Paid to Play Games

Online gaming company creates free sites that allow you to join and play games online. You can earn money from these sites by playing games, enter drawings, complete offers, and click on ads. These sites have an upgrade program that you can join. The upgrade allows you to play against other plays and compete for money.

Paid Game Player Review – Legit or Scam

paid games onlinePaid Game Player is a site that offers online games to earn cash and prizes. You can play trial games for points. The points are entered into a drawing for prizes from the site. Furthermore, you can earn money for completing offers, writing reviews, taking surveys, and clicking on ads………..Read More.…….. Review – Legit or Scam is a brand new virtual online mining game. The game has many different caves that you can choose from to start your virtual mining in. This is a multi-level game that helps you mine virtual currency that you can exchange for money in your PayPal account, transfer to your BTC FaucetHub, or directly to your BTC wallet.  In the first level of the game, you’ll have a few caves that you can select from to start your virtual mining in. As you gain clicks and points in the game it is possible to unlock new caves that have higher value resources for you to mine. In the different caves that you mine in, you’ll find stone, coal, bronze, iron, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Each one of the resources that you mine has a set amount of virtual coins you’ll earn. This game is for players worldwide and you’ll need to be 18 years or older to join the site………..Read More.……… Review – Legit or Scam is an online gaming site that people who live in the US, Canada or the UK can join. The website offers you many different games that you can play to earn GV coins. Afterward, you can take the coins you’ve earned and invested them in drawing or purchase gift cards. The site has games like Quick-Draw Poker, Super Chef, Three-Eyed Bingo, Hot Streak Solitaire, Magic 21, and Bingo to name a few. This site is free to join and you can continue to play games as a free member. The website also has a Gold Membership plan that you have the option of joining. You can either pay a monthly or yearly fee to join this………..Read More.………

Altcoin Fantasy Reviews: Legit or SCAM?

Altcoin FantsyALTcoin Fantasy is a cryptocurrency trading game that will teach you how to trade cryptocurrency in the real world. This is a unique concept and a benefit to anyone who has never traded cryptocurrency but would love to start. In the game, you’ll have the chance to use currency and learn how to trade. If you start trading earning a return, you can earn points that can be applied to redeeming Bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency………..Read More.………