Music is online these days and it’s so easy to find, listen to, and download some of your favorite songs. Therefore, many companies are now working with new and upcoming artists to help them break into the music industry. These companies offer artists a chance to be head and reviewed by the public and producers. They can upload the music to these sites and pay the company to send them a review.

Music X-ray Review – Legit or Scam

musicMusic X-ray is a company who offers artists a chance to be heard. They can upload their songs to the site, the company reviews the songs, and send them an analysis of what they thought. Furthermore, if you’re looking to earn a passive income you can join the site and review the music that artists have uploaded………..Read More.………

Radio Loyalty Review – Legit or Scam

Radio LoyaltyRadio Loyalty is an Internet and mobile radio station that rewards people for using their “UniversalPlayer” to listen to music. As you listen to the music online you’ll earn points for listening and reviewing to the music. Furthermore, you can also earn points for listening and watching videos through the platform. The site offers many other paid points opportunities that can help to increase your points each day. The points you earn on the platform will go towards redeeming merchandise or gift cards. The program is available worldwide, There are a few countries that won’t allow you to participate in these types of programs………..Read More………..

Music Emissions Review – Legit or Scam

Music EmissionsMusic Emission is a website that allows artists to get their song or albums reviewed or for people to get paid or reviewing different songs. As a reviewer, you’ll write different music reviews about a song or even an album.  You will post the reviews on the site and be paid for your review. This is an India based company that helps new artists get noticed and their songs reviews by anyone who wants to write a review. This is a great opportunity for new artists or even people who love to write reviews about music………..Read More.………