Content Locking/Paid to Upload

Many websites and blog owners join content locking sites to upload their important files. The files are locked by the site and in order for a visitor to view these files, they must complete a task. The task can be a survey, viewing another website, or accepting an offer. The site owner is paid for each download that is unlocked. Furthermore, the site has a wide variety of files in the database that you can offer on your site.

This is also known as “Paid per Download” (PPD).

Share Cash Review – Legit or Scam

share cashShare Cash is a content locking site that locks files on your website. Once a viewer completes a task, the file is unlocked and you’re paid for the task that’s completed. For active members on the site, who earn $20 or more daily, they have an automatic upgrade to their premium account. This is a free upgrade to the site and only awarded to active members……….Read More………

CPA Leads Review – Legit or Scam

cpa leadCPA Leads is a content locking site that pays you to lock your links or content. The site has several ways to earn money as a website or blog owner. One way is to lock your eBooks, downloads, and white papers. if a person wants to receive the free copy, they must complete a task, take a survey, or complete an offer. After they’ve completed the offer, the link is revealed or the download starts. This is one way for website and blog owners to earn money from the material they’ve written on their site……….Read More.………

MGCash Media Review – Legit or Scam

mgcashMGCash Media is an affiliate site that works with website and blog owners worldwide. Furthermore, the site works with anyone who is interested in making money online. The site locks content, files, downloads, links, music files, videos, and much more. In order to view these files, a person must perform an action. The action can be a survey, completing a task or even completing an offer. Once the person has completed this task. the file is opened and he can either view the file or download the file. This is an excellent way for blog and website owners to earn a passive income……….Read More……… Review – Legit or Scam

fileice is an upload and file sharing site that pays you for each download a person completes. If you are an advanced internet marketer this is one of the best file uploading sites you can join. The company is very strict about who joins their site. Furthermore, they focus on high conversation landing pages and the best offers to give their visitors. The company is interested in how you will use this site and the files you’ll upload. They want to know how you plan on promoting these files. This is a very powerful network and they don’t allow any black hat or gray hat techniques on the site………..Read More……….

File.Army Review – Legit or Scam

file armyFile.Army is a file sharing site where you can upload your images and earn money for sharing. The company pays people for the number of views, likes, and follows their images attract. Furthermore, once you upload your images, they’ll continue to earn for the lifetime of the site. The company uses Bitcoin for payment and anyone who wants to participate and earn on the site needs a Bitcoin Wallet from…….....Read More.……… Review – Legit or Scam

uploadoceanUploadOcean is a PPD (paid per download) site that allows you to upload your files and share them on your website, blog or social media accounts. When a person visits the site and downloads one of your files, you’ll earn money. Depending on which country downloads one of your files, you’ll earn $2 to $21 per 1000 downloads. The company has a referral and affiliate program you can join to earn an extra income for working on this site………..Read More.………

Dailymotion Review – Legit or Scam

dailymotionDailymotion is a video channel that is similar to YouTube that you can upload your video to. You’ll create your own video channel like YouTube, upload your videos, and share them online with your family or friends. Dailymotion also has a partner program that you can join to earn money from the videos you’ve uploaded. The partner program for Dailymotion is easier to join and people Once you’re accepted to the partner program you’ll be able to earn money by embedding monetization on each of your videos. The company streams advertisement at the start, middle and end of your videos………..Read More……….