Forum Posting

Forum posting is one way to earn a passive income online.  Many businesses start a new forum for their clients. However, this can be difficult to get people to visit and use the forum. Therefore, they hire a company to post on their forum. They pay the company to make the posts on the forum. In return, this company hires freelancers to write the posts on the forums.

Another form of paid forum posting is when a person starts a forum and offers payment to the members for posting comments and threads on the forum. The owner of the forum pays its members to participate on the forum.

BeerMoney Forum Review – Legit or Scam

beermoneyforumBeerMoney Forum is a paid forum posting site. The owner of the site pays its member to create new topics and post comments on the forum. The forum deals with making money online and the members discuss different money making programs. In the forum, you’ll learn about currency trading, how to make money online, and what money making programs to avoid. The members show proof of payment for the sites they work on. This way you’ll know if the different money making opportunities are legitimate or scams………..Read More..……..

Extra Dime Forum Review – Legit or Scam

extradimeExtra Dime Forum is a site that you can join and post discounts, coupon code, offers and credit card promotions. You’ll earn money each time you create a new thread in the forum and post a new deal. Furthermore, you can participate in the other discussions on the forum to earn money………..Read More……….

CPA Hero Forum Review – Legit or Scam

c{aheroCPA Hero Forum is a great place to learn about CPA and affiliate marketing. The forum is filled with valuable information about affiliate marketing, advertising your website, and how to make money using CPA and other methods online………..Read More..……..

Money Gold Forum Review – Legit or Scam

Money Gold forumMoney Gold Forum is a forum that pays people to share information about earning money online. The forum owners will pay each member for sharing new money making programs, commenting on a topic in the forum, and showing proof of payment. This is an excellent way to find new opportunities for working online. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see if the company you want to work for actually pays you for your work………..Read More.………Updated January 2019 – the forum has been closed.

The Forum Wheel Review – Legit or Scam

the forum wheelThe Forum Wheel is a paid forum posting site that hires people worldwide to create forum posts for money. According to the website, you can earn money by simply posting in online communities. Forum owners will hire people to boost their forum activity and post new content on their forums. As a forum contributor, it is easy to find online communities through the site that will pay you for your contribution. Each day you’ll be required to join different forums and add new comments or topic to the forum. You’ll be paid by how much you contribute to each forum. If you like joining forums, adding new content, and interacting with existing forum members, then this is a great opportunity for you………..Read More……….

Postloop Review – Legit or Scam

postloopPostloop is a comment exchange platform that was created in 2010. The Royal Medial LC in South Carolina created the site to help forum, blog, and website owners increase their traffic and ranking with search engines. As a freelance writer, you can join the site and earn a passive income each month by leaving comments on blogs, forums, and website. Many forums, websites, and blog owners will pay you for your services. This helps them to establish their blog, website, or forum and attract more visitors. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone worldwide that enjoys this type of work………..Read More.………

Forum For U Review – Legit or Scam

forum for uForum For U was opened in 2014 by Norman Prodhan. This is an online forum that pays you to post new topics and comments. The forum has a marketplace where you can buy or sell your virtual goods or digital content. Furthermore, you can visit the offers section on the forum to earn money performing micro-tasks or even buy different services the other members have to offer. You can also write articles or tutorial to earn money on the site or join in a discussion about designing and programming. You will also be introduced to online opportunities that you can make money while working online. This is a special community where people come together to share, learn, and earn a passive income………..Read More……….

Paid Forum Posting Review – Legit or Scam

paid forum postingPaid Forum Posting is a website that offers SEO Article writing services, standard articles, forum or blog posting, proofreading and editing, resume services, social media management, and virtual assistance services. The original company was established in 2005 and recently is under new ownership and management. The new owners of the company are now located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company hires writers worldwide and it is necessary that each writer takes a performance test to ensure they have the necessary qualification to meet the new, higher standards of the company………..Read More……….

EarnThatBuck Review – Legit or Scam

earn that buckEarnThatBuck is a new forum that pays you to post new threads or comments. The forum is based on making money online. On the forum, you’ll find articles and information about working online jobs that you can do online or offline. The forum is new and was registered on April 12, 2018, by Moniker Online Services LLC. Like a few other forums online that pay you to create a new thread or post a comment, they use their own form of coins. The site is using ETB coins to pay you. However, you’ll be able to covert these coins to cash once you’ve earned enough coins in your account………..Read More.………

Forum Coin Review: Legit or Scam

forumcoinForum Coin is a forum posting site that lets you talk about different crypt currency. The site aims to become the new world currency. Here you have the options to buy or sell a different product for cash. The site allows you to earn ForumCoins for posting in the different categories on the forum. You’ll also earn extra Forum through the Classified and Exchange program on the site. Here you can exchange your ForumCoins for jobs, asking people to sign-up to a site, paying a person to write a blog post for you and much more. Forum posting is less tedious than working on survey sites and you can learn so much on a forum. It is a good way to learn about cryptocurrency and the market today………..Read More……….

Digital Global Forum Review – Legit or Scam

digital globalDigital Global Forum is a paid to post forum that rewards members in DG coins for posting new topics or comments. The forum is free to join and offers people an opportunity to earn a passive income posting online. The forum also has a marketplace where you can buy or sell products and services online. They also offer you a way to conduct legal business on the forum. When you join the forum you’ll find many different areas where you can learn about legal sites that pay people to work online, This is a rather new forum and just opened up in 2018. So far there are a few members on the forum that are active. This is a great opportunity to join the forum now and be part of the growing community………..Read More……….