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Grammarly Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam

Grammarly is an online grammar and a spell checker that works online with your Chrome browser or you can download this to work with your MS Word Program. The application will check for common grammatical errors, verb agreement, modifier placement, article use, regular verb conjugations, and much more. Furthermore, Grammarly has an affiliate program that you can apply for. As an affiliate of Grammarly, you have the opportunity to place a banner on your website or use a tracking text link that can be placed on your website. This link can be added to your emails, e-books, social media accounts or used as a signature link in forums or blog comments.

How To Become An Affiliate:

  1. In order to become an affiliate with Grammarly, you’ll need to visit the site and create an account.
  2. Afterward, you can fill out the affiliate application and apply for the program.
  3. The company will review your application and send you an email if it has been approved or not.
  4. The approval process could take up to 72 hours.
  5. Normally if you have a blog or website the company will approve your application as an affiliate.
  6. However, if you don’t own a blog or website, you can still present a good case for the company and explain how you want to promote Grammarly. The company can approve your plan and accept you into the program.
  7. You also have the opportunity to join the Grammarly Affiliate program through their third-party affiliate sites. Just visit ShareASale or Commission Junction and apply to become an affiliate with Grammarly.
  8. Once you’re accepted into the affiliate program. The site will supply you with all the different types of banners and links on your affiliate dashboard. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and can easily be incorporated on your site.

What Does An Affiliate Do?

  1. As a Grammarly affiliate, you’ll be promoting the Grammarly free product.
  2. This is easy to do because you won’t need to use any pushy sales pitches in order to sell and earn money.
  3. You’ll be basically spreading the word around and telling people about the great opportunity and benefits they will have when they install Grammarly on their computer.
  4. The Grammarly affiliate program is a natural fit for any blog or website that addresses grammar or different learning topics.
  5. Furthermore, a review site that offers work at home opportunities can also benefit from the affiliate program. These types of sites help freelancers find an online writing job. As a freelancer, it is beneficial to have a product such as Grammarly installed on their computer.

How To Promote Your Affiliate Links:

  1. You can use your affiliate links in your signature on the emails that you send out.
  2. You can start an email campaign to promote your affiliate link.
  3. You can advertise your affiliate link on your social media accounts like Facebook or even Twitter.
  4. On your website or blog add your affiliate links for your readers.
  5. When placing the banners and links on your website it is recommended that you place them in an area on your site that is visible for your readers. Also, place the links on content that is relevant to the product. Furthermore, don’t place them in an area with other banners on your site.
  6. A great way to earn more money from your affiliate links is to write up a blog post explaining the great benefit of Grammarly and why people should download this and install it on their computer.
  7. As an affiliate Grammarly forbids you to offer anyone an incentive or a reward for joining Grammarly using your affiliate link.
  8. It is easy to track you your conversion and keep track of your earning on your dashboard. Just go to the Reports sections and you’ll find all the information there.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. Each time a person signs up and download Grammarly for free, you’ll earn $0.20.
  2. If a person purchases one of the premiums upgrade the site will pay you $20.
  3. The company has a referral program that will allow you to receive up to $50 for each referral and a 10$ monthly bonus through Grammarly’s incentive program.
  4. You can earn $20 to $50 for each action a person complete through your affiliate link.
  5. The site uses extended 90-day cookies that will track your links and if a person doesn’t sign up for the services immediately and decides to sign up during the 90-day period, you’ll still earn your commission on the conversion.
  6. The company uses a tiered performance-based bonus system to help affiliates earn more money.
  7. You can also use the Co-branded landing pages the site has to offer. This helps in your conversion rate and people joining Grammarly.
  8. By writing a blog post and posting a banner on your website or blog, the company will pay you a $25 bonus.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The company offers three forms of payment to choose from. You can have your earning transferred to your PayPal account, request a check if you live in the United States, or have your money directly deposited to your bank account.
  2. If you choose to have your earning deposited to your bank account there are a few minimum payment restrictions that will apply to non-US brand transfers.


This is a legitimate website that pays you for promoting Grammarly. This is one of the easiest affiliate programs that you’ll ever join. There is no selling a product or pushing people into joining the site. The site is free to join and anyone can benefit from the service Grammarly has to offer. You’ll be paid a commission each time a person signs up for Grammarly for free and download the app for their computer or installs the plug-in on their browser. Grammarly has helped more people with their spelling and grammar issues while working online, in school or even sending out an email. This is an excellent opportunity to spread the word and let people know about the great benefits they can receive when joining this site.




2 thoughts on “Grammarly Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. Don’t do it. They’re a scam company. Don’t take my word for it. There are LITERALLY thousands of review of people being scammed by this company. It should be called Scammerly. Don’t give them your credit card info! They’ll never stop charging you. Even if you cancel, they’ll still keep charging and charging and charging.


    1. There is no need to upgrade your account with Grammarly. You can continue to use this site for free. If you join the affiliate program, each time a person signs up for a free subscription, you’ll earn money. I don’t see how this site is a scam site. The affiliate program is a legitimate program and the site does reward you each time a person signs up using your affiliate link. If you are speaking about the paid subscriptions this is a different story and not what the review is about.


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