Answer Questions Review – Legit or Scam is a brand new question and answer site that opened up. The owners of Answeree have created a niche question and answer site that deals with beauty, fat loss, fat burners, fitness workouts, health & fat loss, and healthy low-fat diets. The site is opened worldwide and anyone can join. The rules are basically the same as their other site and you’ll need to be 13-years of age to join. However, you’ll need to ask your parent’s if you can use their PayPal account. This is the only way the site pays you for the work you do.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the website and create an account.
  2. Fill in your profile information.
  3. In the beginning, you’ll earn points for the question you ask and the answers you supply.
  4. However, the company is requiring you to post up to 20 posts and submit a request to join their earning program. You’ll need to send the company a request to join the program and it states that this should be done before you reach 20 points on the site.

How to Earn Money Working on

  1. As a paid member of the site, you’ll earn 1 point for each question that you ask about weight loss.
  2. If you answer a question, you’re rewarded 1 point for each answer.
  3. The company also offers a paid blogging opportunity for their paid members.
  4. If you’d like to submit an article for the company they require you to contact them first.
  5. The company will send you instructions on how to submit your article.

Rules for Asking Questions:

  1. Questions should be asked that pertain to the niche of the website.
  2. You’ll choose between the different categories to ask your questions.
    1. Beauty and Fat Loss
    2. Fat Burners
    3. Fitness Workouts
    4. Health and Fat Loss
    5. Healthy Low Fat Diets
  3. Before posting a question on the site, you’ll need to do a bit of research to make sure the question hasn’t been asked before. The site doesn’t want a duplicate question or a question that is asked and then reworded and asked again.
  4. The question on the site will be moderated to determine if they follow the rules on the site.
  5. When asking a question on the site, they don’t have a word count that you need to worry about.
  6. Each question needs to be placed in the appropriate category and the site has a list of tags they have used.

Rules for Answering Questions:

  1. When answering a question, your answer must pertain to the question and stay on topic.
  2. There is no minimum word count for answering a question. However, if you want your answer to pass through moderation it should be at least 100 characters long to create a meaningful answer.
  3. The site allows you to answer the question more than once. That means this site is set up more like a forum than a normal question and answer site.
  4. The rules clearly state that this site doesn’t want people holding debates and making the site a discussion group.
  5. Keep your answer precise and relevant to the question that has been asked.
  6. Avoid adding Hi There, Thank You, Bye and any types of greeting to the answer that you’ve supplied.
  7. Like on a forum, if a person answers after you and you have something to add to the question, then it is possible to answer this question a second time. There is no limit to how many answers that you supply on the site.

Writing a Blog Post:

  1. The site is encouraging their writer to write blog posts for them. They are offering up to 100 points for each blog post that is accepted and posted on the site.
  2. There is a word count for your blog post. Each post that you write needs to be 600 words or longer.
  3. The blog posts will pass through moderation before appearing on the site.
  4. The site will check your article for a good readable score before placing it on their site.
  5. In the site rules, it states that a 1200 word article may get 100 points or more depending on the quality of the article. Therefore, this would mean that a 600-word article would earn a lot fewer points.
  6. Each article that you write for the site must pertain to the topic and niche of the site.
  7. It is necessary that you match your keywords to the website’s niche when writing the article.

How Do The Points Work?

  1. Each question you ask earn 1 point.
  2. Each answer you supply earns 1 point.
  3. Each article you write earns up to 100 points or more depending on the article and the quality of the article.
  4. The points are converted to $0.01 per point.

How Are You Paid?

  1. You will need 200 points in your account to request the payout from the site.
  2. The minimum payout is $2.
  3. Once your account reaches $2 it is possible to send the company a message and request your money.
  4. Payments are sent to your PayPal account. Therefore, when requesting payment from the company it is necessary to submit your PayPal ID.


This is a brand new website and has just been launched. So far the members working on the site haven’t reached the minimum to cash out. However, this site is owned by the same company that owns Answeree. Answeree is a legitimate website that pays people to ask and answer questions. Therefore, it would be safe to say this site is a legitimate site if you’d like to join and earn money. This is a good company to work for and they pay all their members on time without any issues. The site Answeree has been up online for a few years now and the site has many people who work there. Everyone who has ever requested payment from the site has been paid. If you are into health and fitness, then this is a good site to join and earn money online.


Answer Questions

Smallbiz Advice Review – Legit or Scam

Smallbiz Advice is a website to help small business owners with problems they have understanding the daily workings of owning a small business. Here people who are experts in business can sign up to give advice to new business owners. The site provides an expert a way to share their knowledge and earn money. As an advisor. you enter into the bidding system where a buyer (new small business owner) will ask a question. He will present his question and open it up for bids. Everyone has a chance to bid on this project. The owner will select the top bidder and pay them for their expertise.

How Does it Work?

  1. To register with the site enter your email address.
  2. The site will send you a confirmation email to complete your registration. Just follow the link in the email to complete your registration and online profile.
  3. You will need to select your username for the site, password, your name or name of your business.
  4. Afterward, you’ll have a list of categories to choose from. Mark all the categories that apply to you.
  5. Once your account is created you can select to be an Advisor or a Buyer.
  6. As an Advisor, you’ll have the chance to bid on different jobs a buyer posts on the site.
  7. A buyer can ask any question they want on the site.
  8. Once you bid on the job, the buyer will receive a notification in their email account.
  9. The buyer will select the expert advisor and deposit funds in their account.
  10. Once funds are deposited in the account, the expert adviser can now answer or help the buyer with their problems.

How Do Projects and Bidding Work?

  1. A buyer will need to create a new account on the site.
  2. In order for the buyer to pay an advisor, they must add money to their account.
  3. The money is transferred to the account through PayPal. They can also add funds to the account through their credit card.
  4. The buyer can now create a new project by selecting one of the categories. They can use more than one category when creating a new project.
  5. The buyer can link all the information that is necessary to complete his new project and enter in all of his details.
  6. If the buyer would like to add more details to his project, it is easy to do. All they need to do is go to their project and click on the edit button.
  7. The buyer can’t contact a bidder directly. The only contact a buyer can have with bidders is through the message board. This gives all bidders an equal chance to bid on the job.
  8. The buyer will receive an email each time a bidder bids on the job.
  9. Each job has an expiration date and the buyer can close the job before it expires if they have enough bids. The buyer must pick a programmer or designer in order to close the job.
  10. To start the job the buyer will transfer the funds to the bidders’ account.

Payments and Fees:

  1. A buyer doesn’t have to deposit funds to their account until they select a bidder. Once the bidder has been selected the buyer must add funds to their account. The funds must be substantial to cover the cost of the bidder and the commission for the site.
  2. If a buyer has a $0 account balance for 30 days the account is frozen and they can’t create a new project.
  3. As an advisor or bidder, you’re not required to transfer funds to your account.
  4. If a bidder has been selected, the buyer will transfer their payment to their account through the website. The bidder is paid upfront before the project starts.
  5. The system currently allows $5 to be transferred between the buyer and the bidder’s account.
  6. The system does not charge any fees to the buyer when he pays the bidder for the work.
  7. As a bidder, once you’re paid it is easy to transfer your money to your PayPal account.
  8. There are no transaction fees for withdrawing your funds from the site.


This is a legitimate site and has been in business since 2006. The company allows anyone who has knowledge about business or is looking for help to join the site. As a buyer, you’ll be responsible for depositing funds into your account before the bidder can start your job. The bidder is guaranteed payment for the work they do on the site. They are paid before any job starts and the bidder helps the buyer with their problem. This is a secure way to make money if you have a lot of business experience and can help new business owners with their problems. I would recommend using this site to earn a few extra dollars in your spare time answer questions for business owners who desperately need your help.


Answer Questions

Answeree Review – Legit or Scam

Answeree is a question and answer site for anyone who wants to join. The site doesn’t restrict users to a certain area. Here on the site, you’ll earn money for asking a question or answering a question that has been asked by another member. The site is fun and each question receives a rating. You’ll earn points for your rating from other members on the site. Your questions can be voted up or down according to how they are asked and how the other members of the site respond to your question. The answers you provide to each question will also be rated by the members on the site. The points you earn in your account will be displayed on the site so other members can determine what type of a contributor you are.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. All you need to do is create an account on the site.
  2. The site will ask you to take a test. This test will show them if you have the qualification to write and answer questions correctly for the site.
  3. The site is looking for people who can write and answer questions precisely and concisely without grammar errors. This is the only way you can participate in the rewards program.
  4. To qualify for the Answeree reward program, you’ll need to post 5 questions on any interesting topics of your choice. Afterward, you’ll need to write 5 answers to questions posted on the site. Once you’ve completed this, the site will review your questions and answers to determine if you can be part of the rewards program.
  5. Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll need to send the administrator a private message asking them to add you to the rewards program.
  6. Once registered on the site you can start asking questions. However, you must search the site to make sure your question hasn’t been previously asked.
  7. Each question you ask must be relevant to the community and the site. You can’t ask just any old question on the site.
  8. When asking a question, you’ll need to create your tags. This is very important for people searching on the site.
  9. Don’t ask a question that is too subjective or even argumentative. This should be avoided on the site.
  10. The site is a question and answer site so it is necessary to avoid having a debate when answering a question on the site.
  11. If you’d like to thank a person for the answer they’ve left, you’ll need to use the comment key and not the answer key.
  12. The community on the site moderates the site. The points system that is set up on the site allows all users to moderate the questions and answers from each member.
  13. The points system is a type of measurement the site uses to identify the trust level of each member and what members think of each other.
  14. The site will use these points to assign different moderation tasks to different people.
  15. Interesting question and great answers are what attract people to vote your question or answer up.
  16. However, a poorly written question or answer will be voted down and the community can use the voting system to add or subtract points from you.
  17. A vote up by the members earns you one point. However, a vote down will subtract a point from your overall score.

Rules for Writing and Answering Questions:

  1. Your questions and answers need to be free of grammatical and punctuation errors.
  2. There can’t be duplicate content on the site. Before asking your question, check the site to make sure it hasn’t already been asked.
  3. Copy and paste any content on the site is prohibited.
  4. In the rewards program, there are no links allowed in your questions and answers.
  5. All racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, social and hateful information is prohibited on the site.
  6. You’re not allowed to advertise on the site. Therefore, it is prohibited to add any form of advertising to a question or answer on this site.
  7. All answers on the site should be complete answers.
  8. Each answer needs to be 200 characters long or 35 words.
  9. Awards are given to the first four answers. If one of your answers has moved up to the top 4 positions, you’ll be rewarded for your answer.
  10. Any answer you give on the site must be relevant to the question asked.
  11. If any of these rules are violated the site can penalize your account 10% to 90% of the payment amount.

How To Earn Rewards:

Answeree has increased their payments and how much you’ll earn for posting answers on the website. Updated 06/24/2018

  1. Questions will receive $0.1 for every 1000 views. The site has increased the payment you’ll receive for each answer. Now the site is paying you $0.10 per answer.
  2. In addition to the increase in how much you’ll earn for each answer you post, the site has added a new payment. You’ll now receive $0.04 for each thank you a member gives you on your answers.
  3. Additional 1000 views on your question, you’ll earn $0.1 – No longer valid.
  4. For answers in the top 4 positions, you’ll earn $0.02. – No longer valid.
  5. It takes 50 answers on the site to earn $1. – No longer valid.
  6. You will now earn 10 points for each new answer you post on the site. Each point is equal to $0.10.
  7. Each up-vote you receive on your answer will earn you 4 points.
  8. You can now earn up to 1000 points on the site for the up-votes you’ve received on your answers.
  9. The site calculates your views on the questions when you claim your rewards. After your rewards are claimed, you can’t be paid again for this question. – No longer valid.

How Does the Site Pay You?

New Payment requirements on Answeree updated 06/24/2018

  1. You’ll need to have at least $10 in your account to request payment from the company. The site has increased the amount necessary to cash out. You’ll now need $30 in your account before you can request a payment.
  2. The site manually pays each person. Therefore, you must send your PayPal email address to the site in a private message requesting your payment.
  3. The payment process takes several days. The site must manually check each question and answer to verify your payment claim.
  4. Payment claims take 3 or more days to process.


This is a legitimate question and answer site where the members on the site post questions and other members will answer their questions. Each question is either voted up or down depending on the quality and importance of the question. If one of your questions earns a certain number of views, you’ll earn money for this question. Each time you answer a question on the site, the site members will vote up or down your answer. If your answer is in the top 4 answers supplied on the site, you’ll earn money for your response. The site is saying it will take 50 answers to equal $1. Therefore, in order to cash out on the site and earn $10, you’ll need to answer 500 questions on the site. This seems like a lot of work for such little pay. However, this is a fun community of people to be around and some of the questions asked on the site are rather interesting.

Updated June 24. 2018 – 

The site has changed the payment for each answer you give. They are now paying $0.10 for answers and $0.04 for each thank you that is received on one of your answers. Furthermore, the site increased the minimum necessary to cash out. You’ll now need $30 in your account before you can request a payment from the company.

Here is payment proof that the site will pay you for answering questions.


Update August 18, 2018

There are now more ways to earn money on Answeree:

  1. Each answer you give on a question will earn $0.10. The answers must be 600 characters or longer to earn money for the answer.
  2. Each comment you add to an answer on the site will earn you $0.01. The comments must be 120 characters long. If you can’t add an answer that is 600 characters or loner, you’ll need to add a comment on the site.
  3. Each time you ask a question on the site, you’ll earn $0.01.

Other Changes to the Payment:

  1. If you like an answer on the site now, your account will be charged 1 point or $0.01. You are now paying for each like you give to a person on the site.
  2. The site is no longer paying $0.04 for each like that is given to a person on the site.

Other Site Changes:

  1. Anyone who now joins the site must acquire 120 points in your account.
  2. Once you’ve reached the 120 points in your account, you’ll need to send the site a request to the administrator and ask if you can join the earning program.
  3. The website now reviews all your answers and comments to determine if you are a good fit for the earning program.
  4. If you’re approved for the earning program, the points that you’ve earned from the site will be credited to your earnings on the site.
  5. The new rule only applies to anyone who has just joined the site and not members who have been active on the site.


Answer Questions

Ether Review – Legit or Scam

Ether is an online question and answer site that you can join to become an expert answering people’s questions. The site has a unique feature that allows you to create your own personal Ether phone number. This phone number will automatically transfer your client’s calls to your cell phone, home or business. You’ll set your rates on the site so each person knows what they are paying for your services. In your online profile, you’ll create your knowledge base that will let people know what you can do to help them out. Once you receive a call the person has already paid for your services. Therefore, you’re not taking the call for free. There are other great features of the site that allow you to sell your digital content.

How Does It Work?

  1. This site is basically for people living in the United States to join.
  2. When you register with the site, you’re given your own unique Ether phone number. The phone number 1-888-MY-ETHER will have an 8 digit extension that is uniquely yours.
  3. You’ll need to create your profile, enter all your detail, and don’t forget to list the field of expertise on the site. This helps the person find you easier and can contact you for help.
  4. In your profile, you’ll need to determine your rates for helping people. You can set your hourly rate, rates for every 15 minutes spent talking to the person, or a flat rate per call.
  5. Each person who wants to contact an expert on the site must first prepay the service before they can call this person.
  6. In your profile, you’ll need to set your calling times. This will tell the clients what hours you’re available to accept phone calls.
  7. You can easily advertise your Ether account on any business card. Just add your unique Ether number to your card so anyone can contact you when they need to find an answer.
  8. Furthermore, you can add your Ether phone number to your website or blog. You’ll be adding a Click to Call button that anyone can hit to call you directly.
  9. You can use the Ether services to handle all your calling needs. The company will collect the money up front, won’t charge you a monthly fee, and there are no connections fees to use this service.
  10. The company will send your payment directly to your bank account. However, before your payment is sent Ether will collect their 15% commission upfront.
  11. The site gives you the ability to sell any of your digital content. This is easy to set up through email. You’ll just need to attach your digital content to an email and send this to Ether. They will add this to the site.
  12. Set the price that you’re asking and before the person can review the content, they must pay for it.
  13. If you’re selling digital content on the site it is easy to install or add a button called Buy Now to your website or blog. This will direct the person to Ether where they can purchase and download your content.

How Do You Receive Calls?

  1. You will receive a unique Ether phone number that you can publish on your blog; website, business cards, social media account, forums, or wherever you think a person will need help.
  2. The company also has a set of Ether Buttons you can use on your website, blog or send in your emails. These buttons will link back directly to your Ether phone number. When a person clicks on this button they’ll be directed to the site to make their payment before you receive the call.

How Does The Ether Calling System Work?

  1. When a call arrives on your phone, you’ll earn money based on the rates you’ve established in your profile.
  2. The Ether phone number is only a routing number so people don’t have your personal phone number. When a person uses this number, your private phone number isn’t displayed. The Ether phone number will transfer calls to your phone without a person knowing what has happened.
  3. When a call arrives if you press 1 to receive the call, you’ll immediately find the person on the line. You’ll help the person and receive your pay for the time you spend.
  4. If you are busy and can’t accept this call when it arrives, all you need to do is press 2. This will give you 3 hours to accept the call and talk with the person. Even if you delay the call, you’ll still earn your money once you talk with the person.
  5. If you are busy and can’t talk now or within the next 3 hours, you’ll need to press 3. This will terminate the call and the caller can look for another person to help them.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each time a client speaks with you, they’re obligated to prepay Ether. Ether collects the money and holds it until the person has finished the conversation.
  2. The money is added to your account on Ether once you’ve successfully completed your session. Ether will deduct a 15% commission for each call you take. The remaining balance will show up in your Ether account. You can review your earnings from your online dashboard.
  3. Ether only has two forms of payment. You can either have your money directly deposited to your bank account or request a check to be mailed to your home address.


This is an excellent company to work for. You’ll be using the Ether services to establish your own online help center. The company offers you an easy way to receive calls from people and be paid for your time and services. With the unique Ether phone number, you can now advertise your special services without the need to give your personal number out. The Ether services will automatically forward your phone calls to your cell phone, home or business. This protects your privacy and having your phone number abused online. This is an excellent service and only charges a 15% commission when you’re paid. Otherwise, the service is free to use and easy to set up.


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Experts 123 Review – Legit or Scam

Expert 123 is a site that answers questions. However, this site is a bit different from other question and answer sites. Here you can write articles for the site and post them on your own weblog. The articles are paid by their revenue share program. You’ll need to attract more visitors to your articles and questions you’ve answered, in order to earn money there. Furthermore, once you’ve proven yourself as an expert in a field, the company will invite you to write paid articles for their clients.

How to Join the Site:

  1. You will need to join the website and confirm your email address before working for the company.
  2. Once you’ve done this, the second step is to fill in your profile. You’ll have 5 fields of expertise to fill in, plus there are your interests and your educations. They will ask you about your age, and location.
  3. The more information you supply, the more it will help you to establish your field or fields of expertise.

What Skills Do They Look For?

  1. Anyone can join the site as long as they have knowledge in certain fields and can share this knowledge with others.
  2. They need writers who are creative and can share their expertise with others on the site.
  3. They are looking for people to write content on the site and post it in your own personal web pages. This information needs to be helpful and teach people or help them answer a question they have. They’re looking for different articles on topics from health to beauty, and from the garden to technology.
  4. As a writer for the site, you’ll grow your online presence as an expert and help drive more traffic to your website or blog.

How Do You Earn On The Site?

  1. Writing articles is one way of earning revenue on the site. The site pays a revenue share of the money earned from the ads share on your articles.
  2. Furthermore, the more question you answer, you gain status in the company and can be advanced to a paid article writer for the company.
  3. When you become a paid article writer, you’ll earn between $10 and $20 for the article you’ll write.
  4. Furthermore, if you answer one of the $ open questions on the site, you’ll earn revenue from your answer. The more traffic your answer gains the more money you can earn from your answer.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Once your account has reached $20, you can request a payout of funds.
  2. The company sends the funds to your PayPal account.


The website is legit and does pay people to answer questions and write articles for the site. However, the payout is $20 and this takes a long time to earn this money through revenue share. You earn a revenue share on your articles and the questions you answer on the site.

What I Have Observed on the Site:

  1. The site isn’t active and not many people write or ask a new question.
  2. Many of the directories for asking questions are filled with spam posts or self-promoting posts.
  3. I don’t see many writers on the site being promoted to write for the paid articles on the site.
  4. You’ll spend a lot of time on this site answer questions and writing articles.
  5. The site doesn’t seem to have that great of a revenue share program for authors.
  6. It seems that you will need to have over 100 active articles on the site to earn money from the revenue share program.
  7. Even if you have this many active articles on the site, you still won’t have the chance to be moved to an Expert Writer and be paid for the articles that you write.
  8. I would recommend writing for another site that pays a bit more than this site does.


Answer Questions

Help Owl Review – Legit or Scam

Help Owl is an online site that offers help to people. If you have a problem it is easy to go to this site and ask a question. Afterward, your questions are answered by professionals who work on the site. The site pays you to answer questions and help people with their problems. You are compensated for your points that later can be redeemed for gift cards.

How To Join:

  1. Log onto the site and create a new account. Verify your account and start exploring the site. Once you’ve registered you can start answering questions, writing reviews, and participating in other activities on the site to earn points for gift cards.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll earn points for answering questions on the site. The points, accumulated in your account, are exchanged for gift cards.
  2. There are a wide variety of companies that you can answer questions for and submit your answers.
  3. The company notifies you by email or RSS when a question is available in your selected fields of expertise.
  4. Many of the unanswered questions are questionable where the company is finding their answers. Some believe the company seeks help from other subject companies.

About the Site:

  1. The site was established in 2010.
  2. Terabyte media owns the site and the site is registered online to Michael Goldbarb of Scottsdale Arizona.

How Do You Earn on the Site?

  1. You will receive questions and supply the answers. For each question that you successfully answer you’re awarded $0.20 towards the purchase of a gift card.
  2. If you’re the first person to answer a question that is marked accepted, you’ll receive 1,000 points.
  3. If your answer was marked helpful, you’ll earn 10 points.
  4. If the answers were marked unhelpful, they’ll deduct 10 points from your account
  5. If you do a company review, you’ll earn 750 points.
  6. If you ask a question, you’ll earn 50 points.
  7. Submit a manual, 1 to 10 pages, you’ll earn 250 points.
  8. Submit a manual, 11 to 50 pages, you’ll earn 500 points.
  9. Submit a manual, 51 to 100 pages, you’ll earn 750 points.
  10. Submit a manual, 101 + pages, you’ll earn 1000 points.

How Does the Site Pay You?

  1. You will exchange the points accumulated on the site for gift cards from Amazon, Walmart or iCard.
  2. You’ll need 50,000 points to earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

What Are the Complaints From People Working on the Site?

  1. Some questions are more difficult to answer or find what the person is looking for. You spend a considerable amount of time finding the items and the site refuses to give you credit in your account.
  2. The email support is nonexistent. If you have a problem with your points, credits or anything on the site, the refuse to respond to your emails.
  3. The company pays you in gift cards and not cash. When you earn a gift card they don’t send it to you. Many people are still waiting for their gift cards to show up in their inboxes.
  4. Staff will only answer some of the support questions asked and not all of them.

What Are the Customer Complaints About the Site?

  1. The people who work on the site will try to talk you into a deal that you aren’t interested in. it seems that the people who work there are hiding something from you.
  2. There is advertising on the site and when you’re interested in purchasing one of the items advertised, the company won’t sell it to you at the advertised price.
  3. If you go to Help Owl looking for an answer, they’ll refer or associate your question with another site called Just Answer. In order to find your answer, the site requests a $5 good faith deposit to start. In the end, you end up paying over $20. You’ll never receive a satisfactory answer from either site and they supply you with the same information that the manufacturer already sent you.
  4. If you want to download anything from the site, they force you to install Easy Online Conversions Allin1 Convert Toolbar. Once you click on the link you don’t have a chance to save this download, it starts installing immediately.


The site is a legitimate website to earn points towards gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, and iCard. You’ll answer questions, ask a question, submit manuals and work on other tasks on the site to earn points. You’ll need to accumulate 50,000 points to redeem a $10 Amazon gift card. Points accumulate rather quickly the more questions you answer on the site. Furthermore, the more you participate in other areas of the site, your points start rapidly accumulating.


  1. The site doesn’t have a good reputation and has a lot of negative feedback.
  2. The site has been reported to have malware.


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Ask Wonder Review – Legit or Scam

Ask Wonder is an online company that does extensive research for people or companies that have a complex question they need help answering. The questions are researched and answered by a team of researchers. The members on the team do extensive research and supply over 20 sources of information for each question. This company is different from other online answer sites. The company basically works for other companies that need projects analyzed and a solution found.

How to Apply:

  1. Fill in the employment application on the website. Submit this to the company.
  2. Afterward, you’ll be required to take a test. The company has prepared a list of questions for you to answer.
  3. Depending on how you answer these questions, this will determine if you receive the job or not.
  4. The company won’t hire people living in California, New York or Massachusetts.

How Does it Work?

  1. Once you’ve proven your research skill, you’ll log into your dashboard. On the dashboard is the job available to work on. Select a job, research the project, write up your finding, and submit this to the company for review.
  2. Each review can take time for the review board to complete.
  3. If you review is correct, the amount for the project is credited to your account.

How Do They Pay?

  1. For each question you successfully answer, you’ll earn $6 to $17 depending on the complexity of the question.
  2. The site pays you every two weeks by PayPal

The Pros for Working at Ask Wonder:

  1. The company offers flexible hours and you can work anytime. There is no schedule or hours that must be filled each week.
  2. The work at the company is interesting and many people have learned a lot from the research they do for the site.
  3. The company offers training classes and will pay you for the class.
  4. It’s easy to understand the money you’ll earn from the research projects. Each project has the amount of money indicated on the site. Furthermore, there haven’t been any issues with the company paying on time.
  5. On your dashboard, you can pick the assignments you want to work on. It is easy to find assignments in your field of expertise, interest, and how difficult they are to finish.
  6. The company provides an easy way to maintain your income while waiting for other freelance job opportunities.
  7. This is a good company to work for. It helps to keep your skill sets up and the assignments provide you with interesting facts and knowledge you didn’t have before.
  8. People that work on the site enjoy learning and reading other research papers from their colleagues.
  9. The company is working hard on improving the process to make it easier for people who do the research.

The Cons for Working at Ask Wonder:

  1. The review process is unfair and cumbersome.
  2. After adding a new robust vetting procedure, the requests are poorly vetted.
  3. Tasks take 2 to 4 hours or more to complete and the pay is the same. You’ll earn $16 for a task and not $16 an hour.
  4. Work can be rejected for a silly reason and you’ll need to redo the work in order to be paid. After finishing the revision it can be rejected again. This is time-consuming and hard to earn money from this type of work.
  5. Once you start an assignment, you can find out that this assignment will take much longer than you anticipated.
  6. The pay is very low for the amount of work needed to complete the research. You’ll be expected to write up 2000+ words and include 20+ sources for your research.
  7. When writing up your response, on the page there is a timer. If you don’t watch the timer and refresh the page, you’ll lose your response and have to start over.
  8. Some answers were removed from the site. The company claims it was because of grammar issues.


This is a legitimate site to work for; however, the questions are difficult and take a lot of research and time to answer. If you like to research, write up a detailed answer, then this site is for you. The company has a review board that reviews all answers on the site. This process is difficult and at times you’ll have to redo your work. The pay scale for answering questions on this site is higher than other question and answers sites. You’ll spend several hours on each question for a set pay rate.