Virtual Assistant

Today many companies hire virtual assistants to help them facilitate their current workload. This saves the company money, gets the job done quicker, they have a larger pool of candidate to select from, and there’s no need to pay out benefits. Therefore, many companies now offer these types of services online. They match the skill sets of freelancers and employers to offer the best solution possible.

Assistance Match Review – Legit or Scam

assistant matchAssistance Match is a company who matches freelancers with people in need of assistance. The people work directly with the business and perform job duties from home. As a virtual assistant, you’ll have an opportunity to find a job in another location while working from home. This is the perfect way to work part time or full time from your home………..Read More..……..

Vicky Virtual Review – Legit or Scam

vickyVicky Virtual is a company who hires anyone who lives in the United States as a virtual assistant. Your basic job duties will be to answer phone calls for various small businesses, help the client, schedule appointments and perform other necessary job functions. You’ll be working at the home full time using your computer and a headset. The company offers you a full-time home-based position as a virtual assistant. This is an excellent job opportunity for anyone looking for work. The company was founded in 2014 and their corporate office is located in Chicago where they provide an answering and reception service for small businesses………..Read More………..