Paid to Socialize

Today, many people are opening new social media sites that will pay you to be social. You can join these sites and create your own personal weblogs to share with other members. Furthermore, on these types of site, they pay you to write, comment, like and interact with other members on the site.

MyLot Review – Legit or Scam

mylotMyLot is a site that some consider a personal weblog site, others say it is more of a social media site, and some say it is a GPT site or a paid to write for the site. When in fact it is actually all of these and has a bit of everything for everyone. You are not actually paid to write your weblogs on the site, however, you do earn money on the site for interacting with the other members………..Read More.………

Empowr Review – Legit or Scam

empowrEmpowr is a company that pays you to post photos, videos, blogs, and status updates online. The site is a social site much like Facebook, Google+ and a few others. Once you join the site you’re given the title of “Citizen”. The company has a marketplace where the citizens can buy or sell their products and services. Furthermore, if you’d like to help the company grow it’s possible to become a teacher or “Success Coach”. The success coaches help other members of the community with investing, selling products and services, or just understanding the site……….Read More……….