Paid to Search Online

Today large companies lose a lot of potential customer because of ad blockers. Their ads are no longer appearing for people to see. Therefore, they need to find a new solution to get people to see their ads. That is why there are companies now who pay you to search online and display the ads for you to see. As you search online certain company’s ads will appear on your screen. As long as you view these ads, you’ll earn from them.

Mingle Cash Review – Legit or Scam

mingle cashMingle Cash is a company that pays you to use their toolbar software that displays ads on your browser. Every 3 to 10 minutes a new under the bar pop up and is displayed on your browser. As long as you leave the ad displayed while browsing online, you’ll be paid for this advertising………..Read More.………

Qmee Review – Legit or Scam

qmeeQmee is a company that offers shoppers an easy way to search online and earns rewards while they save money. The Qmee search platform will help shoppers search for items, compare prices, find discounts, save money, and earn rewards. The Qmee search function features will give each person a personalized experience when they search online. The company connects you with different brands that you love and buy each day. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to earn extra rewards by taking the surveys the company offers. Currently, the Qmee browser app only works for people living in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia……….Read More………..

Nielsen Digital Voice Reviews: Legit or Scam

nielsen digital voiceNelsen Digital Voice is an online research company that pays you to download and installs the app on your computer or mobile device. The company will monitor your internet usage and keep track of the sites that you search for online each day. You are paid to use your internet and allow Nielsen Digital Voice to track you online. You have a chance to win cash in exchange for allowing Nielsen Digital Voice to collect anonymous information about how you use your computer on a daily basis. Each month you have a chance to win $1000 in cash for just allowing the company to monitor your online usage. You can join this research project if you live in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil, China, and New Zealand………..Read More……….

Microsoft Rewards Review 2019: Legit or Scam

Microsoft RewardsMicrosoft Rewards is the new name for Bing Rewards. Microsoft is trying hard to keep up with the ever growing Google user base and therefore is offering people a way to earn rewards if they use Bing, Microsoft Edge, shop at the Microsoft Store and the Windows Store. The original program Bing Rewards gave you points for only using Bing for your online searches. Back in 2016, Microsoft decided to change the program around and expand the program so they could keep up with other paid search engine competitors like Swagbucks. Many online companies have loyalty programs and it is hard to keep up with them. Therefore, Microsoft had to take a look at their program to make it more attractive for people to join. Microsoft has also purchased Xbox Live Rewards and it is now a part of Microsoft Rewards………..Read More……….