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TopOffers Premium CPA Network Review 2019: Legit or Scam

TopOffer is a CPA network for advertiser and affiliate marketers. The company offers 4 different types of affiliate programs you can join. You have a choice between PPS, PPL, PPI, and RevShare. The company specializes in dating offers and they have many CPA offers from the top, premium advertisers that you can choose from. Here you will have personalized support and work with the company’s immediate to help you monetize your blog or website. As an affiliate with the company, you can benefit from the platform the company uses and have direct contact with the advertiser that you want to work with. This makes it easy to start earning money from the company and eliminates the middle man.

How To Become An Affiliate:

  1. In order to become an affiliate marketer with the company, you must first fill out the application.
  2. The application requires you to add your first and last name.
  3. Fill in your company name and give the URL for your website.
  4. Add your country and your city. The site works with all countries worldwide and you’re sure to find your country on the list.
  5. Fill in your address and your zip code.
  6. Choose your payment method. You have a choice between Paxum, Epayments, WebMoney, Bank or Wire Transfer and Bitcoin.
  7. Choose the currency for your payment. You can be paid in USD, GBP or EUR.
  8. Proceed to the second step and add the information that is required.
  9. This is a 3 step registration process and the company needs all the information in order to process your application.
  10. The new application process streamlines the process and makes it easy to join the network.
  11. After you’ve completed your registration, you now have instant access to the different offers.
  12. When the registration process is completed, the company supplies you with your affiliate link.
  13. You can immediately choose the general or dating offer for CPL, CPS, and RevShare.

Who Can Join the Affiliate Program?

  1. Blogger – if you’re a blogger, you can join the affiliate program and display banners or links to your content.
  2. Social Marketers – it is easy to use any social media platform such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more to post different brand names and links.
  3. Webmasters – this is an excellent way to promote offers on your website.
  4. Media Networks – it is easy to place different offer or links on your news outlet, podcasts or even YouTube channel.
  5. Business Leaders – if you tell other business owners about the services the company offers, you’ll earn a nice commission when they sign up.
  6. Media Buyers – it is easy to monetize the offers on the web or even on mod platforms.

Affiliate Marketing Feature:

  1. The company pays on a weekly basis without delay.
  2. There is a multi-level marketing platform for you to use.
  3. You will be using Smart Link Technology that will help boost your ROI.
  4. The company has a very lucrative payment for advertisers and it is easy to earn money as an affiliate marketer.
  5. There is plenty of support and people to help you out when you run into problems.
  6. The Live Chat Button makes it easy for you to contact the support team with any problem you have. This makes it quick and easy to have all your issues fixed or questions answered by an expert staff member.
  7. There is a new updated members area that will help you to search for a new offer. The area has recently been redesigned to make it user-friendly. The new member’s area now has an easy tracking code where you can see your approved commissions, pending commissions, referral commission, and the total balance displayed at the top of your screen.
  8. Many exclusive offers help you to scale your affiliate earnings. The premium offers are displayed in your affiliate profile which makes it easy for you to pick and choose which offers you want to use.
  9. The offers on the site aren’t only for web campaigns. You also have many mobile offers, you can choose from. These offers are excellent for iOS and Android devices as well as your desktop. This helps you convert any type of traffic and earn higher revenue.
  10. The company does have a limitation on the type of traffic you send to them. They will accept SEO, Email, SMM, and PPC traffic. They will not accept any traffic that is fraudulent or chat traffic.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Payments are made through a Wire Transfer, Paxum, or Payoneer.
  2. The company pays once a month if your earnings are $500 to $1000.
  3. However, if your earnings are $1500 or higher, you will be paid once a week.
  4. The money in your account will roll over to the following month if you don’t reach the minimum amount required for payment.


This is an excellent affiliate program to join and start earning money advertising on your website or blog. The new registration process makes it easy and simple to join the network. There is no waiting time and you can immediately receive your affiliate link once your registration has been completed. It is easier than ever to find general or dating ads that you can display to earn money each month. This is an easy way to monetize your blog or website and start earning revenue each month from the offers you add to your site.




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  1. Please hlep me, I want to work on topoffers, but i can’t create account .
    please massage me on my facebook. username: bid01


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