Paid Quizzes

It is the nature of people to be competitive and companies understand this. That is why a few companies offer people a way to be competitive online and win money. Some companies have created online games such as trivia which challenges the people to answer questions online and compete for cash prizes and gift cards. Answering quizzes online is starting to become a big business and people love to join these quiz sites to compete for prizes and money.

Givling Reviews – Legit or Scam

givlingGivling is an online based trivia game that allows students and other to play online. The company helps students pay off their loans and others to pay off their mortgages. Each day the sites host a new trivia game that people can sign up to play. You are paired with 3 other people to make your team. You’ll have 10 seconds to answer the trivia question correctly in order to move on. You’re allowed 3 wrong answers before you’ll have to stop playing the game for the day. The three top teams with the most points will split the jackpot to answer the most trivia questions correctly………..Read More.………