Paid to Write Poetry

Greeting card companies and websites buy poetry from freelancers. The poetry is purchased to use for greeting cards or in books. The company pays the person to write verses or prose for the company. Many companies hold contests for people to enter. There are many different types of poetry a person can write and many companies a person can submit their poetry too.

Blue Mountain Arts Review – Legit or Scam

blue mountain artsBlue Mountain Arts is a greeting card company that encourages people to submit their poetry. The poems are published on greeting cards, on the site, and in their books. The cards that the company publishes are unique and designed to capture genuine emotions on different topics. The company also holds poetry contests and pays out three prizes. The winner of the yearly contest will have their poetry displayed on the site………..Read More.………

Oatmeal Studios Review – Legit or Scam

oatmeal studiosOatmeal Studios is a greeting card company that has grown over the years to become one of the top humorous greeting card companies in the world. The company has over 250 designs for all occasions and occasionally adds new designs to their collections. The company adds new releases to their greeting card collection monthly. The company was purchased in 2011 by North Adams Massachusetts based printer Excelsior Printing Company. Currently, all the cards are printed and the base of operations is now in western MA. However, the company still maintains their presence in Rochester, VT………..Read More.………

Snafu Designs Review – Legit or Scam

snafu designsSnafu Designs is a greeting card company that encourages freelancers to write for them. The company has a full line of greeting cards ranging from birthday, friendships, retirement, wedding and all the popular holidays. There are many different types of card you can write for this company. The company is rather small and they focus on humorous cards………..Read More.………

Amber Lotus Review: Legit or Scam

amber lotusAmber Lotus is a publishing company that publishes calendars, greeting cards, coloring book, journals, and books. The company is always looking for great photographers, illustrators, writers, artists, poets, and novelists. This is a rather small company and from time to time they limit the submission they are accepting. If you’d like to send the company some of your work, you’ll need to send an email. The company is no longer accepting submission by mail………..Read More.………

Viabella Review: Legit or Scam

viabellaViabella is a greeting card company that has several lines of greeting cards. They publish stationary, gift wrap, greeting card for love and mother earth. Furthermore, you’ll find cards for someone who cares, portal, everyday cards, boxed cards, and seasonal cards. The company is always looking for fresh new ideas and would love to hear from you. If you’d like to write for this company they have a set of guideline to follow………..Read More……….

Brush Dance Mindful Living – Mindful Days Review: Legit or Scam

bush danceBrush Dance Mindful Living – Mindful Days is a publishing company that publishes calendars, planners, journals, cards, and much more. The company started in 1989 combining various works from independent artists and photographers around the glove, with teachers and poets to create a unique line of products. No matter if you love to take pictures or write poetry for greeting cards this is a great site to submit your ideas to………..Read More.……...Updated January 2019 – the site is down for maintenance. 

ComstockMarketPlace Review 2019: Legit or Scam

CMPComstockMarketPlace (CMP) is a greeting card company that specializes in adult humor. The company is always looking for new photographers, artists, and writer to submit their ideas, drawings, and photos. The type of submissions the company looks for strictly adult humor verses, drawings, and humorous adult cartoon drawings. They are not interested in pretty flowers, cute little animals such as puppies and cats, or even kids. Do not send them a beautiful landscape unless it has some type of hot men or women in the foreground of the image. If you have some great Krack Ups, BoyTown News, or even Naughty Nudes this is what the site wants. Back in 2013, the site opened up a new gay line section………..Read More……….