URLs Shortners

URLs Shortners are also known as Short Links or Short URLS. This is yet another way to earn money working online. You’ll need to join a Short URL company and decide on what URLs you’d like to use. Once you’ve selected your URLs, all you need to do is add them tot the link shortner on the site to receive a new short link. You’ll use these short links for your website, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. When a person clicks on this link, they’ll be redirected to an advertisers page. Each time your short link receive a click, you’ll receive payment in your account.

AdFoc.us Review – Legit or Scam

AdfosAdFoc.us is a site where you can shrink your URL links to create a short.URL. After creating your short link, you’ll be able to add these to your website or blog. If a person clicks on one of your links to open the page, they’re redirected to an advertisement that displays for 6 seconds before the person can click on a button to skip the ad. Each time a link is clicked, you’ll earn money for the click. However, the payment will vary depending on where the person lives. Normally, if a person lives in he United States, you’ll earn a higher rate per 1000 clicks than if a person lives in a tier 2 or 3 country………..Read More.………

Adbilty.me Review – Legit or Scam

Adbility.meAdbilty.me is a company that pays people to shorten their URL links and share them on the internet. You are free to select the URL links you’d like to shorten and share them on your social media accounts, website or even blog site. When a person clicks on one of your links they are redirected to a publicity that appears on their screen. The publicity will display for a few seconds before the person has the option to skip the ad or continue viewing the ad. The site offers an excellent CPM rate when a person clicks on one of your links………..Read More………..

AdHy.pe Review – Legit or Scam

AdHypeAdHy.pe is a website that pays you to share short URLs. You are free to shorten multiple links on the site and share them online using your social media accounts, website or even on your own blog sites. The site will take any link you add and shorten it to redirect visitors to their advertising before they can view the page they were looking for. This site will allow people to shorten links to adult sites as long as you label each link as an adult site link………..Read More……….

Ally URL Shortener Review – Legit or Scam

AllyAlly (al.ly) is a website that will pay you to shorten and share you links online. Each time you shorten and share one of your links online, you’ll have the potential to earn money when a person clicks on this link. Before the link opens, the person is redirected to an advertisement that they must view for a few seconds. Afterwards, they can skip this ad and open the webpage they are interested in. This is a good way to earn money sharing YouTube videos, blog post, photos and much more online. This is an international site and anyone can join. Furthermore, the site supports several different languages including English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French to nama few………..Read More……….

ClicksFly Review – Legit or Scam

ClickFlyClicksFly is a website company based in India that allows you to shorten any non-adult links and share them online to earn money. When a person clicks on one of your links the company displays a Google Adsense ad for the person to view. Furthermore, this company offers one of the higher rates in this industry. If you’d like to join this site and earn money from sharing short URL links, then your website needs to comply with the terms of service for Google’s Adsense………..Read More……….