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Medium Review: Legit or Scam

Medium is a blogging platform that was created in 2012 by Blogger and the co-founders of Twitter, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. The site was designed as a publishing platform to help people create stunning content and get their stories out. The site is trying to be the best of several different platforms and offer a writer the chance to earn money from what they’ve written. The blogging platform is free to join and you can create and host a variety of stories on your own personal blog or weblog. After spending some time on the site it is easy to join the partner program and start earning some money from what you’ve written.

When you join the site it is a bit different than other blogging platforms. This site is a blogging platform, a hybrid site that is similar to Reddit, and also a social network like Twitter where there is timeline feeds on the site. Furthermore, the site doesn’t pay much attention to the reverse chronological order of the posts that are added to the site. The home page of the site is a combination of the posts written by the in-house writing staff and different user publications.

How Does It Work?

  1. If you’re interested in creating your own personal blog or weblog it is easy to join the site. You can create an account using your Facebook or Twitter account. The site now has to option that you can join using your Google login information.
  2. If you sign up with your social media account, the site will take the information from your profile and add it to your profile on the site. You’ll need to allow Medium access to your profile information on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. If you have decided to create your account using your Google email address, the site will send you a verification code to confirm your email address.
  4. After confirming your email address, the site requires you to submit your credit card information before your account can be created.
  5. Once your account has been created and approved, you are free to go to your dashboard and start writing your content to post on your personal weblog.

Writing Content On Medium:

  1. In your dashboard, you’ll find all that you need to start writing content for your account.
  2. The editor is very basic and very simple. The editor supplies you with a line to enter your title and a place to enter your text. The text editor uses a popup menu if you want to format the text in the text editor. You’ll need to highlight the text to be formatted and use the popup menu to choose what you’d like to do. The popup menu has all the editing features for selecting headings, bold text, italic, centering your text, adding quotes and even links.
  3. It is easy to publish your work on the site. You have two option to publish your content. You can select to just publish your post or you can submit your work for publication.
  4. The site doesn’t have any open submission and each time you submit an article for publication, you’ll need to have it approved.
  5. If you want to submit your work for publication, you’ll need to use the “New Publication” button at the top of the page. The publication editor is a bit easier to use, you’ll need to enter your tags, title and make sure you have an Avatar on your account.

How To Earn Money From Medium:

  1. In order to earn money from the site, you must join the Medium Membership program.
  2. The cost of the program is $5 a month or $50 for the year.
  3. You can pay the membership with your PayPal account or with a credit card.
  4. As a paying member on the site you have many different benefits:
    1. You’ll receive unlimited free access to all the stories that are posted on Medium.
    2. The company sends you out a copy of their monthly magazine that includes themed collections and exclusive columnists.
    3. You have access to thousands of audio versions of the popular stories on the site.
  5. As a paying member on the site, you’ll have access to every story that is published. The site also has a metered paywall that you can earn money from. The stories are marked with a star.
  6. Each time you read a story or clap for a story, the author of this story earns money.
  7. Each time a person gives you a clap on an article you’ve written, you’ll earn a small percentage of their membership fees.

How Are You Paid?

  1. In order to be paid from this site, you’ll need to create a Stripe account.
  2. You will need to use your legal name in order to create this account and not your screen name that you use o the site.
  3. To set up this account, you’ll need a US phone number and a US bank account. This is for a Strip Express Account.
  4. If you live outside the US, it will be necessary that you set up a Stripe Standard account or a Stripe Business account.
  5. The money you earn from the site is based on your articles and how people interact with them. The more people read your article and give you a clap, the higher your earnings will be.
  6. You can also earn a portion of the ad revenue from your different articles.
  7. On the site, I’ve seen a few people who’ve earned close to $1000 for a single article. The article was fantastic, well written, and most of the members on the site read this article and gave the person a clap.
  8. The site doesn’t indicate how much you need in your account before they will send you your payment.


This is a legitimate site that you can join for free or you have the option to pay a monthly membership to earn money from this site. It is a blogging type of platform that allows you to write content and place the content on your own person weblog or submit the content for publication. You’ll need to join the site and pay the monthly subscription fee if you want to have your articles published on the site and earn money from what you’ve written. You have the possibility as a paid member of the site to earn money from the ads that are placed on your published articles. The site is using Stripe to pay its members and you’ll need to create a Stripe account before you are paid.

Revenue Sharing

HubPages Review: Legit or Scam

HubPages is a content writing site and a revenue sharing site for freelance writers. The HubPages platform allows any freelance writer to join the site and create a weblog or mini blog using their platform. You’ll be writing your own articles and sharing them on the site’s platform. This is an excellent way for a new freelance writer to get noticed and show off your work online. Furthermore, the platform allows you to earn money through your own affiliate programs and advertising networks that you partner up with. You can join Amazon, Google Adsense or any other network that allows you to earn money sharing ads or affiliate links. You basically will write your own article and display it on your personal weblog. The revenue you earn from your articles will be yours and isn’t shared with the company. However, the company does have a revenue sharing policy that they spit with the author 60/40. This means that 60% of the time your word ads are displayed on your pages and 40% of the time HubPages displays their ads on your weblog.

How Does It Work?

  1. This is a free site to join and all you need to do is visit the site and create your account.
  2. You are required to create a username on the site. The username that you choose will create your sub-domain name on the site.
  3. When selecting your username, make sure it relates to your blog and what you want to write about. There are quite a few sub-domains on the site so it will be necessary for you to look around and see if your username has been taken or not. Choose your username carefully, because this will be how you will share your articles on your social media accounts and also how search engines will find them.
  4. Once your account has been established it is easy to write for the site. You’ll be creating your own articles called hubs and posting them in your sub-domain on the site.

What Is HubPages About?

  1. Articles: The site allows you to publish your own articles on your sub-domain. The articles you publish on your own hub can include reviews, a niche article, videos you’ve created, different maps, polls or even quizzes.
  2. Earning: The site will split the revenue with you on an impression basis. You can add your Google AdSense account and also the HubPages’ Ad Program to your hub. You can earn revenue from Google AdSense ads, contextually placed ads, Amazon links or products and different contests the site has to offer. The site has a HubPages Earning Program that you can check out and see the different ways you can earn money as a Hubber on the site.
  3. Community Interaction: The site has many bloggers or Hubbers on the site who will interact with the articles that you write. This is a unique community of blogger or freelance writers who have come together in a single community online.
  4. Educational Resources: There are plenty of educational resources that you can find on the site.
  5. Article QA: The site has a section you can write different articles for that will allow visitors to comment on these articles. This gives you a chance to answer the visitor back. This section was set up for authority bloggers who want to help people.
  6. Referral Program: A great way to earn on the site is by linking your referral code to different articles on the site. When a person visits the article on the site after clicking on your link, you’ll receive a 10% share of the impression and earning during that time.
  7. Contests: The site runs a different contest that you could earn $25 to $50 for writing an article about a certain topic or theme.
  8. As long as your content is published on the site you can continue to earn money each month for the ads that are placed on your pages.

Creating Your Articles:

  1. It is easy to create an article on the site. Just click on start a new hub at the top of the page.
  2. Like any blog site, you must first create your title in order to begin your article.
  3. Like all blog sites, all you need to do is insert your content. You can write this directly on the site or create your content in a word document and add it to the site.
  4. Once you’re done, all you need to do is hit the publish key and publish your article to your own personal hub.
  5. When you first create your article, you’ll be working with a capsule. The capsule is the building block the site uses for creating new articles.
  6. The site uses different capsules when writing or creating your content. You’ll need to select the correct capsule to use. You can select a text capsule, a photo capsule, a map capsule, a video capsule or check out the other choices the site has to offer.
  7. It is possible to embed different links in your articles for your affiliate programs. This is a good way to earn extra revenue from the site when you write a review of a product and post it on your hub.

How Are You Paid?

  1. On the 28th of each month, HubPages sends out the payments to each person who has earned money from the site.
  2. The company uses PayPal only and you’ll receive your earnings in your PayPal account.


This is a legitimate site to join to earn money writing your own articles and posting them online. The site is a weblog or a mini blog site platform that you can join and create your own sub-domain for free. Furthermore, this is a great way for a new freelance writer to get established and create a portfolio for people to see. You can earn money on the site through their revenue share program or by using affiliate links in your own articles that you write. This site was established back in 2006 and has grown over the years. it is one of the most visited sites online and many people have their own personal weblog online through this site.

Paid to Write Reviews

Rate It All Review – Legit or Scam

Rate It All is a review website that was opened in 1999 by Lawrence Coburn. The site is opened worldwide and anyone can join this site and write a review. The basis of the site revolves around social networking. Each person has the opportunity to write up their own unique review about a product, service, incidents, occurrences, music, movie, or customer service review. There is no limitation to what you can write a review about on this site. You are free to speak your mind about anything and everything in hopes of attracting people to read your review and join in on the conversation. Back in 2006, PC Magazine rated the site the top website of the week. This is a well-established site and a good way to earn money by writing up short reviews.

How Does it Work?

  1. It is easy to create an account on the site. Just enter your email address and password.
  2. Once you’ve registered on the site you are free to write as many reviews as you want.
  3. There is a tab on your dashboard that makes it easy to write a review. Click on the tab marked “Write a Review”.
  4. You can write up your own personal reviews or you are free to search online for an idea to write a review.
  5. You can share your new reviews on your social media accounts, forums, or in blog comments. The more visitors you have reading your review, you’ll have a better chance of earning money.

How Do You Earn Money?

  1. The website is free for anyone to join. No matter if you’re a business or a person who just likes to write review the site is opened worldwide.
  2. When you join the site, you’ll need to have a Google Adsense account.
  3. It is important to go to your dashboard and link your Google account to your profile.
  4. The website offers no payment directly from the site but allows you to use affiliate links and Google Adsense to earn money from your reviews.
  5. The money you earn for writing your reviews will come from your affiliate links and how many people click on your Google Adsense ads.
  6. To earn more from this site you should write as many reviews as you want, create lists and about different items.
  7. If one of your reviews about an items hits the top of the page, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to earn more money from the Adsense banner ads at the top of the page.

How to Socialize On The Site:

  1. It is a good idea to socialize on the site. You can easily find friends that have the same interests as you.
  2. Take one of the surveys to help you narrow down the users on the site that have the same interests as you do.
  3. After finding the username it is easy to send them a friend request.
  4. You can go to the username list and just send every user on the list a friend request.
  5. Having friends and socializing on the site will help you gain status and your reviews seen. If nobody sees your reviews it is not possible to earn money from your affiliate links or even Google Adsense.


This is a legitimate site and was opened in 1999. Since this time the site has grown in popularity and many people worldwide use this site to check on new product reviews. This is a trusted site that allows anyone to join the website and create a review about almost anything they want to.

The owners of the site won’t pay you for your reviews; however, they allow you to add your affiliate links and Google Adsense to your account. You can earn a nice income each month if your reviews are on the top pages of the site. You’ll need to work hard and make friends on the site. The key to success in a site like this is socializing and sharing.