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PenPee Review 2019: Legit or Scam

PenPee is a writing platform that allows freelance writers to share their short stories online. Furthermore, people can visit the site and read your stories. Each time a person reads a chapter of your story, you are paid tokens from the reader. The token can be redeemed for cash once you’ve earned enough token. It is easy to join the site as a writer or even as a person who just loves to read different short stories online. The site has 3 different writers’ accounts you can join under. You can choose the starter, basic or the premium membership package. Depending on which package you choose will determine the percentage of credits you’ll earn when a person reads your short stories online. A starter and basic membership allow you to write short stories that are 7200 words long. If you choose the premium membership package your short story can be up to 12,000 words long. Your short stories need to be written similar to a book. A person can read a single chapter of your story at a time.

How Does It Work?

  1. This is an international site and anyone who is 16 years of age or older can join the site.
  2. If you’d like to become a writer on the site, you’ll need to register first. You can now upgrade your account to a writer’s account through the dashboard on the site.
  3. All writer’s account will require site approval before you can post your stories online.
  4. To make the acceptance process go smoothly upload an avatar to the site.
  5. You’ll need to fill in your profile and fill in the required profile information to become a writer.
  6. All members on the site must pick a membership package.
  7. Until your account is approved, it is possible to just read the different short stories on the site.
  8. The company will review your account and once it has been approved, you’ll receive an email. At this time you can start to post your short stories online.
  9. When you join the site you’re given 50 credits to start.
  10. The credits are used to read the different short stories on the site.
  11. You will give the author 4 credits for each chapter you’ve read.

What Are The Different Membership Packages?

  1. Currently, the company has two membership packages to choose from.
  2. The starter package is free. Here you can write up to 7200 words for each short story. The story can have 6 different chapters and only 1200 words per page.
  3. The premium membership package cost £12.99 every 6 months or you can pay a yearly fee of £19.99. In this package, you are free to post as many short stories as you like. You will have a maximum word count of 12,000 words for each story and can have up to 10 chapters in your story. You’ll still be limited to 1200 words per page.

How To Get Credits:

  1. Each person who joins the site is given 50 credits to use.
  2. The credits are used to read the different short stories on the site.
  3. If you need more credit it is easy to receive more free credits from the site.
  4. When you invite your friends to the site, you’ll earn more free credits that can be used to read more stories.
  5. Logging into your account each day will earn you free credits.
  6. After reading a story on the site, it will be necessary to rate the story and write up a small review. You can earn an extra 50 credits if you are one of the best supporting reviewers on the site.

How Do Writer’s Earn Money?

  1. Each time a person reads one of your short stories they will pay you 4 credits for each chapter they’ve read.
  2. The starter member will earn 45% lifetime revenue for every credit that is spent reading each chapter of your short story.
  3. The premium member will earn 70% lifetime revenue for every credit that is spent reading each chapter of their short story.
  4. You can earn bonuses if your story is one of the most read and engaging stories on the site.
  5. You will need to rank on the Leaderboard in order to receive this bonus.
  6. If you are a premium member you can be ranked in the challenge group if one or more of your stories are the most read on the site.
  7. As a premium member you can earn £1.50 for each day your story is ranked on the Leaderboard.
  8. Basic member will earn £0.50 for each day their story is ranked on the Leaderboard.
  9. The bonuses will appear in your account at the end of each month.
  10. Not all members of the Leaderboard will earn a bonus each month. The bonuses are paid to the writer who has made it to the top 3 positions on the board.

How Are You Paid?

  1. If you are a premium member, you’ll earn 2.8 credits for each chapter of your story that has been read. A person will give the site 4 credits for reading your chapter. The 2.8 credits you receive is 70% of the 4 credits the person paid to read your story.
  2. The basic membership only earns 45% of the 4 credits paid to read your story.
  3. Every 3 credits you earn in your account is worth 6 pence (£0.06).
  4. In order to cash out on the site, you’ll need £5 in your account.
  5. You can request the payment sent to your PayPal account or if you live in the UK it can be sent to your bank account.


This is a legitimate writing platform that you can use to share your short stories and be paid when a person reads them. You won’t get rich from the site, but it is the perfect opportunity for a writer to get noticed. Furthermore, you can post one chapter at a time on the site. This will keep the reader coming back to see how your short story ended. Furthermore, you can earn bonuses from the site if you appear in the Leaderboard top three positions at the end of the month. Many new writers use this site to post teasers for the new book they’ve written and are selling on Amazon. If you are a freelance writer and would like to earn a little extra income check out this site. It is a fun site to join and post your short stories on.


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