Share A Link

Link sharing is one way for a person to earn money online. Different companies will engage advertisers that wish to promote their products or services. Afterward, they will hire people to share these products or service on their website, blog, or social media account. The person will earn money each time a person clicks on this link. It is an easy way to earn money online especially if you have a very large following on your social media accounts.

ShareMagnet Review – Legit or Scam

share magnetShareMagent is a social media sharing site where you can earn money sharing magnets online. The company’s cpr[prate office is located in Manhattan Beach, CA. The company has been online since 2012 and they have never received a complaint or have a bad reputation with the BBB. The company connects advertisers with marketers As a marketer, you’ll choose the different magnets from the site to share on your social media account, website, or even blog. Each time a person clicks on your magnet, you’ll earn a reward………..Read More.……...Updated January 2019 – the site is currently down and will relaunch at a later date.