Virtual Farming

Virtual Farming is a crowdfunding project to help farmers raise the capital they need through crowdfunding. As an investor, you’ll be able to select your farm, the crop or livestock that you wish to invest in. Each investment has a cycle you can invest in. At the end of the cycle when the crops are sold, each investor will earn a percentage of the crops. The trick in virtual farming is to invest what you can in the project, once the crops are sold, and you’ve earned money on your investment, use your profits to reinvest in the next cycle. Virtual Farming Review – Legit or Scam Virtual Farming is a crowdfunding website that you can invest in a farming project in exchange for a profit when the crops are sold at market. You’ll be a crowdfunder investing in the Philippines agriculture community. At harvest time, if the project was successful, you’ll receive a percentage of the crops that sold at the market. The crowdfunding project has been active since 2014 and the company is on its 18th planting cycle. As a new investor in the project, you must be invited to join by an existing member. However, when you first join the project, you’ll not be able to invest in the current cycle. The company requires that you wait for one planting cycle before investing………..Read More.………

Cropital Review – Legit or Scam

cropitalCropital is an investing platform to help support poor Filipino farmers from being trapped in poverty and forced to use predatory lending. Rachel de Villa is the co-founder of Cropital. She is working hard to help the Filipino families not live in debt due to the high-interest rates and the traders taking advantage of the farmers. The traders will buy the crops from the farmers for one cent and turn around and sell the crops for $1. Therefore, the traders make all the profits on the sales of the crops and leave the farmers further in debt each year. Many of the farmers are forced to sell their lands because of the high investment rates and the traders stealing their profits. As an investor, you’ll not only be helping the farmers, but you’ll receive am ROI on your investment once the crops are sold at market………..Read More……….

Virtual Vivasayam Review – Legit or Scam

virtual vivasayamVirtual Vivasayam is a virtual farming site that is located in India. The company helps local farmers fund their crops, finds investors, sells the crops and updates investors about the farmer’s progress and the crop yield. As an investor, you can choose the crops or farm you’d like to invest in. You can invest monthly, yearly, or for an extended period of time. The company has long-term investment for 3 or 5 years. Each investor will receive a return on their investment once the crop is sold………..Read More.………