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Surge Affiliate Network Review – Legit or Scam

Surge Affiliate Network is a UK based company that is free to join. You need no prior experience or technical knowledge to work as an affiliate marketer for this company. You’ll have different campaigns that you can promote and earn a commission from the site. As an affiliate for Surge, you’ll generate traffic from your website or social media account that will direct people to websites or different items to buy. If one of your site visitors converts and either signs up to the site or buys one of the products, you’ll earn a commission for your lead. The company has sweepstakes, home improvement, and finance campaigns that will earn you a commission when you promote one of these campaigns. You are free to pick and choose as many campaigns that you’d like to promote.

How Does it Work?

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older to create an account on the website.
  2. You’ll have the option of creating an Affiliate or an Advertiser account.
  3. If you select to create an Affiliate account, you’ll be asked your company name, address, where you are located. The site has several different questions they ask. You’ll need to supply your website address, indicate how you plan on promoting the services or products, and you’ll need to let the company know if you plan on using certain email campaigns to promote your affiliate links.
  4. If you’d like to promote affiliate links, you’ll need to sign up for a Publishers account.
  5. Your application is submitted to the company for review.
  6. The review process can take up to 48 hours depending on where you live. Normally, they will get back to you within a few hours or the next day.
  7. If your application has been approved, the company will send you a compliance form to complete. You’ll need to fill in as much of the form as you can and send it back to the company. The compliance form is necessary and will indicate that you’ll comply with all the new EU GDPR regulations. The form deals with the new data privacy and is directed to publishers who plan on using email or SMS to promote their campaigns in Europe.

What Does Surge Affiliate Network Offer You?

  1. When you choose a campaign to promote the company has real-time statistics and report. This will help you to tweak your campaign and improve your conversion rate. The site monitors your performance on all campaigns and is there to help any inexperience affiliate marketer get started and earn a commission.
  2. You’ll have many big-brand campaigns to choose from. The company runs some of the largest brand name campaigns in the UK.
  3. Furthermore, the site runs their own campaigns that you can easily promote and earn a commission from. The site can offer you exclusive campaigns that you can’t find on any other affiliate network.
  4. The company is always there to help you. No matter if you are an experienced affiliate marketer or a beginner, they will support you and help you earn the maximum on each campaign you run.
  5. When you join an ad campaign the company supplies you with banners, text links, and email letters. The links that you add to your campaign will be tracked by the company. Each time a person clicks on one of your links, it will redirect them to the affiliate website.

How To Promote a Campaign:

  1. You have several options in promoting a campaign from Surge Affiliate Network.
    1. Create a blog post and post a review about a website to join, sweepstakes to enter, or a product to purchase. Add the website links to your review.
    2. Promote the campaign using your social media account. Twitter and Facebook are excellent ways to promote a campaign and find people to click on your affiliate links.
    3. You can run an email campaign and send out an email letter to your subscribers. This works well if you have a large contact list and a large number of subscribers on your website or blog.
    4. You can use forums or comment on blogs, just make sure you don’t spam the forum or blog with your comment or post. The site doesn’t allow you to promote your links using unethical means.
    5. You can run more than one ad campaign at a time or you can link several ad campaigns into a single post on your website or blog. Each one of the combined campaigns should have the link to the website landing page to earn your affiliate commission.
    6. You can join different forums that relate to your ad campaign and post the links on the forum in your signature. Make sure the forum allows you to use links in your signature before adding your links.
    7. You can write a product review for websites and use your links in the review. Follow the rules of the site when writing your product review. Make sure the site will allow you to add your affiliate links to the review.

What You Should Avoid:

  1. This is a reputable company and they don’t support any illegal means to promote their ad campaigns.
  2. Don’t leave spam messages on website or blogs with a link to one of your ad campaigns. If you wish to comment on the blog or website use the link in your signature. You can leave a comment on the site about the website you’re promoting as long as it pertains to the topic you’re commenting on.
  3. Leaving spam messages on forums. You can post on a forum about your campaign as long as the forum rules allow you to do this. If the forum allows you to add a signature on your account, you can add your links to your signature. Otherwise, don’t post on the forum and spam the forum.
  4. You can’t pay people to subscribe to one of your campaigns. A person must willing subscribe to the campaign in order to receive your commission.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. Each campaign pays a different amount. It will depend on which campaign you’re promoting. The company normally pays $1.32 to $7.95 for each person that signs up to one of your campaigns.
  2. Surge does a lot of promoting for their main sweepstakes website, and UK prizes. Each person who clicks on one of your links and lands on the website page will be tracked by the company’s affiliate software. You’ll earn a commission on how much traffic you generate in each site and how many leads you send.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Surge pays out once a month.
  2. Your commissions will be paid on a NET30.
  3. The company only sends your commission to your bank account. There is no other payment method used by this company.


This is a legitimate company that is based in the UK. You can register with the company as a publisher. This gives you access to a large number of campaigns that you can choose from. You can promote as many campaigns as you wish to earn a commission from the site. Each time a person clicks on your affiliate link the company’s software tracks their activity. The larger your conversion rate, the higher your commissions. This is an excellent way to earn commission on your blog or website. If you are new to affiliate marketing the company is there to help you out and get you started. You can ask any questions and they will be there to help you. This is a great company to work for and there are so many affiliate opportunities posted on this site.

I have worked with this affiliate network for over a year. The companies that you promote are terrible companies and cheat you out of your conversions. You promote their sites, they receive their email address, and they refuse to give you credit for your conversions. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to use this company. I don’t find their site ethical and some of the offers you are given to promote are for scam sites.




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