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Answeree Review – Legit or Scam

Answeree is a question and answer site for anyone who wants to join. The site doesn’t restrict users to a certain area. Here on the site you’ll earn money for asking a question or answering a question that has been asked by another member. The site is fun and each question receives a rating. You’ll earn points for your rating from other members on the site. Your questions can be voted up or down according to how they are asked and how the other members of the site respond to your question. ?he answer you provide to each question will also be rated by the members on the site. The points you earn in your account will be displayed on the site so other members can determine what type of a contributor you are.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. All you need to do is create an account on the site.
  2. The site will ask you to take a test. This test will show them if you have the qualification to write and answer questions correctly for the site.
  3. The site is looking for people who can write and answer questions precisely and concisely without grammar errors. This is the only way you can participate in the rewards program.
  4. To qualify for the Answeree reward program, you’ll need to post 5 questions on any interesting topics of your choice. Afterwards, you’ll need to write 5 answers to questions posted on the site. Once you’ve completed this, the site will review your questions and answers to determine if you can be part of the rewards program.
  5. Once you’ve completed this process, you’ll need to send the administrator a private message asking them to add you to the rewards program.
  6. Once registered on the site you can start asking questions. However, you must search the site to make sure your question hasn’t been previously asked.
  7. Each question you ask must be relevant to the community and the site. You can’t ask just any old question on the site.
  8. When asking a question, you’ll need to create your tags. This is very important for people searching on the site.
  9. Don’t ask a question that is too subjective or even argumentative. This should be avoided on the site.
  10. The site is a question and answer site so it is necessary to avoid having a debate when answering a question on the site.
  11. If you’d like to thank a person for the answer they’ve left, you’ll need to use the comment key and not the answer key.
  12. The community on the site moderates the site. The points system that is set up on the site allovers all users to moderate the questions and answers from each member.
  13. The points system is a type of measurement the site uses to identify the trust level of each member and what members think of each other.
  14. The site will use these points to assign different moderation tasks to different people.
  15. Interesting question and great answers are what attract people to vote your question or answer up.
  16. However, a poorly written question or answer will be voted down and the community can use the voting system to add or subtract points from you.
  17. A vote up by the members earns you one point. However, a vote down will subtract a point from your overall score.

Rules for Writing and Answering Questions:

  1. Your questions and answers need to be free of grammatical and punctuation errors.
  2. There can’t be duplicate content on the site. Before asking your question, check the site to make sure it hasn’t already been asked.
  3. Copy and pasting any content on the site is prohibited.
  4. In the rewards program, there are no links allowed in your questions and answers.
  5. All racial, ethnic, religious, sexual, social and hateful information is prohibited on the site.
  6. You’re not allowed to advertise on the site. Therefore, it is prohibited to add any form of advertising to a question or answer on this site.
  7. All answers on the site should be complete answers.
  8. Each answers needs to be 200 characters long or 35 words.
  9. Awards are given to the first four answers. If one of your answers has moved up to the top 4 positions, you’ll be rewarded for your answer.
  10. Any answer you give on the site must be relevant to the question asked.
  11. If any of these rules are violated the site can penalize your account 10% to 90% of the payment amount. .

How To Earn Rewards:

  1. Questions will receive $0.1 for every 1000 views.
  2. Additional 1000 views on your question, you’ll earn $0.1
  3. For answers in the top 4 positions, you’ll earn $0.02.
  4. It takes 50 answers on the site to earn $1.
  5. The site calculates your views on question when you claim your rewards. After your rewards are claimed, you can’t be paid again for this question.

How Does the Site Pay You?

  1. You’ll need to have at least $10 in your account to request payment from the company.
  2. The site manually pays each person. Therefore, you must send your PayPal email address to the site in a private message requesting your payment.
  3. The payment process takes several days. The site must manually check each question and answer to verify your payment claim.
  4. Payment claims take 3 or more days to process.


This is a legitimate question and answer site where the members on the site post questions and other members will answer their questions. Each question is either voted up or down depending on the quality and importance of the question. If one of your questions earns a certain number of views, you’ll earn money for this question. Each time you answer a question on the site, the site members will vote up or down your answer. If your answer is in the top 4 answers supplied on the site, you’ll earn money for your response. The site is saying it will take 50 answers to equal $1. Therefore, in order to cash out on the site and earn $10, you’ll need to answer 500 questions on the site. This seems like a lot of work for such little pay. However, this is a fun community of people to be around and some of the questions asked on the site are rather interesting.

1 thought on “Answeree Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. This is quite interesting. I joined a similar site some time ago, but I don’t think the site was able to stay long. It may take some time to reach the payout, but meanwhile if we can also learn something useful at the same time, it might be good too.

    Thank you for sharing this. I will check it out and see if it works well for me.


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