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Virtual Office Temps Review – Legit or Scam

Virtual Office Temps – VOT is registered as a private company under the name of Virtual Assistant Job. According to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) the company is located in Little Rock Arkansas. The company hires work at home agents for different types of data entry jobs and other virtual assistant positions. If you are interested in working as a virtual assistant it is easy to apply with the company. They require you to submit your online resume and register a Virtual Assistant Website with the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and create an account.
  2. Once you’ve registered with VOT they’ll ask you to create your own Virtual Assistant website. The site gives you a link to create your website on. You’ll be redirected to to build a website using their website builder.
  3. You’ll need to pay for website hosting and a domain name to complete this process.
  4. VOT requires that you have an account with Monster is an online employment agency that allows companies to post jobs. Furthermore, if you’re looking for work, you can join the site and search their job boards.
  5. You’ll need to create a profile on VOT to find work or be notified of work.
  6. The company requires you to upload your resume and keep it updated on the site.

What Type of Jobs Does the Company Offer?

  1. There are many different jobs listed on the website. The company has many data entry jobs that pay $14 or $15 an hour.
  2. Furthermore, you can also search for other jobs through the company.
  3. You’ll have access to the following jobs posted on the website:
    1. Data Entry Specialist
    2. Medical Transcriptionist
    3. Reservation Agents
    4. Data Entry
    5. Live Operators
    6. Virtual Research Assistants

What Does the Company Offer?

  1. It is absolutely free to join the site and look for work.
  2. Many of the jobs posted on the website offer you benefits if you live in the US.
  3. The company offers you a free Bootcamp where you learn how to search the website to find work at home jobs.
  4. You’ll have plenty of help setting up your profile and if you have any trouble there is always someone there to help you out.
  5. VOT offers you plenty of advice and teaches you what employers are looking for when hiring a VA.

What Are People Saying About the VOT?

  1. The company has no information listed on their website, website hosting registration, and you can’t find out how long they have actually been in business.
  2. The website doesn’t list any business phone number or address for the company.
  3. They never respond to emails.
  4. VOT has numerous complaints filed with the BBB about how the company operates and how they force people to purchase website hosting to find work.
  5. The training classes the company offers aren’t for VA, but instead, it is to teach you how to design and build your own website.
  6. Once you register with the company, you’ll start receiving tons of emails about possible job opportunities from other companies. They will offer you new work at home opportunities. Anyone who has joined this company has never landed a legitimate job through VOT.
  7. You are forced to sign up with the website builder and pay $1.95. The payment is only for an introductory offer and the first month of service. After this, the company charges you $22.95 a month to host your website. Each year you must renew your domain name at a cost of $37.99.
  8. Once you purchase your website and created the site the company indicate the site is available online. However, when you search for your website online, you’ll only find it listed on website. You are not purchasing your own personal website and hosting it online.
  9. The company doesn’t honor their privacy policy. They will give your email address out to anyone and everyone to contact you about job opportunities. The job opportunities that are presented to you are online scams and not for legitimate work.
  10. Once you register with the company, you’ll be contacted by a recruiter claiming they are interviewing you for a legitimate job. The interview will last several hours online. When the interview has ended, the recruiter will tell you that you have the job and require you to fill out an application. Before filling out the application it is wise to contact the company and see if they are actually hiring. All interviews conducted by this company are complete scams and the company they claim they are representing aren’t hiring.
  11. The company has an F rating with the BBB. This is a major indication that this company isn’t legitimate and you should avoid supplying them with any information or even registering with the company.


VOT is a company who has no information listed online or anywhere else. The company is basically a website that offers you an opportunity to find work as a virtual assistant or data entry job. However, the rating of this company with the BBB is an F rating because of all the complaints and lack of information about the company and its owners.

If you sign up for this company, you’ll start receiving emails about potential jobs that are available for you to work at home. However, the emails that you receive are all from SCAM companies who offer you an opportunity to work for them for a fee. You’ll be required to give these companies money in order to find work through them. Furthermore, VOT makes you invest a large sum of money to create a website and host it online. However, when you finish paying these fees and presume your website is online, you’ll find out that it isn’t.

The company has no real work opportunities for you; they are only interested in earning a commission from two other websites that you are required to join. This is a total scam and the company doesn’t even honor their own private policy contact and will sell off your information to anyone and everyone who is willing to pay them for it.

There are many legitimate data entry companies online who will offer you legitimate work at home job. You won’t be required to pay any fees when working for these companies, and furthermore, they won’t require you to register with another company to search for a job. Stay away from this company and don’t give them any of your personal information. They will sell your information off and you’ll be contacted by other scam companies that promise you the best work at home opportunities with the highest pay.




3 thoughts on “Virtual Office Temps Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I was also skeptical about VOT so I tried a few random searches using the job descriptions they listed. What I found is that these positions are legit, but they generally are not work from home jobs. So it appears VOT simply does a cut and paste of real opportunities which look legit so they can steer job seekers to to pay the higher than normal hosting plan. Not sure if is aware of the scam or whether VOT is just receiving some sort of referral fee?


  2. It is so hard to find a legitimate company to work with online. You really need to do your research before you waste your time. Data entry jobs are listed online, however, most of them are not actually data entry positions I’d consider working. They have you waste your time to enter codes into the system all day for pennies. Most of these sites are scams and will end up banning your account before they will ever pay you.


    1. This site is worse than most. The company owner will sell off the email address in order to make a profit. You do all the work and can’t earn anything from this company.


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