Paid to Write Poetry

Amber Lotus Review: Legit or Scam

Amber Lotus is a publishing company that publishes calendars, greeting cards, coloring book, journals, and books. The company is always looking for great photographers, illustrators, writers, artists, poets, and novelists. This is a rather small company and from time to time they limit the submission they are accepting. If you’d like to send the company some of your work, you’ll need to send an email. The company is no longer accepting submission by mail.

Writer Submissions:

  1. Currently, the company isn’t accepting any manuscripts for the book. You can always check back on the site to see when they’ll open up the submissions again.
  2. However, the company is always looking for submissions for greeting cards.
  3. The verses need to be light and catchy.
  4. They don’t publish serious greeting cards.
  5. You’ll need to send an email to the company. In the email, you can add 3 to 5 sentiments or greetings for the company to consider.
  6. In your submission, you can submit an image, but it isn’t necessary.
  7. The company has a small staff and can’t respond back to each person.
  8. You’ll hear back from the company if they’ve selected one of your ideas to use for a greeting card.
  9. At this time the company will send you a proposal for what they can pay you for your idea.
  10. You’ll have the opportunity to accept the bid or reject the bid.
  11. If you accept the bid, the company will send you a contract to sign.

Artwork Submissions:

  1. The company accepts submission year round. However, they’d prefer that you send your submission from April through July. If you send the submissions at another time, it will take much longer to hear back from the company.
  2. The only time the company will contact you, is when they find one of your illustration appropriate for a specific project.
  3. At this time they will send you an email with a bid or proposal as to what they offer to pay you.
  4. You can either accept or decline this bid.
  5. If you accept the bid, the company will work with you and send you a contract.

What Does the Company Look For?

  1. When submitting artwork to the company, they are looking for images that are thematically based.
  2. The images should relate to each other as a series or body of work.
  3. They basically look for images that are thematically compatible with their other product line.
  4. All the images that you submit must be available in a high-resolution format for the company to purchase them.

Photography Submissions:

  1. Just like the submission for illustrations, the company will accept photo submissions year round.
  2. However, they prefer that you send in the submission from April through July.
  3. If you send in the submission at another time of the year, it will take longer for the company to get back to you if they want to use one of your photos.
  4. If the company selects one of your photos, you’ll receive an email.
  5. This is a small company and they can’t contact everyone back. Therefore, if you don’t hear back from the company, they’ve decided not to use one of your photos.
  6. When the company contacts you, they’ll send you a bid and what they are willing to pay for your photo.
  7. You can accept or reject the offer. If you accept the offer, you’ll receive a contract in your email box.

What Does the Company Want for Photos?

  1. The photos the company uses normally cover a broad spectrum.
  2. Each image submitted should be compatible with their other product line.
  3. Furthermore, your images need to be professional and focused.

How To Send In Your Submissions:

  1. For illustrations and photos, you can send the company an email with your website link.
  2. The company also accepts PDF files with a sample of your work.
  3. You may also email 3 images to the company that is no larger than 200KB each.
  4. It is important to add your name and contact information to your email submission.


This is a small publishing company that publishes greeting cards, calendars, and coloring books. The company also publishes books, but they aren’t currently accepting manuscripts at this time. You’ll need to check back from time to time to see when you can submit your manuscript to the company. If you’re interested in submitting greeting card messages, illustrations, or photos, you’ll need to read the submission guidelines before sending in your work. The company will only contact you by email if your submission has been accepted. At this time they will let you know how much they are willing to pay to use your ideas, illustrations or photos. This is a legitimate company to work with and if they accept your ideas, illustrations or photos, they’ll pay you for your work.





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