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LiveWorld Review – Legit or Scam

LiveWorld is a company who hires moderators worldwide to work on forums and social media accounts for their clients. The jobs for each client you work for varies depending on the client’s needs. You’ll basic job duties will include managing and moderating the client’s Facebook pages, wall posts and comments, checking out message boards, chat boards, blog entries, user groups, pictures, audio, videos and other social media platforms on LiveWorld or the client’s social media platforms. The company is always looking for bilingual people who can work in English and another language.  This is a great work at home opportunities if you enjoy working as a moderator on different social media platforms.

How Does it Work?

  1. If you’re interested in applying for a moderator position with the company, you must fill out their online application first.
  2. The application is basic and you’re required to supply the company with the following information:
    1. You age, you must be 18 years of age or older to apply for this position.
    2. Are you authorized to work in the US? Even though the company hires worldwide, it is important that you can work in the US as a remote moderator. This doesn’t mean you’re required to live in the US.
    3. General information such as your name, email address, the state where you live, a phone number, when you can start work, how many hours you can work, and your availability to work during the day.
    4. The company performs a background check on each person they hire; therefore, you must acknowledge that you understand this when applying for the job.
    5. You’re asked if you have any professional customer service or moderator skills or experience. You’ll be required to list all your skill sets when applying for the job.
    6. If you speak a different language the company is interested in this. One of the requirements is that you must speak English also.
    7. You’re required to list all your skill sets.
    8. They want to know about your education and if you have any degrees or diplomas, and what school you’ve attended.
    9. If you have any certification, the company asks you to list these on your application.
    10. They ask you to give them a brief resume and add your references to the application.

What Are the Job Responsibilities?

  1. You’ll be required to review different social media accounts. This can include reading comments, approving or deleting the comments, posting to the client’s social media accounts and following the client’s guidelines when working on any of their social media accounts.
  2. At times you’ll be responding to customer’s questions or even user content on the client’s social media sites.
  3. You’ll also need to identify new trends, topics, emerging issues, and inform the client of these changes.
  4. If a person comments in a different language on a social media account, you’ll need to be able to translate this into the native language of the account.

What Skill Sets or Traits Does the Company Want?

  1. You’ll need to have excellent communication skills such as grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the ability to compose a well-spoken message.
  2. Multi-tasking is an important skill because this position is an online position that requires you to work on multiple platforms at the same time. This is not a phone position and your writing skills are critical to this job.
  3. The company will test your language skills. If you’ve indicated that you speak, read, and write a foreign language this will be tested. Furthermore, you’ll be tested on your English language skills.
  4. They look for a person who can emphasize with others, make decisions according to the guidelines, and communicate company policies in a conversational style.
  5. A person must be self-motivated and work with minimal external distractions. This means that you’ll need a quiet work environment set up in your home.
  6. The work shifts are in blocks and you must be able to have the time to work one of the block shifts. Each block is several hours long and this will require you to have the time necessary to fill your sift.
  7. They want a person who has computer knowledge of chat, instant messaging, email, and other online social media sites.
  8. Internet connection, computer, workspace, and phone are a necessity when applying for a job with the company.
  9. Understanding spreadsheets and document software is a must.
  10. You’ll need strong typing skills.
  11. It helps if you have a college degree or equivalent experience as an online moderator. It isn’t important that you’ve worked as a moderator before, but it helps.

Does the Company Offer Benefits?

  1. According to the website the company offers several benefits for their employees:
    1. Health insurance – medical, vision and dental.
    2. Time off and vacations.
    3. Flexible hours and different sifts.
    4. 401K and stock options are available for you.
    5. They also have a military veteran support program which encourages veterans to apply at the company for a job.

How Much Does the Company Pay?

  1. Moderators are paid an hourly wage of $9 an hour. They do have a sliding pay scale where a person can earn $8 to $15 an hour depending on what jobs they are working on.
  2. Social media moderators earn $9 an hour.
  3. If you’re a social media specialist they pay you $10 an hour.
  4. A content moderator earns $8 or $9 an hour.
  5. They hire hourly contractor moderators and pay them $8 or $9 an hour.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. You’re paid every two weeks.
  2. The company either mails you a check in the mail or will deposit your pay directly to your bank account.

What Do People Say About Working For LiveWorld?

  1. Many people complain about the pay the company offers. Some people are paid as low as $7.50 an hour unless they are invited to join another project, then the pay is $10 to $12 an hour.
  2. Once you’re hired at a certain pay rate, the rate never increases and you’re paid the same money until you stop working for the company.
  3. The company hires you as an employee; therefore, if they cut your hours, you’ll be eligible for unemployment compensation or even food stamps because of the low wages you earn.
  4. The major complaints about the company are the low pay rate and never offering any pay raises to their employees.


This is a legitimate company to work for and will pay you to moderate content, social media accounts, forums, messages and other forms of content online. The position is a work at home position and you’ll be working several hours each day to fulfill your job duties. However, there is one major complaint about the company and it is the pay rate they offer you for your services. The company doesn’t seem to increase your pay and once you’re hired and locked into this pay rate there is no room for advancement.

This is an excellent company to work for as a moderator. They will hire people with no experience and offer training. However, this isn’t a great place to work for as an employee for a long time. You’ll be forced to work at the same pay rate for years with little to no advancements at all. Therefore, it is a good idea to work here and gain the knowledge and experience necessary to apply for a better paying moderator position online.


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ModSquad Review – Legit or Scam

ModSquad is a company that hires freelancers to moderate forums, to manage communities, chat with customers, and adds buzz to social media accounts. They hire people worldwide that can work from any location as long as they own a secure high-speed internet connection. You’re free to choose your own working hours and the projects you want to work on.

Who Can Work for ModSquad?

  1. If you have a full-time job it is possible to work for the company in your spare time or in the evening.
  2. Stay at home mom’s or dad’s love working as a moderator for this company.
  3. Furthermore, students and retirees love working for this company.

What do Mods Do?

  1. As a moderator, you’ll be working with different companies and organizations to help them across all their digital channels.
  2. Working as a forum moderator.
  3. Helping at the company’s helpdesk.
  4. Working in their virtual worlds,
  5. Sending out emails.
  6. Live chat through social media and VOIP.
  7. Help the company with customer support.
  8. Be a community manager.
  9. Work on their social media accounts.

Job Opportunities:

  1. As a freelancer, you’ll work your own hours and choose your own projects.
  2. You can choose to work on forums, social media accounts, customer service, and any form of digital engagements that you prefer.
  3. Furthermore, if you enjoy this work, it is possible to find a career with this company. They hire full time or part time people to work for them.

How to Become a Mod?

  1. Fill out the application for the company.
  2. Submit your CV or resume to the company.
  3. Within 72 hours, you’ll receive an email from the company. They’ll acknowledge that they’ve received your application.
  4. You’ll need to complete the contract or agreement and pass a background check.
  5. If a company has an orientation, it’s necessary that you pass this before starting the work. Not all companies have an orientation for you to pass before starting a new job.
  6. If you worked for the company in the past and opt-out, you’ll need to rejoin the company and complete the application process again.

What You Need to Work with ModSquad?

  1. A computer that is attached to a secure internet connection.
  2. A private workspace that is secure and noiseless.
  3. If a project has special requirements for equipment or skills, you’ll need to have the skills or equipment required to do the job.

A Little About ModSquad:

  1. The company has been in business since 2007.
  2. Everyone who works for the company is a private contractor.
  3. The company has offices in the US, Europe, and the Philippines.
  4. The company is considered a distributed-by-design company. This means that freelancers or independent contractors work at home or in an office space they’ve rented.
  5. The company doesn’t supply any of the necessary tools for you to work with. You’ll need to have your own computer and internet connection to work for the company.
  6. If there are no current jobs available, the company keeps your application on file and when a job is available, they’ll contact you.
  7. The company tries hard to find jobs for all new mods and get them started as soon as possible.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Each job you accept and work has a different pay scale or rate.
  2. The company pays you for your work by PayPal.


This is a legitimate company to work for and it has been in business since 2007. Anybody can fill out an application and apply for work with the company. You’ll need to have a few social skills and love to work on social media account and forums. This is an excellent job opportunity for freelancers to work at home in their spare time. You can also work as many hours a week as you choose. The pay rate varies from job to job. The company tries hard to find work for all new mods that want to join the team.


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ICUC Social Review – Legit or Scam

ICUC Social is a social media content moderators and community management company that handles businesses social media accounts. They help large businesses manage their social media accounts, create social media conversations, engaging videos and high-quality images for their social media accounts. Furthermore, they are one of the largest online communities in the world.

The company has a current job board and they hire moderators and community managers that can work in more than one language. They need people who are fluent in English and in two or more languages: German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, French, and Spanish. If you are fluent in any other language this is an asset to the company.

How to Apply:

  1. Visit the job board on their website. The current positions are listed on the site.
  2. If you’re interested in a job, open the link and follow the instructions for applying for this position.
  3. All job interviews are done online using Google Hangout video and audio from your home or office.

Working for the company:

The company hires people with the following skills and prefers they complete the Moderation Gateway course and have a Moderation Foundation Training certificate.

  1. All candidates must be highly proficient in the English language.
  2. Be highly proficient with Google Hangouts so they can communicate with internal and external team members.
  3. You’ll need a Twitter and Facebook account that you use on a regular basis.
  4. Have knowledge, understand and be able to use social media tools and interact online using forums, blogs, and user-generated content.
  5. Must be able to follow current trends and have a substantial knowledge of the Internet.
  6. Must have excellent communication skills.
  7. You must have an overwhelming passion for today’s collaboration technologies and social networking.
  8. Must take pride in your work and have a strong sense of account ownership.
  9. Must have strong decision-making skills and good judgment.


  1. You will work directly for the company. Your salary will be based on the job position you’re hired for.
  2. The company doesn’t discuss salary or methods of payment online. This is discussed during the interview.

About the Company:

  1. The company was founded in 2002 and their website was moved to a new hosting company on 27-June-2014.
  2. The company is registered to Keith Bilous of Winnipeg CA.


This is a legitimate company to work for. Each employee receives a salary from the company. The salary is calculated depending on the position that you work. The company has three different shifts you can work; the day shift, night shift, and late night shift. They give their clients 24-hour service and need to cover all three shifts.