Content Mill

A content mill is a writing site that freelance writers can join to find work. These sites have client’s who need articles reviews, blog posts, and emails written for them. They post the jobs on the site and you’re free to pick and choose the jobs you’d like to do. Most content writing sites have a rather low pay scale for the jobs you complete. However, this is an excellent way to establish yourself as a freelance writer and find work.

Textbroker Review – Legit or Scam

MyLotTextbroker is a content writing site that hires a freelance writer from the United States. The site has a writing test that each person must complete before writing for this company. The site was established in 1999 and is a reliable site for work. If you’re looking to earn a few extra dollars this is a good site to join. You’ll always have a variety of jobs to choose from on the site……….Read More.………

Merit Crowd Review – Legit or Scam

article salesMerit Crowd (read full review)  is a European based company that pays freelancers to write content. The site offers content in several languages. You’ll find a job board that has blog posts, reviews, product reviews, website editing and more. Basically, you select an assignment that you wish to complete. You’ll have 240 minutes to write your article and submit it to the company. Otherwise, the article is opened again and another writer can claim this work……….Read More.……..

Lettem Write Review – Legit or Scam

Lettem writeLettem Write is a new content writing site that requires writers to compete in a competition to prove their writing skills. Each person who joins the site starts off as a Featherweight writer. This person must compete in different competitions on the site in order to be paid and advance. Each rank of writers needs to win 3 competitions before they can advance to the next level………..Read More..……..

Job4Writer Review – Legit or Scam

Job4writersJob4Wirters is an online platform for freelance writers. This is a full-service company and offers freelancers the opportunity to select from a variety of different writing or editing assignments. You can select assignments for copywriting content, proofreading, business writer or even a technical writer. It is easy to proofread and edit online using the company’s software. Job4Writers only hires English speaking copywriters to work for them. The online job board has many new assignments each day to choose from. You can easily find work and new jobs daily………..Read More.………

Upwork Review – Legit or Scam

work-2866381_640Upwork is a network where business can go to hire freelancers to complete jobs like website design, writing content, graphic design, write advertisement and any other types of work they need to be done. Furthermore, this is a large network for a freelancer to find work and bid on jobs. Today, the freelance platform is gaining popularity worldwide and many people are choosing to work independently because of the world’s job market or should I say the lack of jobs in the market today. Many organizations are turning to freelance job platforms like Upwork to find talented freelancers to complete the jobs they can’t find the talent for in-house………..Read More.………

StudyBay Review: Legit or Scam

StudyBayStudyBay is an academic writing site for freelance writers. The company is registered and owned by Edutec Limited and registered in Malta. The site offers you a chance to work for students or companies who are looking for a person to write an academic paper for them. Anyone can place an order on the site. In the order is the full detail of the assignment. As a writer on the site, you’ll have full access to all the new jobs posted on the site. Pick and choose the jobs you’re interested in and place your bid. If you are selected by the person who placed the order, you can start composing your paper as soon s you’ve been accepted………..Read More……….

Skyword Review: Legit or Scam

skywordSkyword is a content writing site for freelance writers. The site is opened worldwide and you must first check to see if your country is listed before joining the site. If you’re a freelance writer, a journalist, an influencer, a videographer, graphic designer, professional writer, a photographer, or even an animator it is a good site to join. Here a freelance writer has the opportunity to create blog posts, articles, different types of social media posts, corporate videos, take photos and much more. The company works with different enterprises to match writers with the companies who are looking for different types of content………..Read More……….

Crowdcontent Review: Legit or Scam

crowd contentCrowdcontent is a site that hires a freelance writer to write content for their clients. This is a typical content mill that you can join as a freelance writer who is looking for work. When you first go to the website it is very professionally done and well organized. The company has a well designed sign-up page that you’ll be directed to when you want to join the site. Before you ever fill out your application the company goes into details about what the site is about and how you can make money as a freelance writer. The website lets you know they have thousands of customers and different assignments. You’ll be able to pick and choose the assignments that best suit your talents and your interest. One nice thing about being a freelance writer on this site is the fact that you get to pick and choose your assignments and how much time you want to invest working on the site………..Read More……….