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Smallbiz Advice Review – Legit or Scam

Smallbiz Advice is a website to help small business owners with problems they have understanding the daily workings of owning a small business. Here people who are experts in business can sign up to give advice to new business owners. The site provides an expert a way to share their knowledge and earn money. As an advisor. you enter into the bidding system where a buyer (new small business owner) will ask a question. He will present his question and open it up for bids. Everyone has a chance to bid on this project. The owner will select the top bidder and pay them for their expertise.

How Does it Work?

  1. To register with the site enter your email address.
  2. The site will send you a confirmation email to complete your registration. Just follow the link in the email to complete your registration and online profile.
  3. You will need to select your username for the site, password, your name or name of your business.
  4. Afterward, you’ll have a list of categories to choose from. Mark all the categories that apply to you.
  5. Once your account is created you can select to be an Advisor or a Buyer.
  6. As an Advisor, you’ll have the chance to bid on different jobs a buyer posts on the site.
  7. A buyer can ask any question they want on the site.
  8. Once you bid on the job, the buyer will receive a notification in their email account.
  9. The buyer will select the expert advisor and deposit funds in their account.
  10. Once funds are deposited in the account, the expert adviser can now answer or help the buyer with their problems.

How Do Projects and Bidding Work?

  1. A buyer will need to create a new account on the site.
  2. In order for the buyer to pay an advisor, they must add money to their account.
  3. The money is transferred to the account through PayPal. They can also add funds to the account through their credit card.
  4. The buyer can now create a new project by selecting one of the categories. They can use more than one category when creating a new project.
  5. The buyer can link all the information that is necessary to complete his new project and enter in all of his details.
  6. If the buyer would like to add more details to his project, it is easy to do. All they need to do is go to their project and click on the edit button.
  7. The buyer can’t contact a bidder directly. The only contact a buyer can have with bidders is through the message board. This gives all bidders an equal chance to bid on the job.
  8. The buyer will receive an email each time a bidder bids on the job.
  9. Each job has an expiration date and the buyer can close the job before it expires if they have enough bids. The buyer must pick a programmer or designer in order to close the job.
  10. To start the job the buyer will transfer the funds to the bidders’ account.

Payments and Fees:

  1. A buyer doesn’t have to deposit funds to their account until they select a bidder. Once the bidder has been selected the buyer must add funds to their account. The funds must be substantial to cover the cost of the bidder and the commission for the site.
  2. If a buyer has a $0 account balance for 30 days the account is frozen and they can’t create a new project.
  3. As an advisor or bidder, you’re not required to transfer funds to your account.
  4. If a bidder has been selected, the buyer will transfer their payment to their account through the website. The bidder is paid upfront before the project starts.
  5. The system currently allows $5 to be transferred between the buyer and the bidder’s account.
  6. The system does not charge any fees to the buyer when he pays the bidder for the work.
  7. As a bidder, once you’re paid it is easy to transfer your money to your PayPal account.
  8. There are no transaction fees for withdrawing your funds from the site.


This is a legitimate site and has been in business since 2006. The company allows anyone who has knowledge about business or is looking for help to join the site. As a buyer, you’ll be responsible for depositing funds into your account before the bidder can start your job. The bidder is guaranteed payment for the work they do on the site. They are paid before any job starts and the bidder helps the buyer with their problem. This is a secure way to make money if you have a lot of business experience and can help new business owners with their problems. I would recommend using this site to earn a few extra dollars in your spare time answer questions for business owners who desperately need your help.




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