Revenue Sharing

Revenue sharing is one way a freelancer can earn extra income online. Certain sites encourage freelancers to use the site and post their articles. This gives the freelancer exposure and a way to earn money from what they’ve written. A revenue sharing site will displays ads on your blog posts and share the earning with you. However, there is some revenue sharing sites that you need to have your own ads that are displayed on the account.

Writedge Review – Legit or Scam

WritedgeWritedge says that it is for an expert writer with cutting-edge knowledge. The site is a revenue sharing site for freelance writers. Each person has their own personal account or blog on the site. There you can write about anything and everything as long as your articles meet the minimum requirements of the site. The site is broken down into different categories you can write about. If you love to write about different types of arts, family, entertainment, business, food, wellness and more, this is an interesting site to check out………..Read More.………

Daily Two Cents Review – Legit or Scam

Daily Two CentsDaily Two Cents is a revenue sharing site for freelancers. This company has 3 different revenue sharing sites you can join. This type of platform is designed for freelance writers that wish to post their articles online and earn a passive income. Each person who joins the site will have their own blog account where they can write about business, entertainment, sports, food, life, health, science, and world news. The site uses Google Adsense as their revenue sharing model. Each person who joins the site needs a Google Adsense account to earn from the site………..Read More……….

InfoBarrel Review – Legit or Scam

InfoBarrelInfoBarrel is a revenue sharing site for freelance writers. The site offers all writers a chance to post their articles online and earn a passive income stream from the site. The site uses an IB Ad System for their revenue sharing platform. Furthermore, freelancers can earn even more from the site by referring their friends and using their affiliate links. The site shares the revenue with each writer on the site. The more money the writer’s articles generate, the more the writer earns from the site………..Read More……….

Persona Paper Review – Legit or Scam

Personaa PaperPersona Paper is an online writing site for freelancers. The site uses a revenue sharing platform to pay writers for the content they submit to the site. Each writer has the chance to earn money from the site based on the traffic they generate for each article they post. The site uses a different type of revenue sharing for its members. Furthermore, the site works as a social media site. You’ll earn coins from the site for reading and commenting on other member’s articles. You’ll also earn coins for each article you post on the site………..Read More.………