Content Sales

Today, many freelance writers use content sales websites to sell their articled, eBooks, and white paper they’ve written. There are two different types of content sales, one you upload your document to the site and the site places them up for sale. The site determines the price of each document they sell. You’re paid a percentage from the sales of your documents. The second type of content sales is a direct sale to a company. Some companies buy your content directly from you at a fixed price. You’re paid immediately for the content they buy.

Cash4Essays Review – Legit or Scam

essays 4 saleCash4Essays is a content sales company who purchase old essays from students. The site allows you to upload all your old essay for consideration. After examining the essay, the site will either buy your essay or reject your essay. The site directly pays you for the essays they accept………..Read More.………

SleekPost Review – Legit or Scam

2016-03-01-roman-drits-barnimages-0011SleekPost  is a content sites for freelancers. The site allows freelancers to write content and post it on the site to sell. Each person sets their own prices, collect the payment from the buyer, and is paid immediately to their PayPal account. This is an excellent way for freelancers to sell the content they’ve written……….Read More.………

Article Sales Review – Legit or Scam

article salesArticle Sales  is an online marketplace for freelances to post and sell their articles. The sites offers a platform that is easy to use. Furthermore, this company doesn’t take a commission from the articles you sell on the site. You upload your articles, set your price, and when sold the company takes care of the rest. They’ll send the article to the buyer, delete it off the site, and send you money directly to you……….Read More……….