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The 1 Dollar Thing Review 2019: Legit or Scam

The 1 Dollar Thing is a website that allows you to invest $1 to start earning a profitable income immediately online. The site gives you a new earning opportunity so that you can start to live a stress-free life without the hassle or worry about making money online. Their marketing network is designed for anyone to start earning a substantial income online in a very short time frame. Each month the site sends out a business magazine that has helpful tips about making money, how to save on your taxes, tips on health, travel and also living a very successful lifestyle. This is a Network Marketing – MLM and Direct sales company. The owner of the company is Doc Lett. The true name of the owner is Kenneth Lett. Back in 2012, Kenneth created his first MLM company for travel called Phase 4 Global. Again in 2015, he created another new company called 2×2. In 2016 Kenneth created his third company called Iguana Biz. It appears that his company Iguana Biz didn’t do so well and therefore, he tried again with this company called The 1 Dollar Thing.

What Does The Program Entail?

  1. There are no products or services for you to sell in order to earn money.
  2. The scheme of the program is a pattern of pyramiding in order to earn money.
  3. You don’t need any type of special skills in order to join this program.
  4. The cost of the program is $1 to $47 a month, plus admin fees. It doesn’t say how much you’ll be paying out in admin fees each month.
  5. The site will provide you with all the marketing material that you need in order to make an income of around $7000 a month or close to $85,000 a year.

What Are You Marketing?

  1. You are basically marketing an affiliate membership.
  2. The membership will include:
    1. The monthly subscription to The Small Business Magazine.
    2. You’ll receive money-saving coupons for different attractions, travel, and recreation.
    3. They offer you a health saving benefit that you’ll receive a prescription card so that you can save up to 90% on your prescription, saving on dental, vision, hearing, and lab tests.
    4. You will also receive other ways to save money on products by purchasing them through a wholesaler, and different mobile apps.

How To Start Earning Money:

  1. You will need to start advertising this company and find other affiliates to join in this network scheme.
  2. You are basically building your own affiliate team where you can earn direct and override commissions.
  3. The network scheme consists of 3 different levels. The basic level, the emerald level, and the diamond level.

The Basic Level:

  1. In order to join it will cost you $1 a month and a $2 admin fee. The first year will cost you $14 to join.
  2. You’ll receive the Small Business Magazine subscription for 1 year.
  3. The company will train the affiliates, supply them with marketing material, and will give them a website and access to the company’s wholesale division.
  4. You’ll earn an affiliate and override commission based on the 3×6 matrix. This places you at the top of the matrix and has 3 positions that are directly below you. This is called the first level matrix.
  5. This will build down to the second level where there are 9 positions directly under the first level.
  6. There are a total of 6 levels and 1092 position under you.
  7. The matrix shows that you’ll learn a commission of $131.04 each month.
  8. You can now take your commission and upgrade to the next level package. This will be the Emerald Level.

The Emerald Level:

  1. The Emerald Level package costs $12 a month and a $10 annual admin fee.
  2. In this level, you now have the opportunity to purchase a Kiss Retail Goodbye Card so that you can start saving money on your everyday purchases.
  3. The KRGCard is a card that you’ll be required to sell to merchant stores in order to earn a profit.
  4. You will still be using the 3×6 matrix, but in this level, they guarantee that you’ll earn $1,638 a month.
  5. You can now use your commission and upgrade to the third and final level, the diamond level.

The Diamond Level:

  1. The Diamond level will cost you $47 a month, plus a $10 annual admin fee.
  2. At this level, you can now purchase your Phase 4 Travelcard and start saving money on all your travel expenses like hotel, amenities, and recreations.
  3. Your commissions are still paid on a 3×6 matrix.
  4. At this level, you’ll earn $5,460 a month.
  5. The site gives you the opportunity to purchase all 3 tiers for $7,229.04 a month.


As you can see this is a total scam and will require you to invest a large amount of money each month in order to earn money. The benefits of each level are not very attractive and you’re basically trying to sell this affiliate program to others. In return, they will need to sell the program to other people in order for the pyramid to grow and for you to reach 1092 affiliates in the first, second or even the third level. Each time you upgrade, you’ll basically need to start over again building your new affiliate network. You’ll still earn your commission on your first affiliate network, but in order to make the second one work for you, you’ll need to try and sell this program at a higher cost to anyone who is interested.

You are basically earning money off the new member and what they invest into this matrix. Once you can no longer recruit new members the money stops pouring in each month. Sooner or later all members will stop receiving an income each month and the pyramid will crumble. This is a horrible investment plan and it never works out. Maybe, in the beginning, you’ll receive money when a person joins your affiliate network. You’ll need to find a lot of people to join this network in order to make any real money.




2 thoughts on “The 1 Dollar Thing Review 2019: Legit or Scam”

  1. This site was plastered all over Facebook for awhile. There were so many people who tried to sucker me into joining. I am not stupid and do my research before investing and joining any site. They are all scams when they require you to invest large sums of money. This one is a bit different and it is cheaper to join, but once you’re in that is the problem they bleed you dry.


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