Wanderlust Travel Magazine Review – Legit or Scam

The Wanderlust Travel Magazine is based in the UK and only publishes 10 magazines a year. The company runs a website and a magazine and will consider interesting blog posts, inspirational roundups, guides and advice pieces. The site won’t accept any guest posts, so please do not submit one for consideration. The company will consider your article for the magazine if you follow their guideline. This is an excellent opportunity for freelance writers to be published in a travel magazine.

How To Submit a Proposal To The Company:

            Story Proposal For Trips Taken:

  1. You’ll need to write a one-paragraph proposal that outlines your story.
  2. Write the first paragraph of the story.
  3. Describe in details how you undertook your journey and include any tour operators that you used. Keep this brief.
  4. If you have photos you’d like to include, the company will accept 5 low-resolution images. If you’re emailing the images they can’t exceed 2MB.
  5. You will need to include any relevant experiences you had. Make sure you use links to other previously published stories if at all possible,.
  6. When submitting your proposal your email subject line should sum up the theme and destination of your proposal.

Story Proposals For Trips Not Taken Yet:

  1. Write a one-paragraph proposal that outlines the story.
  2. Tell us the dates that your travels will be in your proposal.
  3. Give a brief description of what your journey will be and include any proposed tour operators.
  4. If you have any relevant experience this needs to be included in your proposal and links to any stories that have been previously published. This only applies if the stories have been published before.

How The Company Answers Proposals:

  1. Once your proposal has been submitted it can take several weeks for the company to read your proposal and answer you.
  2. If the company is interested in your proposal they will send you an email.
  3. At times it is not always possible for the company to answer you back if they aren’t interested in your proposal.
  4. You can send the company a second email after a month.
  5. If you are looking for a replay by a specific date, please include this in your email.
  6. If the company doesn’t answer you back, they’re not interested in your proposal.
  7. Do not call the company to inquire about your proposal or to follow up on your submissions.
  8. If the company doesn’t answer you back within a few weeks, they aren’t interested in your proposal.

What Other Types of Proposals Does the Company Accept?

  1. If you don’t have a full featured article it is possible to try and target one of the other shorter regular slots available.
  2. You can propose a news story, a pocket guide or even a consumer feature.

What Type of Articles Does The Company Want?

  1. The company is looking for articles from great writers, superb photographs, and the most authoritative facts.
  2. The site covers all aspects of special-interest, semi-independent, and independent travel.
  3. If you have an article about places off the beaten track, secret corners of the world or even an unusual angle on a well-known place are always a particular interest of the company and their readers.
  4. Articles about local culture is a great feature for the magazine. They are looking for people to write these types of articles that have an in-depth knowledge of the topic or the destination.
  5. They are looking for articles that haven’t been covered in the past year and also have a special style, tone, and content.

What Type of Feature Articles Does the Magazine Publish?

  1. Destination features – this includes a specific country or region. Topics like horseback riding in Chile or even walking in Morocco. These types of articles should be informative and written in the first person and not in past tense. Each article should be 1,800 to 2,200 words long.
  2. Dispatches – these are shorter articles that are 700 to 1,00 words long and describe a recent development in a country of interest to the readers.
  3. Special-interest features – they are looking for articles with special knowledge on a travel relevant subject. This could include family adventure trips, safaris, cycling holidays or even walks.
  4. Consumer articles – a guide that is of particular interest to a traveler. You should be able to explain how they can save money, make their travel adventure better, and it should be easy to read and understand.

How Much Does the Company Pay?

  1. If your article has been approved and published the company pays £220 for every 1000 words published.
  2. Your fee is based on the printed words published and not the words that you’ve submitted.
  3. A fact page earns £90 per page. You’ll need 750 words which are pro-rated.
  4. Other articles published are based on an agreed amount or on commissioning an article.


This is an excellent travel magazine to write for. The company doesn’t have much space for freelance writer and they do commission a lot of their articles out. However, they are always looking for new ideas, angles, and travel experiences to publish in their magazine. If you have any great travel experiences, guides or other points of interest to help the traveler, then drop them a proposal. When your articles are published the company pays you for your work.



Escapees Magazine Review – Legit or Scam

Escapees Magazine is about sharing your experiences about the RV lifestyle. The magazine is looking for stories about people who are full-time or part-time RVers. The magazine is looking for all different types of articles about different life on the road and living in an RV. This can be articles about families traveling, mechanical problems, technical issues, working on the road, or even traveling as a retiree. The company wants different types of article that you can’t find in another magazine. So if you’ve any experience with RVs, traveling, lifestyle issues, or special tips this is the perfect opportunity to earn money sharing your experiences.

What Do the Editors Want?

  1. Do not send in a query to the company, it won’t be accepted.
  2. The magazine decides on the articles they will publish based n the completed article.
  3. You’ll need to send in different photos, graphics or illustrations.
  4. Only completed articles will be considered and read.
  5. The articles that you submit to the magazine must be RV-related.
  6. They must engage other RV readers and have interest to everyone who read the magazine.
  7. The company has an approximate four-month lead time so any articles that you submit that are time-sensitive must be marked on the article. These types of articles need to be submitted six months in advance.
  8. There is no deadline for most articles. However, if you are writing an article about the club or park related subject they must be received before the 10th of each odd-numbered months.
  9. The company can hold an article for 6 months to one year before they add it to their magazine.

What The Magazine Wants:

  1. When writing your article the company looks for an engaging conversational tone.
  2. Don’t use verbosity or colloquialisms in your articles.
  3. Write the lead and the summary of your article and make it a work of art.
  4. If you are an Escapees member, you’ll need to include your membership number at the top of the article.
  5. Make sure you include the phone numbers of all the persons or companies that you mentioned in your article.
  6. If you’ve mentioned a company, you’ll need to supply their postal mailing address and website if possible.
  7. The company will reject any article that was written for the sole purpose of advertising.
  8. The company doesn’t publish poetry, articles for a travel blog, foreign travel stories or even fiction stories.
  9. You must submit clear, sharp illustrations and photos with your manuscript.
  10. The photos must be high-resolution and not edited.

How To Submit Your Articles:

  1. The company prefers that you submit your article by email.
  2. If you don’t have access to email, you can send your stories into the company at their mailing address. If you mail in your articles, you’ll need to include your full name, mailing address, your membership number, and a phone number.
  3. A full-length story needs to be 1,500 words long.
  4. A short filler-type article that is 100 to 500 words long will be considered.
  5. When sending in your article, you’ll need to write it in a Word document and attach it to the email.
  6. You can submit your manuscripts by email if you don’t have access to the Internet. Don’t send the company a CD instead of a hard copy. They will only accept hard copies of your manuscripts.
  7. Each article or manuscript needs to be typed in upper and lower case letters. Don’t submit an article that is typed in all uppercase letters. Furthermore, after a period there should only be one space before the next sentence starts.
  8. When writing your manuscript in a Word document using a Times font. There is no need to format your document. Furthermore, there is no need to use a variety of fonts in your manuscript.
  9. When you submit your manuscript, you must include a completed Limited Copyright License Agreement with your submission.
  10. If you’ve submitted your manuscript to another magazine it is necessary to list this on your LCLA agreement.
  11. If the article was previously published it is necessary to add this information to your LCLA agreement.
  12. If you plan on submitting more than one article to the company, you’ll need to check the box on the agreement for multiple submissions. The agreement will cover all our submissions for a year.


  1. You’ll need to submit a short paragraph biography about yourself.
  2. Include some information about your background, what inspired you to write this article and your qualifications.
  3. You’ll need to let people know what makes you an expert.
  4. The company needs a high-resolution photo of you that is taken in a natural setting.
  5. A headshot photo works best for your biography.


  1. The company will only pay you when your article is published.
  2. Depending on the quality of the article and the images will determine how much you’re paid.
  3. A feature article that is 1500 words long will earn $100 to $200.
  4. If you write a short filler article that is 100 to 500 words long, the pay is $50 to $100.


This is a legitimate magazine that will pay you for your manuscripts, images, illustrations, or filler stories. They are looking for any type of article about the RV lifestyle. No matter if you’re a snowbird, retired, or just living in an RV because of your work the company is looking for true life experiences and stories. There are a few rules for submitting an article to the company to consider. The company won’t accept any queries or CDs. You must submit your article or manuscript by email or by mail. It can take up to a year to see your article published in their magazine. They only publish 6 magazines a year.


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Verge Magazine Review – Legit or Scam

Verge Magazine is a travel magazine that is designed to help everyone change the planet for the better. Since 2002 the online magazine has published articles about people working, studying, and volunteering abroad. Verge magazine is one of Canada’s largest travel, volunteer, study and work magazine online. The company is always looking for freelance writers who travel, work, or study overseas. Your stories and experiences are what the magazine is looking for. If you are a freelance writer and a traveler, it is possible to write about your experience. The magazine is always looking for great articles.

What Type of Articles Does Verge Look For?

  1. The magazine chooses articles that are informative and motivated.
  2. They look for articles that portray unique personal experiences, timely events, and relevant information.
  3. Write articles that can tell a well-told story, how to information, engaging subjects and include many sources to help your article and the readers.
  4. Add external sources to help the readers find other information about your article if they re interested.
  5. Include information about your flight, hotel accommodations, meals or tours if they apply.
  6. Let the people know if you received a discount or a free or reduced rate flights to inspire you to take the trip.
  7. Let the readers know if you arrived at our destination to work or to volunteer.
  8. If a company, organization or even a tourism board hired you, include this in your article.

What Should Article Include?

  1. You need to provide sidebars that will be useful to the reader and the subject you’re writing about.
  2. If you have any photos these should accompany your article.
  3. The site like you to add a travel component if it applies to your article. This will provide the information for the reader to get involved.
  4. Your article should be 800 words long.

What Aer the Different Types Of Articles You Can Write?

  1. Worldwise: these types of articles will provide information about social, cultural, political issues and problems in a region, how they are being addressed, unreported events, and should reveal some facts that are unusual or not well-known about the place.
  2. Workwhere: the stories about working overseas, or living your dream by moving or working overseas.
  3. Global Classroom: These types of articles are based on education or different ways to study abroad. This can include different learning or teaching opportunities abroad.
  4. Out There: If you are engaging in different types of activities that are breaking news, about the environment, or even international development.
  5. Your Environment: The article should cover specific or unreported news about people who are engaged in ways to address these issues.
  6. Volum Traveller: Deals with stories about volunteering work, international development, or working with a certain nonprofit organization abroad.
  7. Feature Articles: The article must be 2000 to 2500 words long. Normally, there is a major competition for these stories and if you’ve never been published by the magazine in the past, you’ll need to submit your pitch to the company. However, the site would prefer you to work on and submit a few articles for the departments first.
  8. Photographs: It is important that you supply the magazine with high-quality photos to accompany your article. If you have a problem with this, then it is up to you to tell the magazine where they can find the photos they need.

Proposals and Submissions:

  1. It isn’t possible for the magazine to replay to each person who submits a proposal or an article to be considered.
  2. If the company is interested in your ide, they will replay to all manuscripts or query within 8-weeks.
  3. The company won’t accept any queries or follow-up by phone.

How To Pitch Your Article:

  1. When pitching your article you must answer the most important questions about your article.
  2. Let the company know what it is about and why type of message you’re trying to communicate.
  3. What section on the site will your article appear?
  4. Let them know how you’ll be approaching the subject and the angle you plan on using.
  5. What type of information do you already have, do you need more research, or are you waiting for a few other interviews.
  6. You’ll need the title, deck, and lead. Supply a few samples or just one sample of the title you plan on using.
  7. Write up a good outline for your article.
  8. Let them know if you have photos that will go with your article.
  9. Tell the magazine about yourself.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. If you’re a first-time contributor to the site, they’ll pay you $0.10 CAD per word.
  2. The rate includes the photos that you send in with your work. You’re not paid extra for your photos.
  3. Your payment is in Canadian dollars and will be paid out 45 days after the release date of your article.
  4. The company sends each person a check.


This is a fantastic opportunity for freelance writers who work overseas, study abroad, or have worked for a nonprofit agency. The magazine is legitimate and will pay you for your articles and photos. If you’ve never written for the magazine before, it is a good idea to send the company a pitch before starting your article. If they are interested in your idea, you’ll hear back from them by email and can start to write your article.


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Music Emissions Review – Legit or Scam

Music Emission is a website that allows artists to get their song or albums reviewed or for people to get paid or reviewing different songs. As a reviewer, you’ll write different music reviews about a song or even an album.  You will post the reviews on the site and be paid for your review. This is an India based company that helps new artists get noticed and their songs reviews by anyone who wants to write a review. This is a great opportunity for new artists or even people who love to write reviews about music.

How To Become a Music Reviewer For Music Emissions:

  1. You’ll need to create an account on the site.
  2. Before you can start to write music reviews, the site has you visit the music community.
  3. You must interact with the other members on the site to build up your reputation.
  4. This means that you’ll need to contribute your own user reviews for the music on the site.
  5. Post the music reviews on the site. To do this you must find either the song or the album to post the review under. If the album or song isn’t listed on the site, you’ll need to add this to the site yourself.
  6. The editorial staff will read your reviews to determine if you qualify to become an editorial reviewer.
  7. The site will offer you a paying position on the site if they feel you qualify to write paid reviews.

What Does A Paid Reviewer Do?

  1. As a paid editor on the site, you must write 3 reviews each week.
  2. Each review that you write must be objective.
  3. An editor must love all types of different music like Hip Hop, Punk, American, Electronica and Metal.
  4. You will be writing reviews that are 250 to 300 words long.
  5. You need to be a decent writer and not have any spelling o grammar errors in your reviews.

How Much Does The Site Pay?

  1. As an editor, you’ll earn $2 to $5 for each review you write.
  2. The more reviews you write and post on the site, the higher your earning will be each month.
  3. You can earn $20 to $50 a month for writing 10 or more reviews.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The site doesn’t say how often you are paid or if you need a minimum amount of money in your account before you’re paid.
  2. There is no indication on the site how they pay you.
  3. The site works out the payment details once you become an editor.

My Thoughts About The Site:

  1. It isn’t positive that the site will ask you to join their editor team.
  2. You will need to write free reviews on the site before you can become an editor
  3. The editors on the site don’t earn an extreme amount of money each month.
  4. The site pays the editors from the money it collects from the ads on the site and if an artist pays for a review.
  5. Editors will be paid when an artist request a review and pays the company for the review.
  6. There is no guarantee that you’ll have reviews to write or you’ll be paid if an artist doesn’t request a review.


This is a legitimate company to write for. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll be selected as an editor for the site. You’ll be writing reviews and posting them on the site for free. If the site feels like your reviews are excellent they will contact you to join the other paid editors on the site. Furthermore, each editor or user on the site must write a review that is 250 or more words to post it on the site.

This is a passive income site where editors can earn $20 to $50 a month writing music reviews. There is no guarantee that there will be work each month. Therefore, it is a good idea to not rely on this site to earn more than a passive income each month.


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Radio Loyalty Review – Legit or Scam

Radio Loyalty is an Internet and mobile radio station that rewards people for using their “UniversalPlayer” to listen to music. As you listen to the music online you’ll earn points for listening and reviewing to the music. Furthermore, you can also earn points for listening and watching videos through the platform. The site offers many other paid points opportunities that can help to increase your points each day. The points you earn on the platform will go towards redeeming merchandise or gift cards. The program is available worldwide, There are a few countries that won’t allow you to participate in these types of programs.

How To Join:

  1. Just go to the site and register.
  2. It is free to create an account.
  3. The program is open worldwide except for a few countries that have blocked the site because they don’t allow people to listen to music online.
  4. If you want to use this program on your mobile device, you’ll need to download and install the app.
  5. In order to earn points for listening to music, you must log into their music player.
  6. The music player is on your site’s dashboard once you create an account.
  7. Once you create your account, make sure you visit your dashboard and update your information.
  8. You can change your password, or request the site to change your password if you’ve forgotten it.
  9. If you want to download and install the app on your mobile device, visit the FAQ section of the site. You’ll find a section on there that will give you the links to the downloads.

How To Earn Points:

  1. In order to earn points, you must be logged into your account.
  2. You have the change to listen or watch your favorite broadcasts to earn points.
  3. You’ll earn points for every 10 minutes you listen to the radio or watch a broadcast.
  4. There are 12 shares you can do each day to earn extra points. Just share your favorite song with your friends on social media.
  5. The platform offers different apps you can use. The platform pays you for using 10 apps each day.
  6. Rate 24 songs a day to earn even more points. There is no need to rate more than this because you’ll only earn points for the first 24 songs you rate.
  7. There are social offers, you can respond to and earn extra points in your account.
  8. The platform offers different surveys you can take to earn points. The points are different for each survey.
  9. The site has a referral program. If you invite a friend to join the site, you’ll earn 10% of the points the person has earned.
  10. You can use your iPhone, tablet or Android device to earn points listening to the music on the platform.
  11. Your points aren’t credited to your account immediately. Once you log out of the player it will take 20 minutes for the site to credit your points to your account.
  12. The points in your account will expire in 365 days. However, if you don’t log in and use the platform for 180 days, you’ll lose your points.

What Is the Point value?

  1. The Radio Loyalty points don’t have a monetary value.
  2. You can’t sell, trade or even purchase these points.
  3. The site doesn’t sell Radio Loyalty points if you need a few extra points to redeem a gift card or other merchandise.

How To Redeem Your Points?

  1. Check the site to see how many points you’ll need to redeem a gift card or other merchandise.
  2. Once you have enough points in your account, you’ll be instructed to call a phone number to redeem your points.
  3. When redeeming your points, the oldest points in your account will be used first.
  4. The fastest way to redeem your points is with the pre-paid gift card. The cards are available in $25 or $50 denominations.


This is a legitimate site that pays you points for listening to music online or on your mobile device. You’ll earn points for every 10 minutes you use the app and listen to music using their platform. This is a very slow earning site and it will normally take you several months to earn enough points to request a $25 gift card. However, if you have more referrals in your account it is easier to earn the points quicker. This site won’t make you rich and it is basically a passive income site. During the day just log into your account and start to stream music to your computer or mobile device. You’ll earn credit for keeping the app running while you do other things during the day.


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Jury Talk Review – Legit or Scam

Jury Talk is a way for people to join a research juror group to earn money for mock trials. Normally this is a one-day focus group that you’ll be asked to participate in if you fit the qualifications for that trial. The mock trials are conducted by Wilmington Institute Network. The law firm is a psychology firm that has been conducting mock trials and focus groups for over 40 years. If you’re selected to join the group, you’ll be listening to a brief format that is presented by one of the firm’s skilled attorneys. Your job will be to give your opinion about the case.

How To Join:

  1. In order to become a mock juror, you’ll need to fill out the information on the sign-up form.
  2. The sign-up form is rather long and they ask you different questions about your occupation, employer, if you’re married, how many children you have, and your ethnic background.
  3. They are interested in knowing about your education, if you attended college, and if you have any degrees.
  4. Once you finish filling out the application the company will review your application and contact you by email.

Who Can Join?

  1. You must live in the United States to become a mock juror.
  2. They need people who are 18 years of age or older.
  3. Each person that applies must be a United States citizen.
  4. You can’t have a felony record to apply for this position.
  5. They require each person to have good moral character and be of sound mind.
  6. Furthermore, you can’t be employed or even associated with an attorney or a law firm.
  7. You can’t be an active attorney, legal assistant or paralegal to sign up for a mock juror.
  8. They don’t want people who have a current jury summons or been a party to a lawsuit in the past.

How Does it Work?

  1. After your application has been accepted the company will send you an email when they have a case in your area.
  2. You’ll have the chance to accept or decline the case.
  3. If you accept the case, the company will send you the details in an email.
  4. You will either participate in a focus group or be part of a mock trial.

About The Company:

  1. The website has been online for 19 years and it appears that it hasn’t been updated in several years.
  2. The company is located in Addison, Texas and has two different offices. The second office is in Huston, Texas.

How Much Do They Pay?

  1. It appears that the company won’t disclose any information about how much you can earn as a mock juror.
  2. People who work for this company haven’t given any indication of how much they earn for their time.
  3. Basically, there isn’t any information about how much you’ll earn or how the company will pay you.

My Thoughts About The Site:

  1. The website was put up online 19 years ago and has never been updated.
  2. There is basically no information about this company online.
  3. Anybody who has worked here in the past hasn’t talked about the company or even said how the company pays.
  4. The application is fairly long and asks a number of personal questions.
  5. The site doesn’t have an FAQ page. There is no way to find out anything about the site before signing up.
  6. Many people will recommend this site, however, there is no information about the site anywhere.
  7. This is very strange considering the site has been online for 19 years and people recommend this site as a good opportunity to work online.


It hasn’t been proven that this is a scam site. However, there is also no proof that this is a legal paying site that will actually pay you for your time. It is very difficult to determine if this company makes you sign a disclosure statement or not, that won’t allow you to talk about them or not. If you’d like to try this company, my advice is to proceed with caution. There is basically no information about the company anywhere online. You should try to contact the company at one of their offices in Texas. It is best that you speak to someone before signing up with this company.


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Affiliate Programs

SiteGround Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

SiteGround is a web hosting company that offers web hosting, WordPress hosting, Woocommerce hosting and Cloud hosting. The company has an affiliate program that you can join to earn a commission offering web hosting services. This is an excellent opportunity to earn a commission as an affiliate marketer. Everyone is looking for a low-cost hosting company and SiteGround has the perfect plan for everyone.

How To Become An Affiliate:

  1. You can easily join the affiliate program. Go to the website and click on the affiliate link at the top of the page.
  2. Fill in the form. This will require you to add your email address, home address, country, zip code, phone number, website address, and your tax ID number.
  3. Don’t worry if you live outside the US the company allows you to enter your birthday instead of your tax ID number.
  4. You’ll need to enter your PayPal ID.
  5. Just submit the form.
  6. Your application is approved immediately and the company will send you an email.
  7. The email will give you a link to access your dashboard and sign in.

What Does An Affiliate Do?

  1. As an affiliate of the company, you will be advertising and promoting the hosting services.
  2. You have several ways to do this. One of the best ways to promote the hosting services is on your own personal website or blog. You can write up reviews and tell people about the services.
  3. You’ll want to create custom links and special promoting plans to get people to sign up for this service under your affiliate link.

How To Promote Your Affiliate Link:

  1. When promoting SiteGround it is necessary to add your own screenshot. Many people promote this site on Facebook so it is necessary to run polls and add your screenshots. This increases your conversion rate.
  2. The site has banner ads that you can use on your website or blog. The ads will help you to attract more sales and a higher commission rate.
  3. You can promote this is Many people create a poll for the website hosting company. They ask members to vote on which hosting company offers the best prices or services.
  4. If you belong to any online forums it is easy to promote this hosting service there. Just pay attention to the forum rules and don’t spam the forum.
  5. Adding an affiliate link to your blog comments is another good way to promote this service.
  6. Keep checking on Facebook or other forums for people asking for help finding a good hosting company. You can always suggest SiteGround and add your affiliate link.
  7. When promoting the site make sure that you let everyone know about how fast their website can load. When a person purchases hosting with the company their websites can load in under 1 second. This is very important for new website owners.

Keywords You Can Use To Promote SiteGround:

  1. SiteGround Review – this is one of the most used keywords for promoting the site. This keyword is very competitive and it is better to use other keywords for promoting the site.
  2. SiteGround StartUp Review – you should use these keywords when writing an article about the startup program.
  3. SiteGround vs. WP Engine – write a review about the comparison of SiteGround and compare it to WP Engine.
  4. How To Configure The W3 Total Cache Plugin – write a tutorial and tell people how easy it is to configure the total cache plugin.
  5. There are many other keywords you can use to promote the site:
    1. SiteGround hosting review
    2. SiteGround WordPress review
    3. SiteGround GoGeek review
    4. SiteGround reseller review
    5. SiteGround affiliate review
    6. SiteGround VPS review
    7. SiteGround eCommerce review
    8. SiteGround hacks alert review
    9. SiteGround Joomla reviews
    10. SiteGround super cacher review
    11. SiteGround GrowBig review
    12. SiteGround Cloud Hosting review
    13. SiteGround Dedicated Sever review

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. The commission is paid based on how many sales you receive each month.
  2. From 1 to 5 sales, you’ll earn 50 for each sale.
  3. If you have6 to 10 sales, you’ll earn $75 for each sale.
  4. 11 to 20 sales in a month, you’ll earn 100 for each sale.
  5. Anything over 21 sales in a month, you’ll earn $125 for each sale.
  6. You have a potential to earn $150 commission if you bring in over 31 sales a month. The site will contact you and offer you the higher commission rate.
  7. When calculating your commission, you must take into consideration the reversal rate. There are people who will order this service and afterward, request a refund.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Working With SiteGrond?


  1. The company offers you many incentives to sell more hosting plans.
  2. You’ll earn a competitive high commission rate with this company.
  3. The conversion rate for this company is at 8%,
  4. Cancelation rates are very low.
  5. The company pays your commissions each week.
  6. Each time you make a sales with the company, you’re notified by email.
  7. It is easy to create custom links on your dashboard to help you track your sales and which campaign works best for you.
  8. The company has an excellent support team that is there to help you with all of your questions.


  1. The company doesn’t offer you any incentives to sell the more expensive hosting plans.
  2. In order to make decent money with the company, you’ll need to sell at least 6 hosting plans a month.

How Are You Paid?

  1. In order to be paid by the company, you’ll need to supply the company with your PayPal ID.
  2. The company pays out weekly and all you need to do is request your payment.
  3. Certain PayPal fees may apply to your payment.


This is an excellent affiliate program to join and earn a commission selling web hosting plans for SiteGround. Many people earn a nice commission each month for promoting this hosting service. If you look at the polls on Facebook, you’ll see that more people recommend or use this hosting service over other hosting companies. You’ll also find out that the conversion rate is quite high and it is not too hard to earn a commission offering this plan. If you’re looking for a good affiliate program to join, this is an excellent one to consider. This is easy to promote because anyone who has a website or blog online needs a hosting service.


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