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Amazon Affiliate Review: Legit or Scam

Amazon has an affiliate program that you can join to help earn money from selling the products listed on the website. You’ll list the products on your website, blog, or even your social media account. As an affiliate marketer for Amazon, you’ll have your own unique affiliate link or ID number that identified you. When a person that clicks on your link and purchases the item you have promoted, a commission is added to your account. With Amazon, it is not so hard to join their affiliate program. Amazon has many different websites that are dedicated to a certain country. You can check to see if your country has an Amazon site, you can join to become an affiliate marketer.

How To Join:

  1. Amazon does require you to register your business on the website.
  2. The site will require you to supply your tax information. They need this information in order to process your payments once you earn a commission for selling products on Amazon.
  3. The internal team will review your application and give you an answer within 24-hours.
  4. You will need to register and apply on the Amazon site for your country.
  5. To remain eligible as an Amazon affiliate marketer, you must make one sale every 90 days. Otherwise, they will cancel your account.

How To Use Affiliate Links:

  1. When using the affiliate links on your website, you don’t want to make them look or appear too promotional.
  2. it is easy to link to different items on Amazon if you write a blog post about a book, music, electronic, or any other item. In the review, add your affiliate link. This way it doesn’t seem like you are over promoting an item.
  3. Polls are another way to add your affiliate link to your website or blog. You can add the item and the link and ask your reader about this item.
  4. When writing a blog post, you can use link text to promote your affiliate links.
  5. Amazon offers you different widgets that you can use on your website to help you promote your affiliate links.
  6. The best way to promote the products on Amazon is to inspire trust in your readers. There are plenty of ways to link to the products on Amazon without trying to over promote these items.

Promoting On Social Media:

  1. Amazon allows you to promote your affiliate links on your social media pages.
  2. It is best to try and show a connection with the items you are promoting.
  3. Furthermore, the new website tripe has made it easy to share your link on Facebook and Twitter. You should visit this site and create an account.

Commissions and Payments:

  1. The commission rates vary in the different categories. Some categories only offer you a 2% commission rate. While other categories may offer you a 10% commission rate.
  2. The amount of money you can earn from Amazon will vary depending on the items you are promoting.
  3. You can earn an advertising fee from Amazon if a person clicks on your link and also purchases another qualifying item.
  4. There is a 24-hour window for your affiliate link once it has been clicked. You will receive a commission from the link for the first 24-hours.
  5. If a person clicks on your link and purchases the items several days later, you won’t earn a commission for the purchase.
  6. Any purchases made after the window closes won’t earn you a commission.
  7. You can receive your commission payment directly deposited to your bank account or an Amazon Gift Certificate.
  8. You will need a $25 balance in your account before you can be paid.
  9. If you request a check from Amazon, you’ll need a $50 balance in your account before the check can be issued.


This is an excellent affiliate program to join if you own a niche blog that has a decent amount of traffic. However, the commission rates aren’t extremely high, but you can earn up to a 10% commission for advertising Amazon on your website. You can also promote the products from Amazon on your social media pages. It is just important to understand that if you don’t generate any sales within 90-days, the site will terminate your account. It isn’t too difficult to join the affiliate program and the site has websites that you can join in 12 different countries worldwide.




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