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Clickbank Review: Legit or Scam

Clickbank is an online marketplace for selling your digital good online. Furthermore, it has a great affiliate program that you can join to earn money online as an affiliate marketer. You can sign up for a vendor account and advertise your products on the platform to sell them worldwide. The platform is a secure environment for people selling their digital products online. You can collect your payments on the platform, ensure safe delivery of the digital products you sell, and issue refunds if there is an issue with your product.

Selling digital products isn’t the only advantage of Clickbank. They have a very attractive affiliate program that has become quite famous online. Many people have started to advertise different affiliate links on their website or blog to sell the digital products listed on the site. This affiliate program is fantastic because they do give you credit for all your sales. It is much better than most of the affiliate programs out on the market today.

How To Create Your Account:

  1. The sign-up process isn’t too difficult.
  2. You’ll need to register with the site and fill out the information form.
  3. If you are a seller it will be necessary to have a website where the person can download your digital good.
  4. However, as an affiliate marketer, this is a good idea to have a website, but you can still promote the products on your social media account.

Choosing Your Products To Sell:

  1. As an affiliate marketer, it is important to search the marketplace and find the best products to sell in your niche.
  2. You do need to understand that some products that people sell on Clickbank are a complete scam and you need to stay away from these.
  3. Find the top products with the best reputation to sell on your website or blog.
  4. Only offer products that you have complete confidence in. This way you will build up a fantastic reputation as an affiliate marketer for Clickbank.
  5. If you offer scam products on your website, your site visitors won’t have any confidence in you and will stop visiting your site.
  6. Your reputation is the most important aspect of your website and therefore you need to be very careful to choose your products wisely from Clickbank.

Earning A Commission:

  1. To become an affiliate marketer for Clickbank it is a rather simple process.
  2. The site doesn’t require you to go through a verification process in order to create your account.
  3. Clickbank just requires you to create your account and then start selecting the products you want to promote.
  4. You’ll just need to follow the TOS and make sure you choose your products wisely. This way you are not promoting products that have a high refund rate.
  5. Take a look in some of the smaller niches on Clickbank. They offer some excellent products that will give you a good commission rate.
  6. Most affiliate marketers will go for the larger niches like internet marketing, weight loss, health, fitness, and relationships. In these areas, there are some shady products and you can find some scams here too.
  7. There are a few products you can promote that will earn you a very high commission rate.
  8. Some products you promote will have a reoccurring commission rate. This can earn you a monthly commission from selling the product once. The commission will end when the person cancels their subscription.


  1. HopLinks are used to track your affiliate link and the vendor.
  2. You can create an encrypted HopLink that will hide your affiliate ID and the vendor ID.
  3. In the HopLinks you can add a tracker so that you can keep track of how many people go to the link, your conversion rate, and the commissions you earn from this link.
  4. You can also create a normal HopLink that will display your affiliate ID and the vendor ID.
  5. The site has a tool you can use that is easy to create your HopLinks with. You can do this in the Marketplace or directly from the tool itself on the site.


  1. When you create your account on Clickbank, you’ll be setting up your payment threshold.
  2. You must meet the threshold each month in order to be paid from the site.
  3. The site only has three forms of payment they offer.
  4. The account default setting is set to check payment.
  5. You can elect to change this on your account setting to direct deposit.
  6. You can also elect to receive your payment by wire transfer.
  7. if you are living in one of the countries that can receive a direct deposit to your account, you can specify this on your account setting.
  8. If you don’t live in a country that has a direct deposit, then you can select to receive a check or a wire transfer.


Clickbank is a legitimate site to join for either selling your digital products online or as an affiliate marketer. Just keep in mind when joining this network that many affiliate marketers have an issue with the high refunds that the site gives out. Therefore, it will be necessary to choose your products that you are offering wisely. Do some research about the product before you start offering this product on your website or social media account.




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