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In today’s society, so many people are searching online for jobs they can do at home or in their spare time to earn a passive income. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many jobs come and go online daily. This leaves people questioning the millions of people, who claim they earn, thousands of dollars each month working online.

Today, many bloggers write lists that help people find work online. Unfortunately, these lists are incomplete and identify the same jobs over and over again. That’s why I have spent the last year identifying all the companies online that offer people work. There are many types of different work available online if you just knew how to find it. Furthermore, if you knew the site you wanted to join actually pays you for your troubles, it would make life so much simpler.

Here you’ll find reviews about companies who offer people work online. The reviews are biased and don’t give an opinion of the company. Furthermore, the reviews will only tell you what type of work to expect, if the company pays, how they pay, and if you need to reach a certain threshold before being paid.

This site is a work in progress site and when more sites are identified, they’ll be added. Furthermore, when sites close, stop paying, or have many customer complaints the written reviews will be updated to reflect the changes,

In order to give an honest review, I have signed up for these sites, worked on the sites, and I have either been paid or scammed by the site. Therefore, you’ll not find any proof of payment on this site, because I’m giving you my first-hand experience and knowledge in the reviews I’ve written.

I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you and others. I’m in hopes that when you read one of my reviews, you’ll leave a comment if there have been any changes in the status of the company.

I look forward to helping you find legitimate, work at home jobs, to help you earn a passive income online.

Please come back and visit often. New sites reviews will be added daily. I have identified over 1200 paying jobs online and this takes time to write up all the reviews. I’m in hopes I can save you the heartache of working for a company and in the end, finding out it was a scam.

Ann LeFlore



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