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Online job boards and forums are just one-way freelancers can find available work in their area or field of expertise. Furthermore, anyone who’s found themselves out of work can go to these online job boards and search for a new job. Job Listing

job 1Career Builder is an excellent resource for freelance writers and people who are looking for part-time or full-time work online or with a company. The job board is updated with the latest jobs and it is easy to search for jobs. Just enter your keywords and where you live………..Job Listing.……… Job Listing 

Job 2Forum Promotion is an excellent online resource for finding freelance jobs. The forum offers a “Job Center” where members or anyone looking to hire a staff member or freelance writer can post their jobs. Furthermore, the forum is an excellent source of information for anyone working at home. Members of the forum post helpful information for drop shipping, affiliate exchange programs, how to manage your website, and information on web development and graphic design………..Job Listings……….

Real Ways to Earn Money Online

micro jobsReal Ways To Earn has a “Work at Home Job Leads” board which is updated frequently. There you can find the latest jobs posting and who’s hiring. What I liked about this job board was the fact that they tell you if there is a stipulation to the listing. If a company is only hiring US citizens at the end of the listing it will indicate this stipulation. The website normally updates the job listings every 3 to 6 days. So check back frequently, you might be surprised onetime and find the perfect job for you………..Job Listing .………

Indeed. com Job Listing

Job 4Indeed has a “Writer Jobs” board where employers can post freelance jobs and jobs for their company. The board is broken down by salary, type of jobs, the location, the company name, and the experience level for the job. This is an excellent resource for anyone looking for work. Many freelance writers have found full-time work from this job board………..Job Listing.……… Job Listings  

Job 5ISSWorld is an international company who hires freelancers to fill different job openings within the company. They have a current “Job Listing” that lists all available jobs for this company. Each job will give you a description of the job, the country, city, and language for the job. You’ll find jobs listing on the board for a specific county and city. Furthermore, they hire nationwide to fill other positions within the company………..Job Listings……….

iGoogle Job Offer Dashboard

Job 6Google offers a job search dashboard on iGoogle”. The dashboard allows you to search different websites, find your favorite job listing, and customize your job searches. Furthermore, you can create your own personalized job dashboard that fits your personal needs. To setup, your iGoogle dashboard and follow the instruction on the Yellow Brick Road………Instructions.………

Rat Race Rebellion Work From Home Jobs & Extra Cash

Job 7Rat Race Rebellion has a “Work from Home Jobs & Extra Cash” board. Each day the site updates the current jobs available online. Each job has a complete description of what the employer is looking for and the qualification you need to have to apply for the position. The jobs are listed by the week and it’s possible to go back and look at jobs from the previous week………..Job Listings……… Job Listing

Job 8Work From Home Board is a forum for people looking for work. The forum posts different topic, discussions about working at home, and scams to avoid. I have seen some interesting job posted on the forum. I enjoy the discussions and checking the scam topic. You can learn a lot from this forum and maybe find a job that is right for you………..Job Listings.……..

Digital Point Forum Job Offers

Job 9Digital Point is another forum for freelance writers. You can join the forum and post articles that you wish to sell. Furthermore, people looking for a freelance writer will post on the forum. You can find a variety of work opportunities on the forum if you check back often………..Job Listings.………

Side Income Jobs Listing

Job 10Side Income Jobs posts job listing on the site daily. You’ll need to register and become a member in order to access the job board. This is a great way to find a work at home job that has been screened by professionals………..Job Listings..……..



WAH Adventure Work A Home Job Listings

Job 11Work at Home Adventure is another great site to check on for fresh job leads. The site updates the leads daily and has a lot of new job leads to consider. I have seen some interesting jobs posted on this site. It is worth it to spend a few minutes on the site checking on the daily leads………..Job Listing..…….. Daily Job Postings

Job 121099 Mom posts job leads on her bog. You’ll find a review of the jobs posted in an article. Check out her article and find out who is hiring or looking for freelance writers. She seems to update her blog on a weekly basis and posts new leads all the time………..Job Listings.……..


Writing Career Job Listing for Writers

Job 13Writing Career is a different type of job board. The site helps all writer and poets to find the best literary market that pays for your work. The site will introduce you to editors, agents, and publishers that are looking for talent. The listings on the site are for stories, articles, creative writing, poetry, and books………..Job Listings………

Brian Scott’s Online Writing Jobs

Job 14Brian Scott’s Online Writing Jobs is a listing of handpicked jobs for a freelance writer. Brian does the research for you and finds legitimate writing jobs. He takes the guesswork out of finding a paying job………..Job Listings.………



Freelancer Job Listing

Job 15Freelancer is another type of job board where a freelancer can go to find work. The board has a section for people hiring a freelancer and another section for finding work. This is a great opportunity to find jobs. However, not all jobs turn into full-time gigs and most of the jobs are a one time deal………..Job Listings..……..


Writing Assistance, Inc. Your Source for Writers

Job 16Writing Assistance, Inc. is a great company to find a writing job. They list the jobs by the state in which the company is hiring. Most of the jobs listed on this job board are for the United States. They list full time and part time writing jobs for technical writing, medical, editing, training and development, graphic design, illustrator, marketing writers, translation, and other types of jobs for you to check out………..Job Listings.……..

Writer’s Find Job Search

Job 17At Writer Find you can search their job board for different writing jobs they have listed. Companies go to the site and post jobs. It is easy to search the job board and find a job you’d like to do………..Job Listings.………



Freelance Writing – Job Listing

Job 18Freelance Writing has different job board and resources for a writer. This is an excellent site to learn new skills and find the perfect writing job for you………..Job Listings.………



Upwork Job Search

Job 19Upwork is another great place to find a job. There are so many different types of jobs listed on the job board. From writing to photo editing to website building the site has it all………..Job Listing.………



Writers Weekly Job Listings

Job 21Writers Weekly have a job board that is easy to search and finds the perfect writing job for you. Furthermore, they list jobs, different types of markets, and even writing contest on the board. Take a look around they have some interesting listing on the site………..Job Listings.……..


FindEavor Job Search and List Jobs

pocket-watch-3156771_640FindEavor is similar to Fiverr where you can post your own jobs or find work on the site. Many websites or blog owners are looking for freelance writes and will post jobs on this board from time to time. All you need to do is go to the job board and search for a job you’d be interested in completing. Otherwise, offer your service and post your own jobs………..Job Listing……….

Freelanced Job Search and Social Network

startup-594126_640Freelanced is a large social network for freelance writers. You can post your portfolio on the site or even search for a job. Connect with other freelancers around the world and see how they make a living as a writer……….Job Listing.………


Freelance Writing Jobs – FWJ

tablet-2188370_640FWJ is a blog site that offers many tip and article to help people get started as a freelance writer. Furthermore, you can search the site to find the latest gigs out there. There are many job opportunities listed on the site and it isn’t that hard to find a writing job that fits your style and expertise………..Job Listing.………


Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs

technology-3224644_640Canadian Freelance Writing Jobs is an excellent site to post your portfolio, look for a job, and read articles to help you with your writing career. This job board only post writing gigs for people living in Canada……….Job Listing……….



Genuine Jobs

woman-792162_640Genuine Jobs is a free website to join and search for jobs. The jobs are listed on the board. All you need to do is search for the perfect job, hit apply for a job, and apply for the job you want. There are different contract jobs, telecommuting, and freelance jobs available…………Job Listing.………


GigBlasters Marketplace

office-594132_640GigBlasters is an online marketplace where you can post jobs that you’re will in perform or search for a job that another person has posted. This is a fun marketplace and jobs are listed by categories to make it easier to find what you’re looking for………..Job Listings……….


GigBucks Marketplace

laptop-3087585_640GigBucks is a freelance site that you can go to find work or even post work on the site. Most jobs you find on the site will only pay around $5 to complete the task. Otherwise, post one of your jobs for $5 to $50. People can hie you to work or you can search on the site to find a job that you’d like to apply for……….Job Listing.……..