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GRiYAAS Review 2020: Scam or Legit

GriYASSis a company that hires online data entry operators to solve a variety of captcha to earn money. The company headquarters is in Tamil Nadu, India. The company’s website has been online for a little over 3 years and works with people who live in India so they can make money as a data entry operator. GriYASS has two different websites, one is under the name of which offers data entry work for people who live in India, and the second is under the name of which offers ad posting work for people who live in India. If you are looking for data entry work make sure you visit the correct website before registering. As a data entry operator, you can earn Rs. 0.05 to Rs. 0.5 for each correct captcha you type. Just keep in mind some captcha is hard to read and you are only allowed so many errors before the company will freeze your account for the day. This company is a bit different if your account is frozen because o too many errors you can wait 24 hours and try again. The company only works with people from India because the money you earn is directly deposited to your bank account.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit their website and create an account.
  2. Before creating your account, check out the demo to make sure this work is correct for you.
  3. Upon registering with the company you will need to choose a plan. The company claims the money is collected for server maintenance and your account activation.
  4. The standard plan cost Rs. 200 and allows you to submit an unlimited number of captcha each day. Each captcha you type will be 10 characters long and you’ll earn Rs. 0.05 for each correct captcha you type.
  5. The premium plan will cost you Rs. 250 and also gives you the same benefits as the standard plan. There are differences in this plan. The company will pay you Rs. 0.10 for each correct captcha you type. The length of the captcha that you’ll be typing is 8 characters long.
  6. The premium plus plan costs Rs. 350 and gives you the same benefits as the other two plans, however, in this plan the length of each captcha is 6 characters long and you’ll earn Rs. 0.50 for each correct captcha you type.
  7. This appears to be a one time fee and if you want to upgrade your plan at a later date and time you can do this.
  8. No matter which plans you choose the captcha in all plans is alphanumeric.
  9. You are allowed 15 errors each day before you are stopped by the company and can’t work anymore that day. However, you can work again the next day until you enter 15 wrong captchas again.
  10. All plans will be canceled if you don’t reach the minimum payout within 30 days. If this happens, you can use the money in your account to renew your plan again. The company believes if you can’t reach Rs. 1000 within 30 days you are not serious about working for this company.
  11. The site doesn’t have any free plans. You will need to purchase on of the plans if you plan on working for this website.
  12. If you miss a captcha or fail to type in the correct answer for the captcha this will count as a wrong answer.
  13. The company makes it very clear they do not offer any training for this job. They expect you to watch the demo and work on the demo before joining the company.
  14. The company only allows you to work with one username and password. However, you can work in different locations using different IP addresses.
  15. You are not allowed to work in groups to earn money. If the company finds that you have done this, your account will be suspended and your payment will be revoked.
  16. The company gives you 14 seconds to type a captcha correctly. However, they are saying that it should take you 3 to 6 seconds to type the captcha.
  17. The company recommends that you work 4 to 6 hours a day typing the captcha.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You have 30 days to reach the minimum payout for the site.
  2. You need to earn Rs. 1000 in your account before you can request your payment.
  3. Payments are sent out within 24 hours.
  4. The company does not pay on Sunday or any Government holiday.
  5. The money is directly deposited to your bank account.

Pros and Cons:


  1. Sliding pay scale for typing captcha.
  2. You can upgrade your account at any time.
  3. Your earnings are directly deposited to your bank account.
  4. The company has a demo that you can use before joining the company. This gives you a good idea about the work you’ll be doing.


  1. To work for this company, you must choose a plan and pay the company first.
  2. If you cannot earn the minimum payout in 30 days the company will suspend your account.
  3. You will need to pay the fees again if your account has been suspended.
  4. Many people have a very hard time typing the captcha the site gives them.
  5. It is too easy to get 15 errors and you can’t work again for 24 hours.

What You Need To Know:

  1. On the website, the company claims they have been in business since 2010. However, when you check on the company it was opened in 2016. To do this type of work, the company must own a website so they are misleading you about how long the company has been in business.
  2. Paying to work for a company is a red flag and you should not pay to work for anyone. All legitimate companies offer their work for free so you don’t need to pay anyone to type captcha at home.
  3. There are so many complaints online. When a person lodges a complaint there is one person who is always there to answer the complaint.
  4. The demo the company has put together does not represent the work that you actually do for the site. The captcha that you type in the demo is not actual captcha that anyone will ever type for a company.
  5. Most companies that require you to pay a registration fee are not legitimate companies. If you look at other captcha companies you will never pay a registration fee to work for them.
  6. This company has no social media presence. It is not possible for people who work for this company to share their views about the company. Legitimate companies love feedback and have a social media presence so others can learn more about them.
  7. The owner of is the same owner of If you check on the two companies there are many complaints about both companies.
  8. The minimum withdrawal limit for the month is extremely high for a captcha site. Normally a company will allow you to withdraw your funds once you reach $1 to 5 in your account. This company is asking that you earn $15 before you can withdraw your funds. If you cannot reach this amount the company suspends your account and makes you pay again.
  9. Many people have paid the registration fee to the company, but the company won’t activate their account.
  10. Some people did the work for the company but were never paid for the work they did.


I personally don’t recommend that you join this company. There are way too many red flags and this normally indicates the company will scam you once you’ve made your payment. Many people paid this company so they could earn money each month and the company took their payment but never activated their account. Furthermore, the threshold for payout is extremely high for a captcha company. This company has another website that offers you work posting ads online. The site looks very similar to this site and you’ll need to pay a registration fee to do the work. My advice to you is to find a legitimate site that actually pays you for the work you do and there is no need to pay the company so you can work for them.



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