your website. Each time a person joins the website and orders a monthly subscription, you’ll earn a commission on each sale. This is an excellent way to introduce people to a great web hosting company that offers you a commission when a person signs up for their services……….. Read More.………

AdCombo Affiliate Network Review – Legit or Scam

adcomboAdCombo is a CPA affiliate network that was founded in 2013. As an affiliate, you can choose from thousands of offers that are suited for more than 12 website niches. The company constantly works to update and optimize new offers and existing offers. You will find offers on the site that will make it easy for you to convert and earn an affiliate commission. If you are new to affiliate marketing the company has a team of affiliate managers to help you get started.  The company has its own internally made web pages that are easy to use and adapt to your promotional needs……….. Read More.………

Fanatics Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

fanaticsFanatics is a website that sells official NFL, College, MLB, NBA, NFL, Nascar, Soccer, Olympic and other sportswear, tee-shirts, backpack, and different sports gear. The company has an affiliate program that is open to bloggers, website owners, social media publishers, and forum operators. Here you can promote official sports tee-shirts, jerseys, sports gear and backpacks. You’ll earn a commission from the site when one of your referrals buys a product from this company. This is an excellent opportunity if you own a sports blog site or website……….. Read More.………

SiteGround Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

sitegroundSiteGround is a web hosting company that offers web hosting, WordPress hosting, Woocommerce hosting and Cloud hosting. The company has an affiliate program that you can join to earn a commission offering web hosting services. This is an excellent opportunity to earn a commission as an affiliate marketer. Everyone is looking for a low-cost hosting company and SiteGround has the perfect plan for everyone……….. Read More.………

Clickbank Review: Legit or Scam

clickbankClickbank is an online marketplace for selling your digital goods online. Furthermore, it has a great affiliate program that you can join to earn money online as an affiliate marketer. You can sign up for a vendor account and advertise your products on the platform to sell them worldwide. The platform is a secure environment for people selling their digital products online. You can collect your payments on the platform, ensure the safe delivery of the digital products you sell, and issue refunds if there is an issue with your product……….. Read More……….

Amazon Affiliate Review: Legit or Scam

amazonAmazon has an affiliate program that you can join to help earn money from selling the products listed on the website. You’ll list the products on your website, blog, or even your social media account. As an affiliate marketer for Amazon, you’ll have your own unique affiliate link or ID number that identified you. When a person clicks on your link and purchases the item you have promoted, a commission is added to your account. With Amazon, it is not so hard to join their affiliate program. Amazon has many different websites that are dedicated to a certain country. You can check to see if your country has an Amazon site, you can join to become an affiliate marketer……….. Read More……….

OfferVault Affiliate Marketing Review 2019: Legit or Scam

offervaultOfferVault is not an affiliate network that you can join to earn money promoting the different products or services. However, OfferVault is a reference tool that any affiliate marketer can use to find different products or services to promote on their website or blog. The company has a large listing of offers that you can easily promote on your website or blog and earn money as an affiliate marketer. You will use OfferValut to search for the different offers that interest you. Once you find the offer that you’d like to promote, you’ll need to create an account with this company to receive your affiliate link……….. Read More.………

The 1 Dollar Thing Review 2019: Legit or Scam

the1dollarthingThe 1 Dollar Thing is a website that allows you to invest $1 to start earning a profitable income immediately online. The site gives you a new earning opportunity so that you can start to live a stress-free life without the hassle or worry about making money online. Their marketing network is designed for anyone to start earning a substantial income online in a very short time frame. Each month the site sends out a business magazine that has helpful tips about making money, how to save on your taxes, tips on health, travel and also living a very successful lifestyle. This is a Network Marketing – MLM and Direct sales company. The owner of the company is Doc Lett. The true name of the owner is Kenneth Lett. Back in 2012, Kenneth created his first MLM company for travel called Phase 4 Global. Again in 2015, he created another new company called 2×2. In 2016 Kenneth created his third company called Iguana Biz. It appears that his company Iguana Biz didn’t do so well and therefore, he tried again with this company called The 1 Dollar Thing……….. Read More.………

TopOffers Premium CPA Network Review 2019: Legit or Scam

topoffersTopOffer is a CPA network for advertisers and affiliate marketers. The company offers 4 different types of affiliate programs you can join. You have a choice between PPS, PPL, PPI, and RevShare. The company specializes in dating offers and they have many CPA offers from the top, premium advertisers that you can choose from. Here you will have personalized support and work with the company’s immediate to help you monetize your blog or website. As an affiliate with the company, you can benefit from the platform the company uses and have direct contact with the advertiser that you want to work with. This makes it easy to start earning money from the company and eliminates the middle man……….. Read More……….

iMarketslive Review 2019: Legit or Scam

iMarketsLiveiMarketslive is one of the largest online cryptocurrency and foreign exchange educational platforms according to the website. The company opened its door in 2013 as a financial trading software company. The Forex education platform the company has designed is set up to help a newbie learn the market. The experts in the company have over 20 years of experience to offer to a newbie who wants to start trading. The company offers IML Academy, which is a foreign exchange and cryptocurrency market education that will teach you about these platforms. IML TV is a live mentorship for foreign exchange and cryptocurrency. The company has a Harmonic Scanner that is a harmonic pattern indicator that scans the market for valid harmonic patterns. The Web Analyzer is used for scanning the Forex and cryptocurrency markets during the day. The company offers a mobile app called Swipe Trade that you can easily install on your smartphone. The Swipe Coin app is another great tool to have on your mobile device. You can receive information on your smartphone about different cryptocurrency trading ideas……….. Read More………..

AmeriPlan Review 2019: Legit or Scam

AmeriPlanAmeriPlan was founded in 1992 to help the American people find affordable health insurance. In America, there are over 58 million people who can’t afford medical insurance and don’t have a health saving plan. AmeriPlan offers an affordable medical plan for dental, prescriptions, vision and chiropractic. The plans are great for every household and were designed to fit everyone’s budget. Furthermore, AmeriPlan offers an opportunity for you to join their affiliate program and earn a monthly income helping others to find affordable medical insurance. It is easy to become an AmeriPlan Benefit Consultant and build your own home-based business……….. Read More………..

ORU Marketplace Review 2019: Legit or Scam

ORUORU Marketplace stands for “One Race United” and is a peer-to-peer payment processing site that works very similar to PayPal. The architect of the network is Nick VandenBrekel. Nick is the programmer and designer of the network and has a vast knowledge and experience in the financial field. The main company goes by the name of Azteya Limited and it is based in the Grand Cayman in George Town. The company also has a base in the United States which is located in Florida. The site allows you to send and receive funds into your account and you can always transfer funds or even pay for goods and services using this company. The company doesn’t have any payment limits like the other online payment sites. Furthermore, the company has an affiliate program you can join that is based on the MLM structure. You can join the affiliate program and get others to join you. They will join under you and become part of your downline……….. Read More.……….

Scentsy Review 2019: Legit or Scam

ScentsyScentsy was founded in 2003 by Kara Egan and Colette Gunell of Salt Lake City, Utah. The company’s main headquarters is located in Idaho. The company is a direct selling party plan company that hosts parties in the home to sell a variety of fragrances. The company has distribution centers in Coppell, TX, Lexington, KY, and Warsaw, Poland. The company products its wax in Meridian, Idaho and all the products are available in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Germany, Guam, United Kingdom, and Ireland. If you check the BBB the company has an A+ rating and has over 1000 employees and 200,000 consultants worldwide. The company uses an MLM structure for consultants who can earn a commission selling their products at home parties or online. Furthermore, a consultant can earn even more when they recruit new members to join their team. The company has a very large catalog that sells a large variety of products for your home, bath, cleaning products, product for the laundry, your skin, facial products, and even products for your children……….. Read More.……….

eBay Partner Network Review 2020: Legit or Scam

eBayThe eBay Partner Network is an excellent opportunity for people who are looking to become an affiliate marketer this year. eBay is not just for selling your own goods and service, but for offering new items to people who are interested in purchasing them. The eBay network is very large with over 80% of the items listed on eBay today being brand new merchandise. On eBay, you will find that 90% of the items sold are listed as “Buy it Now” with no waiting time or auctions to deal with. Furthermore, you have over 1.4 billion listings on eBay to choose from and promote. eBay is one of the largest global networks and has over 183 million people who shop on eBay. The items purchased span over 190 markets worldwide. Also, take into considerations that 63% of the people who shop on eBay use their mobile devices to purchase the items they need. With over 72% of the products that sell on eBay, the buyer doesn’t need to pay the shipping cost to the seller. eBay offers a 100% secure network both for buyers and sellers. All the more reason to join the affiliate marketing team today and tap into some of the benefits eBay has to offer……….. Read More.………