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Many websites depend on the content freelance writers supply to their sites. These websites encourage professional and non-professionals writer to write for them. This is an excellent opportunity for a freelance writer to find writing gigs to supplement their income.

KnowledgeNuts Review – Legit or Scam

knowledgenutsKnowledgeNuts is one such site that encourages everyone to share their obscure or little-known facts to the world. This is a fantastic website that publishes different types of facts, misconceptions and the difference between things………Read More.……..


ListVerse Review – Legit or Scam

listverseListVerse is a website that publishes lists of 10 bizarre, knowledgeable, or entertaining facts on the site. These lists can be about anything. The list of items needs to be your own creation and idea. Submit your lists to the site for approval………Read More.………


Love to Know Review – Legit or Scam

lovetoknowLove to Know is looking for freelance writers to work with the site’s editors. You will write content for the site in your field of expertise. Furthermore, you can be assigned an article to verify if the content of the article is correct. At times the site needs you to update and revise articles posted on the site. This is an excellent opportunity if you are a skilled freelance writer to find work with a new client……….Read More..…….

Chicken Soup for the Soul Review – Legit or Scam

chickensoupofthesoulChicken Soup for the Soul is an interesting website that you can submit your personal stories too. The site then uses personal stories to write a book. The book contains 101 stories of men and women talking about their personal experiences with love, life, struggles, hardships, and helping others. This is a fantastic way to write a compelling story and have it published in a book……….Read More...…….

The Penny Hoarder Review – Legit or Scam

thepennyhoarderThe Penny Hoarder is a website that talks about making money, savings, how to start your own business, and money saving tips for cooking and shopping. If you have some wonderful advice on how to save money, work for yourself, or budget cooking this is an excellent site to write for………Read More.……..

Income Diary Review – Legit or Scam

incomedailyIncome Diary is a blog about the website, SEO, making money, and how to drive traffic to your site. A freelance writer has a special blueprint to follow in order to write for the site. The site hires freelance writers and will send you a notification by email to let you know about the writing opportunities……...Read More..……..


Cracked Review – Scam or Legit

crackedCracked is a fantastic blog to write for. The pay rate is very competitive for a 2000 word article. This site takes a lot of research. You’ll need to submit a pitch to the site before writing your article. The site uses a writer’s board on their forum. Here you’ll join the forum and write up your pitch. It can take time for the editors of the site to accept or reject your pitch. They have a strict format for writing up your pitch to the company………..Read More..……..

Crafty Morning Review – Legit or Scam

craftymorningCrafty Morning is a blog site that pays freelancers to write recipes or craft articles. The site is strict about the images, quality, and background. Before writing for the site it is recommended that you visit the site and see what she wants. She is a great person that pays for quality posts and articles for her site……..Read More……… Updated May 2, 2019 – the site is no longer accepting submissions. 

GoodBlogs Review – Legit or Scam

goodblogsGoodblogs is a company who hires freelancers to submit content to their different blog platforms. The site is a bit different in the way that they pay people to write for them. Each one of their blog sites is based on a voting system. The blog post that attracts the most votes, is moved to the top post section and paid for by the company……..Read More.……..

The Expeditioner Review – Legit or Scam

theexpeditionerThe Expeditioner is a website about travel, travel stories, and anything to do with travel tips. The site allows freelancers to submit their stories for consideration. You can write anything about travel that deals with adventure, budget, beaches, news, food, female or male travel advice, photography, news, and tips. The site has a large variety of topics you can write about……...Read More.……..

InstantShift Review – Legit or Scam

instantshiftInstantShift is a blog site that covers any and all things related to design. If you enjoy writing about new technology in the design industry then this is the perfect site for you. You can write about new design technology about photography, icons, fonts, CSS, WordPress, Website Design, tools, and more. The company encourages freelancers to write for them and has a few guidelines to follow to submit your ideas before writing up your articles……….Read More.……..

The Dollar Stretcher Review – Legit or Scam

thedollarstretcherThe Dollar Stretcher is a blog site that is dedicated to helping people live better lives for less. The site provides information on how people can save money and time. Furthermore, the site published its first newsletter in January of 1998. Afterward, the site started a weekly newsletter that they send out to 200,000 people online. The website is visited by more than 1 million people each month. In addition to the newsletter, the site posts daily articles and updates……...Read More..…….

WritersWeekly.com Review – Legit or Scam

writersweeklyWritersWeekly.com is a website that allows freelance writers to submit content for the money. The site purchases articles from writers across the globe every Wednesday. WritersWeekly is interested in hearing from you, but they are not interested in people proposing columns, series, guest posts, advertorials, and articles that promote a product or service. The site won’t accept a complete manuscript from you and will only accept a query. If you’d like to write for this site, you’ll need a PayPal account in order to be paid. Read how to submit your query to WritersWeekly if you’re interested in writing for this site………..Read More.………

Thrifty Fun Review: Legit or Scam

thriftyfunThrifty Fun is a website that has been around for several years now. This site is very unique and has a lot to offer you. There are many different categories that you can write a tip, recipe or DIY instructions to earn money. They have categories for tips, a pet contest, a recipe contest, and a garden and natural photo contest. This is only a few of the contests the site offers. Every month the site picks one, two, or three winners to award them $50 for the best advice given. This is an international site and anyone can join………..Read More……….

FundsforWriters Review: Legit or Scam

fundsforwritersFundsforWriters is a website that will help writers find the funds necessary to continue on with their writing career. The website is set up to help writers understand how to format a manuscript, write a query, and different writing guides to help you with your writing career. Each week the company sends out a newsletter that is filled with information for writers. This site is focused on helping writers focus on the marketplace, find writing competitions, locate different awards or grants, find publishing agents and jobs that suit your writing skills and talents………..Read More.………

WOW Women On Writing Review: Legit or Scam

wowWOW Women On Writing is a website that is always looking for stories from women on their tales and struggles to become a writer. The community has a large number of resources that you can tap into to help you get started. The site offers a quarterly writing contest that anyone can join. Furthermore, if you have an interesting story, advice, or can help others, the site will pay for and publish your work. The site was established in 2006 to help women realize and fulfill their dream to become a writer and publish their first novel. Since then the site has grown and continue to attract writers who are patient about what they do. The love for the written word is what keeps this community growing every day. If you have an interesting story to tell the site is looking for you. Just keep in mind the site doesn’t want advice on how to become a writer, they are actually looking for more interesting stories about the events that lead up to your choices and the story behind the novel………..Read More.………

Envato Tuts+ Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Envato TutsEnvato Tuts+ is looking for freelance writers that have strong web development skills for front-end and back-end. The company needs freelance writers who can write tutorials or web content for subjects such as HP, JavaScript, CSS3, database systems, Ruby. Server-side and much more. The company is looking for new freelance writers to join to help others learn about web development. If you are a freelance writer, work in the computer industry, love to write tutorials or articles, and can teach new skills to others, this is the perfect opportunity for you. The company doesn’t mind if web development is a hobby for you or that you work in this field daily. They just need writers who have strong grammar and spelling skills……….Read More……….

Write Naked Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Write Naked is a website that accepts freelance writers to write a guest post and be paid for their work. The site has specific times of the year that you can submit your pitch to the site. If you’d like to earn money writing a guest post on the site, the post must be 450 to 650 words long. Like all sites that pay freelance to write there are strict guidelines and rules, a person must follow. Do not write your guest post and submit it to the site it will be rejected. Instead, you will need to write up a pitch for the site and submit this during the open reading schedule for the year. This is difficult because the company will only accept new pitches once a year and the open session is only for a month. So, if you like the idea of guest posting and being paid for your work, check out how you can write for this site and earn money for your talents………..Read More……….