Paid to Pin

Businesses today are finding out the benefits of Pinterest and how it can influence people to buy their product. Therefore, more and more companies are now hiring freelancers to pin their advertisements on their Pinterest accounts. The freelancer has the freedom to set their own price that the advertiser must pay to use their Pinterest account. In the end, this benefits the freelancer and the advertiser to work together. The freelancer is paid for their services and the advertiser can reach a larger targeted market.

Loop88 Review – Legit or Scam

loop88Loop88 is a company who works with the advertiser to pin their products, services, and offers on Pinterest. Loop88 only works with this one social media account to help businesses reach a larger targeted audience. Not many companies will offer a business the opportunity to have one of their products pinned on Pinterest. Most companies who pay freelancers to post an advertisement or share information using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + or Twitter. This company is rather new and unique because it only uses freelancer who has a Pinterest account……...Read More.…….