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Snafu Designs Review – Legit or Scam

Snafu Designs is a greeting card company that encourages freelancers to write for them. The company has a full line of greeting cards ranging from birthday, friendships, retirement, wedding and all the popular holidays. There are many different types of card you can write for this company. The company is rather small and they focus on humorous cards.

What Does The Company Want and Look For?

  1. The company only wants humor on their cards. So if you decided to write a card make sure it is humorous before submitting it for consideration.
  2. The cards that you write should be humorous, use simple, but clever ideas, and are focused on the smart adult audience.
  3. When a person reads the card, the company wants and strives for a laugh-out-loud response.
  4. The cards only use an image on the face of the card and don’t use any images on the inside of the card.
  5. Before designing your card the company recommends that you take a look at the cards they sell. You can find them displayed on their website.
  6. Each card should carry a “me to you” messages.
  7. When writing your card, keep in mind who will buy this card.
  8. Furthermore, you must consider why a person would buy the card you’ve designed and who could they send it to.
  9. Keep in mind how people would relate to the message that you’ve written on your card.
  10. Would you buy this card, and does this card make you laugh?
  11. Each card idea that you write needs a purpose or reason for a person to buy it, otherwise, the cards just sit on the shelf.
  12. When designing your card it should fit into one of these categories:
    1. Birthday
    2. Belated Birthdays
    3. Love & Relationships
    4. Christmas
    5. Valentine’s Day
    6. Mother’s Day
    7. Father’s Day
    8. Retirement
    9. Get Well
    10. Thank You
    11. Anniversary
    12. New Baby
    13. Congratulations
    14. Wedding/Engagement
    15. Easter
    16. Halloween
    17. Thanksgiving
    18. Graduation

How to Submit Your Ideas:

  1. You are limited to submitting 12 ideas at a time to the company.
  2. If the company hasn’t responded back to you after 8 weeks, it means that your ideas were rejected and not accepted.
  3. After 8 weeks you’re free to submit your ideas to another greeting card company.
  4. The only time the company will contact you, is when they are interested in purchasing one of your ideas.
  5. The company accepts emails and you can send your ideas to
  6. Do not add any attachments to your email. All your ideas need to be submitted in the body of the text only.
  7. Each email must have your full name, address, and phone number. The company requires your contact information on each email you submit.

Submitting Your Ideas by Snail Mail:

  1. If you’ve decided to use the postal service your ideas should be submitted on individual index cards.
  2. Do not send the company any images with your ideas.
  3. However, if you think an image will help to visualize your idea, you are free to submit the image with your idea.
  4. Each submission that you’ve mailed it needs to include a self-addressed #10 stamped envelopes. The company requires this so they can mail back your ideas that they don’t use.
  5. When submitting your work, you’ll need to include your email address, phone number, and address. The company will only contact you by email if they’re interested in using your work.
  6. Mail your ideas to Snafu Greeting Cards, 2500 University Ave. w. Ste E-4, St Paul, MN 55114.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. If one of your ideas is used by the company, you’ll receive an email from them.
  2. The email is a “Certificate of Originality” agreement that states the idea is yours that you came up with this idea.
  3. Your ideas must be original and there is no copying or paraphrasing another idea you’ve read on a greeting card in the past.
  4. The company pays $100 for each idea they use.
  5. You’ll receive payment once you’ve accepted the terms of the contract and accept the offer from Snafu Designs.


This is a legitimate company and does pay people to write humorous greeting cards for them. You’ll need to submit your ideas to the company for consideration. The company won’t write you back if they don’t accept your ideas. Therefore, if you haven’t heard anything from the company in over 8 weeks, the company is not going to contact you. However, if the company loves your ideas, wants to use them, you’ll be contacted by email. This is a great company to work for and earn a few dollars online writing greeting cards. If this sounds interesting please submit your work for consideration.





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