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Crowdcontent Review: Legit or Scam

Crowdcontent is a site that hires a freelance writer to write content for their clients. This is a typical content mill that you can join as a freelance writer who is looking for work. When you first go to the website it is very professionally done and well organized. The company has a well designed sign-up page that you’ll be directed to when you want to join the site. Before you ever fill out your application the company goes into details about what the site is about and how you can make money as a freelance writer. The website lets you know they have thousands of customers and different assignments. You’ll be able to pick and choose the assignments that best suit your talents and your interest. One nice thing about being a freelance writer on this site is the fact that you get to pick and choose your assignments and how much time you want to invest working on the site.

How Does This Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and click on the Signup button at the top of the page.
  2. You’ll be redirected to another page that gives you three options to choose from. You’ll need to select the writer’s option if you’d like to write for the site.
  3. The hiring process isn’t as difficult as other content writing sites. This site basically has you fill out the application and send it in.
  4. You’ll receive a notification after you submit your application. The notification says that they will contact you by email.
  5. Once you receive your email from the company, you can go directly to the site and start looking for assignments.
  6. You won’t need to take a grammar test or even a writing test to work with this company.
  7. When you first sign into your account the site will require you to fill in additional information in your account.
  8. Your name and most of your personal data are kept confidential on the site. The client will only know you by your username and not by your real name.

Finding Work:

  1. Once you’ve completed the information the site requires from you it is possible to now go and search for jobs you’d like to complete.
  2. One section of the site deals with writing content, editing content for the description area.
  3. The site also has a marketplace position that deals with writing different gigs, blog post, website content, or other types of work such as social media posts or even tweets.
  4. If you’d like to work in this area of the site, you’ll need to apply and be accepted. The site will require that you write them a 150 to 200-word articles that are written in Associated Press (AP) style. You’ll need to have a title, subhead, a link to a relevant article and also a call to action in this writing example. The company will review your work and either accept you or reject you from writing in this section.
  5. The Product Description section is another section on the site that you must qualify for before you can write there. If you are interested in writing for this section they require you to answer some AP-style questions and you must write up and submit 2 product description in order to qualify. If you pass the test and your content is accepted, you’ll now be part of the team and can pick and choose any article in this section to write.
  6. When you first sign up for the site there is no initial test that you must take in order to write for the site. However, if you want to write for different areas on the site, you’ll be required to pass these written tests before they allow you access to these areas on the site.
  7. There are plenty of other areas on the site that you can find work. Some areas on the site don’t require you to pass a test. All you need to do is visit this section and choose the project you’d like to complete.

What You Should Know:

  1. When you take an assignment the site gives you a TAT score. The TAT score is a measurement of how fast you’ve completed the assignment. The quicker you finish the assignment, the higher your TAT score is.
  2. The site has a 3-strike rule. This applies if you have accepted an assignment and don’t complete the assignment or turn the assignment in late. You have a chance to get the strikes taken off your account when you complete other assignments on time.
  3. The site uses a human editor who will give you tips and help you improve your writing skills for the site. The editors will treat you with respect and it is nice to work with them.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Depending on the assignment and your level on the site, you’ll earn 1.7 cents to 7.6 cents per written word.
  2. The site will pay people one a week on Friday.
  3. You’ll need a $10 balance in your account before you can be paid.
  4. The site uses PayPal and you’ll need a PayPal account in order to be paid by the site.


This is a legitimate site and has been in business since 2011. The site is a content marketplace and it isn’t that difficult to join the site. When you first join the site they don’t require you to take any tests before you can start writing. However, there are certain areas on the site that will require you to submit your writing samples and complete a test before you can write for this section. Just keep in mind this is a content mill and some of the clients you’ll be working with are very strict about what you write. There can be a lot of rejections and requests for you to rewrite your articles. Just keep in mind like all content mills there are many complaints from writers about these types of site. However, there are many great freelance writers that have found work on sites like this and are earning a decent amount of money each month working there. This will all depend on your skill level and how well you write.

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DotWriter Review: Legit or Scam

DotWriter is a content marketplace for freelance writers or anyone looking to buy content for their website or blog. The site claims they offer high-quality articles from talented writers online. If you are a freelance writer it is easy to join the site and sell your content online. As a new member of the site, it is necessary to prove yourself before you can start charging more money for each article you post on the site. The site has 3 different levels for writers, beginning writers on the site will fall under the standard writer category, you can easily move up to the premium category the more you write and sell on the site. The final category that you can move up to is the gold category. In this category, you are paid $0.07 for each word written in your article.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register and join the site.
  2. Once you’re a member of the site you can start to submit your articles to the site.
  3. There are a number of categories you can choose from to write the articles you want to sell on this site.
  4. Each article you submit to the site must be approved by the Writer’s Pool before it can be sold in the marketplace.
  5. This ensures the quality of the articles the site is selling.
  6. When you first join the site, you’ll be a standard writer and will earn $0.03 or each written word in your article.
  7. The more you write and submit to the site will improve your chances of moving up to the higher levels on the site.
  8. The articles you write should be top quality articles that are current and supply great information for people who are looking to buy content for their website or blog.
  9. If you are an excellent contributor to the site and sell your articles, you’ll have the chance to move up to the next level. The Premium level pays you $0.05 or each word written in your article.
  10. Each time the writer’s pool has to verify your article that is posted on the site for sale. If you continue to perform well on the site, you’ll move up to the final level. The gold level will earn you $0.07 per word that is written in your article.

What Are The Writer’s Levels?

  1. Standard: The standard writer’s level has less than 10 approved articles posted on the site and has an approval rating below 50%.
  2. Premium: The premium level has 10 to 25 approved articles for sale on the site and has an approval rate of over 50%.
  3. Gold: The gold level has more than 25 approved articles on the site for sale and has an approval rate of over 75%.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. The articles are sold on the site based on your word count and your writer’s level.
  2. If you are a standard writer, your article will be sold for $0.03 per word. They will calculate how many words your article is and post the price for your article on the site.
  3. The higher level writers have the option of selling their article for a bit less than their word count. If you write an article that has 1000 words and you are a second level writer, the article will sell for $0.05 per word. However, if you feel this is a bit high and people won’t purchase your article for the price the site has indicated, you have the option of lowering the price for your article.
  4. The site has a custom order that writers can apply for and do the job. The custom orders are displayed on the site.
  5. If you want to write a custom order, you must have at least 1 approved articles on the site to do this. However, if the order indicates that only premium or gold members can apply for the custom order, this means that a standard writer can’t do this job.

How Do They Pay?

  1. If your article has been sold in the marketplace, you’ll receive the funds in your account.
  2. If you have worked on a custom job and the job was accepted and paid, you’ll receive a payment notification in your account.
  3. Once your account has a $10 balance, you can request payment from the site.
  4. The site sends you your money through PayPal. You’ll need a PayPal account in order to be paid by the site.


This is a legitimate company and it is possible for freelance writers to join the site and sell their content. Furthermore, the site does offer custom order and it is possible to earn money writing for other blog sites or websites. Like all content marketplaces, online the work you submit for sale will be moderated before it is placed on the site. Once your article has been sold, you’ll receive the credit in your account. The site has 3 different levels of writers and your level will depend on how many approved articles you have placed on the site. If you are new to working online and would like to earn a few dollars as a freelance writer this is a good site to check out and join.

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Skyword Review: Legit or Scam

Skyword is a content writing site for freelance writers. The site is opened worldwide and you must first check to see if your country is listed before joining the site. If you’re a freelance writer, a journalist, an influencer, a videographer, graphic designer, professional writer, a photographer, or even an animator it is a good site to join. Here a freelance writer has the opportunity to create blog posts, articles, different types of social media posts, corporate videos, take photos and much more. The company works with different enterprises to match writers with the companies who are looking for different types of content.

Requirements To Join:

  1. The site is looking for different types of freelance writers, photographers, or video producers. They even need graphic designers and influencers to work with their clients.
  2. You must have a PayPal ID and give this to the company if you want to write for them.
  3. The company also requires you have a Twitter account and link your Twitter account on the site.
  4. The final requirement will require you to upload a PDF file of your writing skills or an article you’ve written. They are looking for 3 examples of your work. Otherwise, you can link to different articles you’ve posted online that show them examples of what you’ve published online.
  5. The is looking for people to join worldwide. When you join the site they will have a listing of acceptable countries that can join. Check the listing and see if your country is listed.

How Does it Work?

  1. When joining the site you must select the category that you want to join under. They have different categories to register under.
    1. Writer
    2. Videographer
    3. Photographer
    4. Designer
  2. Fill in your email address and password.
  3. When submitting your application they require you to click the box and check I’m not a Robot.
  4. Go to your dashboard and start to fill out your profile information.
  5. The site requires you to upload a photo of yourself so the companies can see who they are working with.
  6. Fill in the information concerning your address, city, and states.
  7. You’ll need to fill in your bio on the site. This can be accomplished in a word document so that you can check your formatting, spelling, grammar, and word count.
  8. Fill out your social network profile and link to all your social media accounts. You can also link your professional websites and blogs in your profile.
  9. There isn’t a place to add your professional writing examples in the profile page. So you’ll need to submit the information and go back to either upload the PDF files or add the links to your writing examples.
  10. Once you’ve completed your profile it is time to go to your contributor profile and complete everything on this page.
  11. Add your online experiences, other experiences, your education, and anything else that will help a company select you to write for them.
  12. When this is completed, the company will send you a confirmation email that you must click on the link to finish your registration process.
  13. The company will review your application and see if your skill sets match any of their upcoming projects.
  14. Keeping your profile current and up to date at all times will make it easier for you to be selected for one of the upcoming projects.
  15. There are many different channels on the site and the channel owner will select the people he wants to write for them.
  16. When you write for this site it is possible to create content for multi8ples channels at the same time.

How Much Are You Paid?

  1. Each channel owner pays a different price for the content they need.
  2. Your pay is determined by the channel owner. Therefore, each time you write content for a channel owner, your pay will vary depending on what is required from you.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The company pays twice a month. You will receive your pay on the 15th and the 30th of each month.
  2. You can always check your profile to see if you have any pending payments from the site.
  3. You are paid through your PayPal account. You’ll need to have a PayPal account when registering with the company in order to receive your money.


This is a legitimate company to work for and they always pay on time if you have a balance in your account. You’ll be paid twice a month from the company to your PayPal account. There are plenty of opportunities to write for this company and they have hundreds of channels you can write for. You’ll be invited to join the channel by the company or the channel owners. Each project you complete on the site will be paid to you by the channel owners. They will determine your rate of pay and how long you have to complete their project. The site has plenty of work and it is easy to keep busy as a freelance writer provided that you work for multiple channels at the same time.


InstantShift Review – Legit or Scam

InstantShift is a blog site that covers any and all things related to design. If you enjoy writing about new technology in the design industry then this is the perfect site for you. You can write about new design technology about photography, icons, fonts, CSS, WordPress, Website Design, tools, and more. The company encourages freelancers to write for them and has a few guidelines to follow to submit your ideas before writing up your articles.

How to Become an Author on InstantShift:

  1. Anyone can write for the site because they don’t have any specific set of requirement so submit articles.
  2. The site is always looking for new talent, skills, and a passion towards writing.
  3. The team of editors on the site will provide you assistance, suggestions, and ideas on how to improve your article.
  4. Furthermore, you can post your articles under your own name on the site.
  5. The articles the site accepts and looks for are articles that have a fresh new content idea. You must research your article, be original, clear about what you’re writing, and talk about for a specific design topic.

What the Site Requires From Contributing Authors:

  1. When writing for the company they need your first and last name.
  2. If you have a website, you’ll need to submit the site’s URL.
  3. Write a short bio about yourself and describe who you are and what you do.
  4. You’ll also need a gravatar to write for the site. If you don’t have one, it is easy to create one.

What Does the Site Pay?

  1. There are a few writers on the site that write for free. In return, the site adds their blog or website links and a bio at the end of the articles.
  2. However, the site does pay writers and your pay is based on the volume, content, and quality of your article. You’ll need to discuss this with the site before starting your article. You can do this in the writer’s form on the site.

How to Submit Your Pitch to the Site:

  1. You can either send an email to the company or fill in the form on the site.
  2. In the form or email, you’ll need to full name, email address, what subject you want to write about, and a pitch outlining a few details of your article.
  3. Send the company your email or submit the form on their site.


This is a legitimate site to write for as a freelancer. The site will pay you for the articles that you write. However, before submitting an article to the site, they require that you send them a pitch. They are interested in fresh new ideas about design and the design industry. So if you love to write technical articles, that deal with design, then this is the site for you. Furthermore, if you’re good at writing tutorials the site is interested in publishing them and negotiating payment with you.



The Expeditioner Review – Legit or Scam

The Expeditioner is a website about travel, travel stories, and anything to do with travel tips. The site allows freelancers to submit their stores for consideration. You can write anything about travel that deals with adventure, budget, beaches, news, food, female or male travel advice, photography, news, and tips. The site has a large variety of topics you can write about.

How to Submit Your Idea to The Expeditioner:

  1. The company wants an unsolicited article about your adventures and places you visited.
  2. You can either write up a pitch for the company or write up your article.
  3. Submit the article to the editor of the website Matt Stabile.
  4. Not all pitches or articles are accepted for publication on the site.

What Type of Stories Are They Looking For?

  1. Readers love first-person narratives. The story can be all different sizes and lengths. They are looking for stories that are 1,200 words and up.
  2. Now and then the company will publish top 10 pieces.
  3. If they publish a non-narrative piece it must be inspiring, interesting and informative for future travelers.
  4. Your article will need original photographs. The site would like to see some of your original images online. If you store your images online, supply the link so they can view your images.
  5. All articles must be proofread and formatted for an American audience.

How to Pitch a Story to The Expeditioner:

  1. Write a fantastic introduction to your travel article. The lead to your article must be intriguing, and attention-grabbing.
  2. Don’t add your point of view, but add an angle to the story. Give a perspective that is fresh and unique
  3. Try to add clichés to your story. Use as many as possible. Words like charming, cute, rustic, and quaint are perfect examples of what should be included in your article.
  4. Talk about your experiences, not local dialog with others. Make the reader experience your adventure. You don’t need to write about how the local lives, or what they do at night. Write more about your experiences and what adventures you had that stick in your memories.
  5. When you end your article, end it with a nice cliché and something catchy that will make you want to visit there again.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. For each article the site accepts and publishes, they’ll pay you $30.
  2. You’ll need a PayPal account to accept payment from the company.


This is an excellent travel blog to write for that pays freelancers for their travel stories. The site is looking for first-person stories and adventures. Furthermore, the site wants original photography and a link to the images on your article. This way they can pick and choose a few of your images to feature with your story. You can either write a travel story or send in a pitch to the editor of the site. They will review your story or pitches and get back with you.


Blogs Review – Legit or Scam

Goodblogs is a website that hosts different blog sites that freelancers can write for. They have a unique platform that companies can use to increase their presences online and receive content for their blogs or website. Any freelancer worldwide can write for this company. The most popular Goodblogs site is The Flaming Vegan. If you’re a freelancer visit the site, select a category, write your article, find a dynamic image, and submit the article and photo to the company for review.

How to Write for Goodblogs:

  1. Anyone with a valid Facebook or Google account can join Goodblogs.
  2. You can choose to write a blog post for anyone of their platforms.
  3. Otherwise, just read the blog post and vote on the articles that you like.

How Does GoodBlogs Work?

  1. As a writer for the site, you’ll need to visit one of the hosted blog sites and select a category to write a blog post for.
  2. Blog posts are between 300 to 400 words long.
  3. Write your blog post; check your spelling and grammar before submitting it to the company.
  4. Find a quality image to accompany your blog post.
  5. The image must be 615 x 350 pixels for the site to accept your image.
  6. Submit your blog post and image for review.
  7. If the site accepts your blog post and image it will be published on the site.
  8. You’ll receive a notification that your blog post has gone live or that you’ll need to edit the blog post or find a new image.

What Sites Can You Write For?

  1. The Flaming Vegan – this is a vegan website that has different categories to write for. You can select to write a recipe, about vegan lifestyles, clothing, travel, family, organic garden, beauty, animal rights, and vegan books. The site pays $15 for every post that is voted up and appears on the top post section of the site.
  2. Of Horses is a blog site about horses and horse owners. If you’re interested in writing for this site, you can write about riding, competition & shows, apparel & fashion, horse care & health, training, travel & vacation, and anything random about horse stuff. You’ll be paid $15 if your post is voted up and moved to the top post section of the site.
  3. Travel Iowa is all about Iowa and the traveler. Here you can choose to write about arts & culture, events, family fun, food & drinks, places to go and the great outdoors. Each post that is voted up and moved to the top post section of the page is paid $20.
  4. Imagine Northeast Iowa is all about the people and events that take place in Allamakee, Buchanan, Chickasaw, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, and Winneshiek. You can write about the great outdoors, cultural activities, food & drink, events, people, places, waking on water series, summer trail series, fall faves, and winter wonderland series. Each time your article is voted to the top post section, the company pays you $15.
  5. Rolling Without Limits is a blog site that caters to the disabled. There you can write about accessible home design, health, lifestyle, employment, disability rights, products & equipment, quality of life, and travel. Each time on of your blog posts is moved to the top post section, the company pays you $20.

How Do You Earn with Goodblogs?

  1. In order to be paid for the article you write, you must earn points on the site.
  2. You’ll need to promote your blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, to your friends, family, and any other social media site you choose.
  3. The most votes on the blog posts are moved to the top post section and are paid by the company.
  4. However, if you don’t earn enough votes, you’ll not be paid for your article on the site.
  5. Normally, the company moves one post each day to the top post section of the site and sends the person a payment to their PayPal account.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company pays either $15 or $20 to a blogger that has accumulated enough votes on his article. The articles with the most votes are selected by the editors of the site and moved to the top post section of the site.
  2. The company sends the blogger’s payment to their PayPal account.


This is a legitimate company and pays bloggers to write for their different sites. However, you have to earn votes on your articles in order to be paid by this company. The company pays one blogger each day and moves his blog post to the top post section of the site. All other bloggers are not paid. However, if you didn’t make the top post section today, there are no new blog posts added tomorrow, you’ll have a chance to be paid tomorrow if your post is moved to the top post section.

My Thoughts About this Site:

  1. I’ve written for Goodblogs for a number of years and was always paid by the company when my post was promoted to the paid section.
  2. What I don’t like about this company, is the fact that too many of the writers cheat to earn votes.
  3. This is a democratic voting system and you need to work hard to promote your work.
  4. If you can’t earn enough votes on your blog post, you’re not paid for your work.
  5. The company receives 15 to 20 new articles each day. It takes them over 72 hours to decide if they will post your article on the site or not.
  6. The site continues to reject articles because of the image you’ve selected.
  7. The site doesn’t have any rules to follow when selecting your image.
  8. You could resubmit one article 5 or 6 times because the editor didn’t like your image.
  9. In the beginning, it was easy to write for the site and earn from the articles you’ve written. However, today too many young bloggers have joined the site and found ways to get around their voting system. It’s impossible to compete with the new wave of bloggers. Normally, these bloggers find ways to earn 40 to 60 votes for each article they’ve written.
  10. The site tries its best to control the cheating and has implemented new rules for the site. Today, you need a Google or Facebook account to register, write, and vote on the site.
  11. The company relays on the computer program to verify IP address, votes and promoting the posts to the paid section of the site. This is unfair to many writers on the site because it doesn’t guarantee that members on the site aren’t cheating.