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SuperPay.Me Review – Legit or Scam?

SuperPay.Me is a Get Paid to (GPT) site that offers you points for completing surveys, online offers, watching videos, and clicking on ads. The company is based in London, but anyone worldwide can join this site to earn money. The website adds many new paid surveys, offers, and ads that you can click on to earn money each day. The minimum payment is very low and easy to cash out on the site.

How to Join:

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to join the site.
  2. Anyone can join the site, it is completely free. This is an international site and there aren’t any restrictions for joining and earning money.
  3. You’ll need to go to the website and fill in the form.
  4. Make sure that you include your address information on the form. The company needs to verify your identity and address before they’ll release any payment to you.
  5. Once you’ve verify your email address it is easy to sign in and work on the site. You’ll be directed to the site where you can start earning money by completing surveys, free offers, paid offers, watching videos, and clicking on ads.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll earn points for completing surveys, offers, watching videos, and much more.
  2. Each point you earn on the site is equivalent to $0.01. You’ll need to earn 100 points to earn $1 on the site.
  3. At times the offers you complete on the site will have a pending status. This is because the advertiser hasn’t confirmed that you’ve completed the offer and paid the company. The offer will always stay in a pending state until the site has received payment for the offer you’ve completed.
  4. Most offers will be credited to your account immediately. However, some offers take up to 24 hours before you see the credit in your account.
  5. If you’ve completed the same offer on another website, the company will never approve your offer a second time and pay you. It is important to not complete an offer that you’ve already completed in the past.
  6. If you’re completing more than one offer at a time it is necessary to always clear your cookies and web browser cache between offers. This ensures that your offer will be completed successfully and you’ll earn the credits in your account.
  7. Many offers on the site are only available to people living in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Italy and Spain. If you don’t live in one of these countries the offers are limited to your location. You might find that there are no offers available on the site for you to complete.
  8. The site works hard to find paid offers and surveys for all regions. However, this isn’t always possible. Therefore, you’ll need to check back on the site often to see if a new offers or surveys has been added for your location.

How to Earn Money:

  1. You can earn money by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, and clicking on ads.
  2. You’ll find all available offers on the menu bar on the site.
  3. You can also join in the contests the site has to offer. There are normally 20 prizes available for each contest. Each member will have an equal opportunity to earn the prizes available. The prizes are rewarded according to how many points you’ve earned on the site. The person with the most points earned during the contest period will be awarded the first place prize.
  4. By sharing your payment proof on a forum or one of your social media accounts you can earn a one time payment from the site. You’ll need to make an image of your email that shows the payment the site has sent to you. Post this on a new thread on any forum to earn a reward. You’ll need to add the link back to the site or the banner that links back to the site in order to be rewarded payment for sharing your payment proof.
  5. By referring people to the site you can earn extra money on the site.

Referral Program:

  1. Share your referral link or banner link on any forum, website, blog or social media accounts.
  2. When a person signs up under your referral link, you’ll earn 25% of their earning for the life of their account.
  3. The person who’s signed up under your account will be rewarded $0.20 when they first join the site.
  4. Your referral earning will start to accumulate once the person completes one offer on the site.
  5. You can always check on how many referrals you have on the site. However, at times some of your referrals might disappear. This can be because they have deleted their account or their account was banned for illegal activity.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. You’ll need to earn $1 in your account to request payment from the site.
  2. You’ll have the opportunity to cash out using PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin and Amazon gift cards.
  3. The company makes 3 payments per day. This normally takes 4 hours to receive your payment. However, the company indicates that it can take up to 24 hours in some cases to receive your payment.
  4. There are fees to pay when you withdraw your money from the site. The site normally collects these fees from your account when they pay you.
    1. PayPal charges a 2% fee.
    2. Skrill charges a 2% fee.
    3. Payza charges a 3% fee.
    4. Bitcoin charges a 10% fee.

Some Concerns About the Site:

  1. There are many complaints that the site won’t pay a person unless they send in a copy of their driver’s license to verify they are this person.
  2. Some people’s payment request is locked. When they contact the company they are asked to send in a copy of their electric bill. Once they have done this the account is unlocked. However, they still can’t cash out on the site because now they are requiring the person to send in a copy of their driver’s license.
  3. Many people find it strange that the company requests a photo copy of the front and back of their driver’s license and they don’t want to send this to the company in order to be paid.
  4. Even if you verify your identity with the site they still won’t release your payment. They claim they need 30 to 60 days to verify the work you’ve done on the site before they can pay you.
  5. People have stopped working on this site and have never been paid because of the verification process and the company refusing to release their funds after they’ve verified their identity.


This is a legitimate company and they actually pay you to complete surveys, offers, watch videos, and click on ads. However, there are some issues with verifying your account and the company requesting proof of who you are. Some accounts stay in a locked state and the company never releases their funds. It appears that the people who are paid normally earn very little on the site and it is easier for them to be paid. Accounts with higher earning seem to stay in a pending or locked states and the company never pays these accounts.

If you choose to work on this site, use your own discretion. You’ll need to verify your identity and if you’re not willing to send the company the documents they request, you’ll not be paid from the site. Furthermore, it is best to request your payment when you’re earning are low. I’d not allow the earning on this site to exceed $5 if you want to be paid. It appears that all the payment proofs people post online are for smaller earning and not larger amounts. Just be careful when working on this site and follow the rules. The company is very strict and your account can be locked if you are caught cheating or supply false information to complete an offer.

Have you ever worked on this site? Did you have any problems receiving your payment. I’d love to read your comments about the site and how hard was it to be paid.

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Offer Nation Review – Legit or Scam

Offer Nation is a Get Paid To (GPT) site that will reward you points for completing survey and different offers online. This is an international company and anyone can join. Offer Nation works hard to post new surveys and offers on the site daily. They try to find the best free cash offers online so that you can earn for completing these offers. Furthermore, the company has multiple worldwide offers that pay you and make it easy to earn money on the site. The site is free to join and it’s easy to earn money working online.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to go to the site and register with the company.
  2. Fill in the online form and make sure that you include your home address and payment preferences.
  3. You’ll need to add your address to the form in order to be paid. The company will hold your pay until your address is added to your profile.
  4. Once you’ve verified your email, you can now log into the site and start completing offers and surveys.

About the Company:

  1. The company has the right to ask you for address verification. This helps to cut down on fraud and people having multiple accounts on the site. You’re required to send the company an address confirmation document to prove who you are. Once the confirmation has been completed, the document is deleted from the site. They don’t store any confidential documents on the site.
  2. The site can mark your account as a cheater if they have detected fraudulent activity on your account.
  3. You can’t use a Proxy IP or VPN to work on the site to make money. If the site detects this activity your account will be marked as a cheater.
  4. The site has a telephone verification process that they use. If you fail this process your account will be marked as a cheater.
  5. For one reason or another you’ve changed your IP address to a new location or country your account is flagged. If this happens the site automatically marks your account as a cheater. You can still contact the site and explain the reason for changing your location. At times people do travel and still want to work on the site. You’ll just need to inform the company of this so they can change your account status.
  6. Anyone who works with the Opera web browser will have their account marked as a cheater. This is automatic with the company because their system won’t support the Opera web browser.
  7. The website won’t support a mobile or satellite connection.
  8. The site checks your IP address and it won’t accept your IP address if you are using an Anonymous IP address.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. To ensure that you are paid for the offers that you complete it is necessary to set up your internet browser to allow cookies. You’ll also need to set the third party images, JavaScrip, and pop-ups. Your security setting should always be set to low to ensure that the company pays you for the offers you’ve completed.
  2. When signing up for an offer, make sure you click on the link and not type the link in your browser search bar.
  3. It is important that you use the correct information when competing offers. Don’t try and supply the company with bogus information. They won’t pay for the offers and it isn’t possible that they confirm that you’ve actually completed this offer.
  4. If you try to use bogus information when completing the offers on the site, your account will be banned and removed.
  5. There are locked offers that you can complete. The locked offers are higher paying offers. Therefore, it will take up to 30 days to verify that you’ve completed this offer successfully. Once the offer is verified by the company, you’ll receive the payment credit in your account.
  6. Normally all offers are pending. This is because the website hasn’t received payment for the offer you’ve completed. Once payment is received, the pending status is removed and your funds are credited to your account.
  7. Each time you complete an offer it is important to clear your website cache and cookie. This ensure that the next offer you complete will be paid immediately and not receive a pending status.

How to Make Money?

  1. You can earn money for completing surveys on the site. Each survey you successfully complete will earn you points in your account.
  2. The site has different contests that you can join. The contests are open to any member on the site.
  3. You can earn a one time payment for posting your payment proof on another website, your social media accounts or on your own blog or website.
  4. You’ll need to create an exact image of your email receipt that you’ve received from the website.
  5. You must start a new thread on a forum and talk about the site and add your payment proof to the thread you’ve created.
  6. A link or banner to the site must be added to your thread.
  7. If you’ve completed the same offer on another website, you can’t earn money from this site. Companies will only pay once for their offer. So be careful when completing offers and make sure you’ve not completed this offer in the past.
  8. Make sure you follow the instructions when completing each offer. You won’t be paid if the offer was completed incorrectly or you didn’t submit the offer to the site.
  9. Each day you can check the top menu on your account. Complete daily surveys, paid to click ads, watch videos, and submit offers to earn points from the site. Each day the site adds and updates all their offers. So check back often for new offers to complete on the site.

Referral Program:

  1. The company has a referral program you can use. Your unique referral code is either a link or banner you can share with your friends and family.
  2. You can also share your referral link on all of your social media accounts or on forums.
  3. For each person who signs up under your referral link, you’ll earn 25% of any income they’ve generate on the site. Your referrals are good for the life of each account that signs up under you.
  4. In order to start earning from your referrals, they must complete one offer on the site first.
  5. At times people are removed from the site for cheating or they’ve decided to delete their account. If one of your referrals has disappeared it could be for one of these reasons.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The minimum withdrawal from the site is $1.
  2. The site pays out 3 times a day. Once you reach $1 in your account you can request payment from the site.
  3. You can request payment through PayPal, Payza, Mneybrookers, Neteller and Amazon Gift Cards.


This is a legitimate website that will pay you to complete surveys, tasks, watch videos and click on ads. Furthermore, you have different opportunities to earn money on the site by joining in the contests or referring your family and friends. You can also share your payment poof from the site on any forum and earn extra points from the company. It is easy to work on this site, they have a low minimum payout, and once your account has been successfully verified it is easy to have instant PayPal payments sent to your account once you’ve earned the minimum payout on the site.


Talk2Rep Reviews – Legit or Scam

Talk2Rep is a company that you can work at home as a chat agent. The company hires people for these positions that live in the United States. Furthermore, the company has a wide variety of other jobs you can do. Talk2Rep has been hiring work at home agents since 2005. It is easy to apply for a job or online chat agent online. All you need to do is fill in your application for a position that interests you. The company is located in Florida and you can call or email them for more information.

How Does it Work?

  1. Before you apply for the job you must first meet the criteria before you apply.
  2. They require that you have a computer that is hard wired to the internet. This should be a desktop model with Windows installed on it. They don’t allow you to have a MAC device. The computer must be in top working order and you should have a fast internet connection to do the work.
  3. You’ll need a high school diploma or a General Education Degree.
  4. There is a typing test that you must take. You’re required to type 30 – 50 WPM without any errors.
  5. The company requires you to have outstanding grammar, spelling and communication skills.
  6. You’ll need to be able to multi-task and research information online.
  7. If you have any sales experience in the past, this is a big plus for the company.
  8. Furthermore, if you’re bilingual and can speak Spanish and English the company is always looking for chat agents with these qualifications.
  9. If you have the qualification necessary, you can fill out the online application and apply for the at home chat agent position.

What to Expect:

  1. If you’d like to work for the company, they require you to send them $50 to do a background check on you.
  2. You’ll need to attend training sessions that the company won’t pay you for. The training classes are 2 weeks long and you must attend in order to work there.
  3. The work at home positions are for live chat agents that help people with their issues or a live chat sale agent. You’ll be selling certain products and services for the company. They offer you a set hourly wage, plus commissions.
  4. At the end of each live chat, the company asks the client to complete a survey about your helpfulness and if you were professional. The surveys are rated and you’ve given a score concerning your performance with the company. If you receive a bad rating this really affects your job with the company.

How Do You Earn Money?

  1. The company has a flexible schedule that you can choose from. You’ll pick the hours each day you’d like to work.
  2. Normal shift are 4 hours long.
  3. You can work up to 32 hours a week. However, if the company is extremely busy, it is possible to work more hours each week.
  4. You must work one shift on the weekends.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. As a live chat agent the company pays $11 to $13 an hour.
  2. As a live chat sales agent the pays you $10 an hour, plus commissions.
  3. Normally a live chat sales agent can earn $120 – $140 per week in commissions. This all depends on how many hours you work and how much you sell during this time.

Pros and Cons of Working for Talk2Rep:

  1. The company has flexile hours and you can pick and choose the hours you’d like to work. They are not strict like a few online companies that will terminate your contract if an emergency arises and you have to leave.
  2. At times one of the clients of the company will terminate their contract. This results in the company letting go a large number of agents without notification.
  3. Some people have had issues with receiving their pay on time. This is basically an isolated issue and there were only two complaints about not being paid on time.
  4. There are many challenges working for this company. They start off with training and working with the client’s on chat.
  5. Some of the client’s on live chat are very rude and it is hard to work with them. This is normal in any environment and not isolated to this company.
  6. At times you are helping out a person on live chat and they seem to take forever to answer you back.
  7. You are normally working with 3 to 4 different clients at once on live chat. This can be stressful and hard to manage if one of the client’s is rude or won’t answer you back.
  8. A client having a bad day can give you a low rating at the end of your chat. They are asked to fill out a survey. You are graded and rated on the surveys. If a person chooses not to fill out the survey or you receive a bad rating, this can go against you with the company. Some people are terminated because of the client\s rating and what they fill in on the surveys.
  9. There are issues being an online chat sale s rep for the company. They claim that your base pay is $10 an hour to start with. However, you’re obligated to meet a certain amount of sales to earn this. If you fall short of the sales requirement, you pay is bumped down to minimum wage which is $9 an hour. If you still can make your sales quote during your shifts, you’re asked to stop working.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The company pays twice a month. They send out checks every other Friday.
  2. You can have a check mailed to you or you can have your pay directly deposited in your bank account.
  3. The company has no other forms of payment because they only work with people living in the United States.


This is a legitimate job and they do pay you to be an online chat agent or chat sale agent. The hours are flexible and you can choose your won hours to work. Unfortunately, the training is not helpful and you must spend 2 weeks at their training facility and not be paid for your time. Once you start working, you’re required to handle 2 online chats at a time. After a week, they’ll assign you 3 chats at the same time.

The company can let you go at any time if you don’t meet your sales quota. It is better to take the online customer service chat position than the sales position. Your pay is dumped down to minimum wage if you don’t meet your sales quota each week. Furthermore, they require everyone to work one shift over the weekends. At times the checks are held up for one reason or another, but in the end you’re always paid for the work you do with this company.

There are other companies online that hire online chat agents and you’re not forced into making sales. Your basic jobs duties are to work with clients and help them out with their problems. However, there are online chat sales agents jobs available. These jobs are stressful and require you to meet a certain sale quota each week. I think if you like to work as an online chat agent, stay away from any company that wants to hire you only for an online chat sales agent.


Presto Experts Review – Legit or Scam

Presto Experts is a website where people can go to find help from professional around the world. You can ask them for any advice and their option on specific questions you’d like answered. The company hires experts around the world to answer questions concerting business, programming, psychology or even astrology. The company has a large pool of experts that help business and people around the world. You can find help in several different languages. The company supports German, French, English and Portuguese.

How To Become an Expert:

  1. You’ll need to register with the company.
  2. Choose your fiend of expertise. You can be an expert in technology, counseling, tutoring, health, design, business, social media, shipping, coaching, legal and home.
  3. You’ll need to check back on the site from time to time to find out when openings are available. There are times that the company won’t hire new experts, so it is necessary to always check back on the site.
  4. The company will need your qualifications, resume and history to decide if you’re a good fit or not.
  5. You’ll need to create your online profile, fill in your qualifications, and any other information that is important to people looking for an expert.
  6. You can select to be notified by email, chat or voice mail. You can also select to be notified by all three.
  7. You should upload your photo so the people know who they are working with.
  8. Make sure to add your keywords to your profile, this makes it easier for people to find you.
  9. The more you’re online, the more opportunity you’ll have to find clients looking for your profession.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to join the company and be accepted as an expert.
  2. The platform provides an excellent way for you to find new clients, reach a large audience of people who are looking for help from an expert, and gives you the opportunity to connect with them and make your own arrangements to help them with their problems.
  3. After signing up with the company, you’ll need to make yourself available on Presto’s Expert Messenger.
  4. The site has thousands of visitors that can easily contact you for your expertise or even tutoring.
  5. You can easily connect with people using chat, Presto Experts Voice Connect features, or even by email.
  6. You’re free to set your own fees and accept any freelance work at your own discretion.
  7. The higher your ratings are on the site, the more likely a client will seek out your service.
  8. Many students arrive on the site looking for a tutor. If you have tutoring skill this is a great way to earn extra money from the site.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. After each tutoring session the money is deposited to your account.
  2. On your profile, it will list how much you charge a person per minute. You can choose to set your fees per minute or per hour. This depends on you and how you wish to be paid for your services.
  3. Each time you give your expert advice, you’ll earn money for helping out people.
  4. The company doesn’t exactly say how it pays or even how often it does pay.

What Do Client’s Say About Presto Experts?

  1. The experts on this site are a total scam. They are only interested in charging your credit card and not helping you out.
  2. One expert told me he was an expert designer. I hired him for a set fee. Even before the work was completed my credit card was charged double the amount.
  3. Many people have tried working with some of the experts on the site and have had very bad experiences. The experts don’t help and their credit cards are always charged no matter if the expert finished the job or not.
  4. The company doesn’t have any phone, email, or other contact information to submit a report or complaint about the expert they hired on the site.
  5. Before most work is even finished your credit cards are charged.
  6. Many of the experts miss deadlines and when they hand in the work it isn’t correct or what you asked for.
  7. Some people order content to be written and when it is delivered it is full of plagiarism, misspelled words, and not what was asked of the person. However, this doesn’t matter because you’re still required to pay for the services and your credit card is charged whether you’re satisfied or not with the results you’re given.


This is a legitimate company to work for as an expert or even as a tutor. However, the company is receiving a bad name because they don’t vet their experts nor do they perform a background check on them. Many clients are totally disappointed in the services they’ve received and many times their credit cards are charged double the amount agreed upon.

The company does charge clients credit cards for the services rendered on the site. The money is credited to your account and will be paid to you when the company sends out payments each month. If you’re an expert and want to find work in this field, it might be best to try and seek out another site that does similar work. Currently, the company has a bad reputation concerning some experts that work on this site. Many of the experts don’t understand the work and basically aren’t real experts at all. They are just there to be paid because they understand the company charges the client’s credit card and they’ll receive their money.


Apple At Home Advisor Review – Legit or Scam

Apple At Home Advisor is a fantastic opportunity to work at home and share your knowledge with others. You’ll be chatting with Apple’s customers from the comforts of your own home. Each call gives you the opportunity to help enrich a person’s life by answering questions about Apple’s products and services. This is also the perfect opportunity to work from the comforts of your own home and save money on daily commuting back and forth to work. The company offers extensive training to make it easier for you to do the job.

What Do You Need?

  1. In order to apply for the position you should already have a quiet work space that you can close the door and not be distracted while talking on the phone.
  2. You’ll need an ergonomic chair and a desk to sit at.
  3. The company requires that you have a network connection.
  4. Apple will provide you with an iMac and headset to use for your work.
  5. Furthermore, the company pays you for your training. You’ll be taking classes at home through a live instructor who will teach you about Apple’s technology and their approach to customer service and conversations.

What Does Apple Offer You?

  1. The training program is 7 weeks long and you’ll be paid during your training sessions.
  2. The company offers a competitive pay for each person who passes the class and starts working as an at home advisor.
  3. You’ll also be given a complete benefit package when you join the company.
  4. Your pay rate is discussed during your hiring process. The pay can range from $10 to $21 an hour and is based on your personal experience and if you’ve done this type of support work for another company in the past.

How To Apply For the Position:

  1. You can apply for the position on the website. You’ll need to supply the company with your résumé.
  2. Fill out the complete application and list all your prior work experience.
  3. The company requires that you meet certain requirements that are listed on the job description.
  4. You’ll be required to complete a pre-employment assessment and a background check prior to the company hiring you.
  5. Once you’ve passed the background check and your application has been approved, the company will discuss your salary with you at this time.
  6. Each employee is offered the complete benefits package. Even if you decide to work part-time or full time, you’ll receive paid vacations, stock options, insurance, and product discounts to name a few things Apple offers you.

What Positions Does Apple Offer?

  1. There is plenty of growth in the company and they encourage you to excel and do your very best.
  2. You can apply for an At Home Advisor position. This is the first line of contact for customers. They are looking for a friendly voice on the phone and a person who is excited and willing to help a customer with their problems. You’ll need to be good at troubleshooting and technical support. You’ll be there to help the customer and listen to what they need or help them with the problem they have.
  3. If you have customer service experience you might like to apply for the At Home Team Manager position. As a supervisor you’ll be working closely with the at home advisor, helping them solve problems, and evaluating their performance. You’ll also hold online meeting with your advisors and schedule coaching sessions with them.
  4. Otherwise, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for an At Home Area Manager. Your main responsibility will be to resolve all the customer’s issues with the products and services Apple provides. You’ll be a customer-focused manager and will supervise all the team managers and advisors.


This is a fantastic opportunity to work with Apple as an at home advisor. The company will pay you for the 7 week training class online and also provide you with the iMac and headphone you’ll need to perform your job. If you enjoy chatting with people on the phone, helping them resolve their problems, and finding solutions to their technical issues, then this is a great opportunity for you. Currently, Apply hires at home advisor in the United States. However, I’m sure if you speak a second language or live in a country that has Apple support, you could inquire about becoming an at home advisor in your country.


Alchemic – Dream A Keywords Studio Review – Legit or Scam

Alchemic Dream is a gaming company that was established in 2001. This is the first company that provides dedicated services to the gaming industry. The company works with publishers and game developers to help them successfully launch their online products. They are always looking for dedicated gamers who love and understand FPS, NPC, MMO, OR MMORPG. Furthermore, they hire worldwide and are always looking for new people who know and love the gaming industry. If you’re a student or just love games, take a look at this company. They have some great job opportunities available for you.

What the Company Needs:

  1. This is a fast growing company that works with people across five continents. They are always looking for anyone who is honest, friendly, full of energy, and especially interested in foreign cultures.
  2. There are many areas in the company you can work. They are always looking customer support agents that work with customers using email, over the phone or online live chat.
  3. Furthermore, they have position for community management, risk management, quality assurance, game mastering, social media management, and localization.
  4. The company hires year round and it is easy to apply for a position you’re interested in. Just go to the website and fill out the online application.
  5. Furthermore, their Research & Development department offers different internships throughout the year.

Jobs Available: Community Manager

  1. Community Manager: As a community manager you’ll help the online community come together in different games. You’ll be working live on the different networks and also with the developers of the different games. Community managers are the link between the community and the brand.
  2. Job duties include moderating the forums, interacting with the community, find and recruit volunteers within your community to help you moderate and bring people together. Furthermore, you’ll be responsive for creating and promoting different events and helping to cerate a bond between the user and the service.
  3. To apply for this job you’ll need a special skill set. The company looks for people that have:
    1. Interpersonal skills
    2. Linguistic skills
    3. Good gaming skills and experience
    4. Knowledge of the local culture
    5. Can handle and manage conflicts within the community.

Customer Support Agent:

  1. Customer Support Agent: You are the go between for the gamers and the developers. You’ll work close with the gamers to understand their issues and problems in the games. When you find ongoing problems in the game it is your responsibility to forward this information off to the developers.
  2. You’ll supply support through emails and live chat. Every time an incident is reported that is critical to the game, you’ll need to forward this off to the developers to look into. There are some issues that need immediate attention and it is up to you to talk to the developers about these issues.
  3. The company looks for people that have:
  4. Good linguistic skills
  5. Gaming experience
  6. Are attentive, positive and patient
  7. You’ll need to be able to follow company policies and procedures

Phone Customer Support Team Leader:

  1. Phone Customer Support Team Leader: You’ll be responsible for training, scheduling, project organization, reporting, handling project related responsibilities and implementing projects.
  2. As a supervisor you’ll work with your team and clients, schedule training, offer coaching and take care of the daily work schedules, reports and analytics.
  3. They are looking for people that have:
  4. Strong customer relations, business and self management skills.
  5. You must be detail oriented, observant, and can work well with others.
  6. Leadership and strong problems solving skills is a must.
  7. You’ll need to be able to make decision and be organized.

Phone Support Agent:

  1. Phone Support Agent: There are still many people who call into the company to find out how to fix a problem or even report a problem. Therefore, they are always in need of good phone support agents to help out clients, gather information and escalate problems to the developers.
  2. Phone agents will answer customer’s questions and report issues to the developers.
  3. They are looking for people who have:
    1. Iinterpersonal skills, both enthusiastic and polite
    2. Linguistic skills
    3. A knowledge of local cultures and expressions
    4. Be pleasant and businesslike to all customers on the phone
    5. Be attentive, positive and patient

Administration Staff:

  1. Administration Staff: You’re job duties will be to take care of administrative matters, payroll, recruitment, and accountability. You’ll be helping the rest of the company and support the agents around the world.
  2. You’ll over see human resources, operations, recruitment, recordkeeping and accountability.
  3. An administrative staff member must have:
    1. Must live in Shawinigan, Quebec/Canada.
    2. Strong administrations and team management experience
    3. Excellent English skills
    4. Taken academic training course or worked in this field

Localization Agent:

  1. Localization Agent: Your job duties will be to translate and proofread the spoken language in the game. You’ll be translating different games to your native tongue. You’ll need a good comprehension of the English language so that you can translate the games to different languages,.
  2. You’ll be responsible for translating and proofreading documents for the games.
  3. You must have:
    1. A strong translation background with previous experience
    2. Strong linguistic skills

Sales Representative:

  1. Sales Representative: As a sales representative you’re be responsible for bring in new clients and maintaining the relationship between the clients and the company. You’ll need great skills in presentation, talking to people on Skype, the phone or in person.
  2. You’ll be preparing documents about the company’s products contacting clients, receive feedback about the service providers, identify new clients, and distribute documentation to the new markets.
  3. The company looks for a person who can:
    1. Prepare documents about the different products the company offers.
    2. Can easily contact new clients and maintain a relationship with older clients.
    3. Be able to adopt the company’s documents to a new market.

Social Media Manager:

  1. Social Media Manager: A good social media manager knows how to use social media to stimulate and engage the public. Furthermore, they are great at writing articles that people like and they people will automatic like and share with their friends. They understand how to use Facebook, Twitter YouTube and Google + to communicate online and share ideas.
  2. You’ll need to have the ability to create and share new content on social media channels, monitor responses, and develop strategies to boost the company’s social media presence.
  3. What does the company need?
    1. A person who can create unique content and post it across all social media channels.
    2. Always is monitoring and responding to people’s discussions and can easily develop new strategies to engage clients.

Web/Graphic Designer

  1. Web/Graphic Designer: A good graphic designer understands the importance of the visual graphics and content of a game. Therefore, they are always looking for new ways to develop the visual concepts that the client sees and uses.
  2. You’ll need to be able to develop new visual concepts, adapt these concepts, and work with clients to understand and develop the images and ideas they have.
  3. You must have:
    1. Good graphic design skills
    2. A good working knowledge of the different graphic software packages that the company uses.

How To Apply for A Job:

  1. Go to the website and apply online for the job.
  2. The company hires worldwide, but some positions are strictly in house and you must live in Canada.
  3. Fill out the application and supply the company with all your documents and qualifications.
  4. Submit the online form and the company will review your application.

What Does the Company Offer?

  1. Depending on the position you’ve been hired for the company pays you $10 to $18 an hour for your work.
  2. They have a benefit package for certain positions in the company.
  3. You can work full or part time for the company.
  4. They have remote jobs that you’ll do at home and jobs that require you to work in their office.
  5. Some positions will require you to travel and meet new clients personally.


This is an excellent company to work for and they are always looking for new people to fill positions. The company especially wants bi-lingual translators that can help to translate from English to their native language. Game companies strive hard to make games in different languages so it is easier for people worldwide to engage and play these games. If you love games, are looking for a more permanent job position, then check out this company. Fill out your online application and apply for one of the many positions the company has.

Content Mills

Upwork Review – Legit or Scam

Upwork is a network where business can go to hire freelancers to complete jobs like website design, writing content, graphic design, write advertisement and any other types of work they need done. Furthermore, this is a large network for freelancer to find work and bid on jobs. Today, the freelance platform is gaining popularity worldwide and many people are choosing to work independently because of the world’s job market or should I say lack of jobs in the market today. Many organizations are turning to freelance job platforms like Upwork to find talented freelancers to complete the jobs they can’t find the talent for in-house.

How To Join:

  1. If you have a skill set that you can perform on your computer and companies need, then it’s possible to join Upwork and look for jobs that client’s post on the site..
  2. Register with the site and confirm you email address.
  3. Fill in your complete profile so the client’s can see who you are.
  4. Make sure that you provide detailed information about your work experience, education, skills and any other information a company would look for when hiring an employee.

Completing Your Profile:


  1. Your profile is the most important aspect of the site. This is your main selling point and used as a CV or resume when a client reads your online profile.
  2. The profile is very detailed and it will take you around an hour to complete it.
  3. The first thing you need to do is select the service you’ll offer the client’s on the site. The categories are broken down into web, mobile & software development, IT & networking, Engineering & architecture, design & creative, writing, translation, legal, admin support, customer service, sales & marketing, and accounting & consulting.
  4. Fill in your level of experience for each field you’ve selected. You can select between entry level, intermediate and expert. The more experience you have, will determine your salary on the site.
  5. You’ll complete your profile by entering the information for:
    1. Your professional title
    2. Profile photo
    3. Professional overview
    4. Education
    5. Employment history
    6. The proficiency level of the language you speak
    7. Your desired hourly rates
    8. How many hours you’re available to work
    9. Your physical location
  6. Once you’ve completed your profile, it must be submitted to the company for approval. This normally takes 12 or more hours for your profile to be approved.
  7. When you bid on a job in the site, you’ll need to submit your portfolio, a proposal, cover letter, and resume.
  8. Make sure you set up your preferred payment method so the company knows how to pay you.

How Does it Work?

  1. Once you’ve completed your registration and online profile, it’s time to start searching for available jobs.
  2. The company has a listing of all available jobs that people have posted on the site.
  3. Search the job listing, read the description, and decide if you can successfully fulfill this job.
  4. If so, then you’ll need to submit a bid on the job.
  5. If the client selects your bid, you’ll be notified that you’ve been hired for the job.
  6. You can now start working directly with the client to successfully complete the work and be paid for your service.
  7. However, if your bid was unsuccessful, the company will tell you why the client didn’t select you for the position.

What to Expect:

  1. According to the company there are over 12 million people registered on Upwork competing for jobs and looking for employment as a freelancers.
  2. There is a lot of competition on the site and if you’re just joining, you’ll need to prove yourself. This isn’t always easy because you have no work history with the site.
  3. As a new member, you’ll be competing against people who are well established and have worked with a few of the client’s in this past. This can make it extremely difficult to find your first paying job on the site.
  4. Many new members will try and bid as low as they possible can. This makes it difficult to make money on the site and be paid a decent rate for your work.
  5. You’ll be working directly with the client. so try and avoid back and froths with them. If you have an important question, then ask. Make sure that everything is clear before you start the job. Ask all your questions upfront to make the job easier to complete.
  6. You’ll need to make yourself available to the client. Make sure it is easy for them to get in touch with you.
  7. When you join the site, it isn’t possible to sit back and wait for the work to come to you. You’ll need to check the job listed, send in bids, and continue to look for work on the site. This is the only way to land your first paying job working on Upwork.
  8. Make sure your profile on the site is error free. This includes your resume and cover letter. This is so important because clients will visit your profile page and read what you’ve written. If your information is filled with error, misspelled words, and incomplete information, you’ll never be hired to work on the site. A client wants to see a professional profile before they hire you.

How to Land Your First Job:

  1. It isn’t easy to land your first job on the site. The client’s will look at your profile and check on the rating you’ve received from the work you’ve completed.
  2. However, if you have no experience on the site, when searching for a job, use the “no experience required” field to narrow down your search and help you find your first job.
  3. Start off with a very low hourly rate. This is important to not try and use a high hourly rate until you’ve established yourself on the site. By accepting a few jobs at a lower pay will help you land more jobs at a higher pay on the site.
  4. All jobs that you complete will help to build up your reputation on the site and gives you a chance to earn more money in the end.
  5. Fill in your profile with all of your skills. Make it look professional, interesting, and let the person know you have the knowledge and experience to handle the work.
  6. Another way to gain more jobs on the site is to take the inbuilt proficiency tests. This proves that you have experience in different levels and helps to improve your chances of landing your first job.
  7. Make sure you don’t try and cheat on your profile. If English isn’t your first language, then don’t say it is. Be honest and tell people the truth. This helps to improve your credibility on the site and clients like to know that you aren’t tying to cheat them or claim you’re something you’re not.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The way you’re paid for the completed work is determined by you.
  2. When setting up your payment options you have several choices to choose from.
  3. You may choose to be paid by the hour. The payment system on the site will bill the client’s account for each hour you work. When the job is completed, the billing stops.
  4. Fixed billing pays you once the work is completed and approved by the client. The fixed rate is deducted from the client’s account and you’ll receive payment to your account.
  5. The last payment method is a pre-funded milestone payment. This means that sequential payments are deposited into your account until the job has been completed. Once you submit a draft to the client, you’ll receive a partial payment in your account. When the work is completed and approved, the final payment is credited to your account.
  6. You can choose to be paid through a direct deposit, PayPal, a wire transfer, Payoneer or even Skrill.


This is a legitimate site and you’ll be paid for your work. However, to be hired and find a good paying gig is very hard on this site. There are way too many people competing for the same work and this makes it difficult to be selected for the position. The freelancer’s who’ve worked on this site for years can make a decent amount of money. However, if you’re new to the site it is very hard to prove yourself and land a gig. It will take a lot of time, hard work, and an extreme amount of effort to establish yourself on this site.