Content Moderators

Many large businesses don’t have the time to monitor, control, and add compelling content or videos to their social media accounts. Therefore, they hire a company to do this for them. Content Moderators take care of large businesses forums, social media accounts, and add videos and images to these accounts. Content moderators can perform many different types of jobs for clients. This varies and depends on the client’s needs.

ICUC Social Review – Legit or Scam

icuc socialICUC Sociais a company who helps large businesses monitor and control their social media accounts, forums and other online accounts the companies don’t have time to do.  As a content moderator, your job is to work with large business to create compelling content, create social media conversations, add images and make videos……….Read More..……..

ModSquad Review – Legit or Scam

modsquadModSquad is a site that hires freelancers worldwide to work as content moderators. There are several different types of jobs the company has for their moderators. You can work on forums, blogs, websites, or social media account. Furthermore, you can help clients on their customer service help desk, send emails, or SMS for them. This is a great job opportunity for freelancers and each job has a different pay rate……….Read More..……..

99 Dollar Social Review – Legit or Scam

99 social99 Dollar Social is a company that hires freelancers or content moderators to work on their client’s social media accounts. You’re paid a flat rate for each client you’re assigned. Normally, the job is full time and you’ll have between 100 to 120 clients to work for each week. The company helps businesses, brands, and small companies increase their social media presence………..Read More.………

LiveWorld Review – Legit or Scam

live worldLiveWorld is a company who hires moderators worldwide to work on forums and social media accounts for their clients. The jobs for each client you work for varies depending on the client’s needs. You’ll basic job duties will include mongering and moderating the client’s Facebook pages, wall posts and comments, checking out message boards, chat boards, blog entries, user groups, pictures, audio, videos and other social media platforms on LiveWorld or the client’s social media platforms. The company is always looking for bilingual people who can work in English and another language.  This is a great work at the home opportunity if you enjoy working as a moderator on different social media platforms………..Read More.………