Paid to Click

Today, there are many websites online that pay you to click on ads, videos, and take surveys. One of the largest potential earning methods online is PTC sites. There are more of these sites than any other money making site online. However, not all of these sites have a high earning potential and it takes a long time to earn any money from them. Therefore, if you’d like to join one of these sites, it’s recommended that you read the site reviews carefully to find out which site actually pays you for your time.

Pay-Wao Review – Legit or Scam

pay waoPay-Wao is a paid to click (PTC) website where you can earn money by clicking on ads and inviting your friends to join. Furthermore, the site has a platform for businesses to help place their ads on a website, video channels and social media account. The site was designed with a fantastic platform and referral network to help freelancers earn a monthly income on the 6×5 level referral program………..Read More.………

SerpClix Review – Legit or Scam

serpc;ixSerpClix is a company that helps the website site owner improve their SERT CTR (Search Engine Results Pages Click-Through Rate. The company is free to join and it is easy to become a SERT CTR clicker. The company pays people $0.05 to $0.10 for each website link they click and check. You’ll be required to stay on each site for 60 seconds before you can leave the page. Every few hours the company sends new links to your account that you can click on. Each link will redirect you to Google. All you need to do is locate the link that is highlighted in a Red Box and click on this link. Visit the page for the dedicated time. A timer is displayed that will indicate how much time you must stay on each site page. Once the time zeros out, the website page closes and you’re redirected back to the order page. The website visit credit is added to your account. It is that easy to earn money from SerpClix………..Read More……….

Online Tasks Review 2019: Legit or Scam

online tasksOline Tasks are a brand new paid to click (PTC) site that just opened. The site was created for advertisers to reach a larger amount of people to view their ads, videos or even their website. The person will ad their advertisement to the site and people can click on these ads to earn money. Each person who reviews the ad must stay on the site or the ad for a specified amount of time in order to earn credit for reviewing this ad. The money you will earn is paid by the advertisers who have registered with the site and added their advertisement. This type of site is a passive income site and like most PTC sites the amount of money you can earn is very limited each day. Furthermore, on these sites, it will depend on how many ads are available for you to click on each day to earn money for reviewing the ad. This is an international company and anyone can join the site. The site has several different languages that you can work in………..Read More………

GPT Planet Review 2019: Legit or Scam

GPT PlanetGPT Plant is just like the name says. It is a “Get Paid To’ website that offers you a way to earn a passive income by completing small tasks, clicking on ads, watching videos and much more. The site has been online since 2010 and it is an international site that anyone can join. The website has a forum that you can visit and check the payment proofs from members of the site, get help working on the site, read about the news and different announcement from the site, and find different promotions and offers. This is an easy site to make a passive income with and the threshold for cashing out is extremely small. As long as you have earned $1 in your account the site will send you your payment………..Read More………..

Zigma Cash Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Zigma CashZigma Cash is a site where companies can advertise their business or people can join to earn money by clicking on ads or inviting their friends to join. The site was launched in 20148 by Marijoy and is part of the Zigma Network Company which has an excellent reputation in the PTC world online. The Zigma Cash site has two sister sites that have been in business since 2011 and 2013. The Twickerz site was opened in 2011 and is also an advertising website that offers companies a way to advertise their business to attract more website visitors and revenue. The second sister site was opened in 2013. YouGetProfits is another way for you to earn money by clicking on ads and inviting your friends to join. All 3 websites are paid to click (PTC) sites that allow you to click on ads, complete different tasks and invite your friends to join. The three websites are international sites and anyone can join these sites for free. You can cash out your earning or use the money you’ve earned in your account to buy your own advertising and promote your website. This is a simple way to earn a passive income online and allows you to take the money you’ve earned and buy advertisements to help you promote your own business………..Read More………..

ZAI Rewards Review 2019: Legit or Scam

ZAI RewardsZAI Rewards is a brand new GPT website that was created in January of 2019. The website is registered to ZAI V Life LTD and it is located in London. The owner of the company is Ionut Azpototchi and if you have any problems when working on the site you can send an email to The website is free to join and it is opened worldwide. The company offers an easy way for you to earn money by viewing ads, watching videos, completing offers and playing games. If you own a company it is easy to advertise on the site. The members on the website will see your ads, go to your website, and it is an excellent opportunity to expand your business and attract a larger audience. The website also has a forum you can join and earn extra money on the forum. The site is available in several languages which makes it easier for you to work………..Read More……….