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Ether Review – Legit or Scam

Ether is an online question and answer site that you can join to become an expert answering people’s questions. The site has a unique feature that allows you to create your own personal Ether phone number. This phone number will automatically transfer your client’s calls to your cell phone, home or business. You’ll set your rates on the site so each person knows what they are paying for your services. In your online profile, you’ll create your knowledge base that will let people know what you can do to help them out. Once you receive a call the person has already paid for your services. Therefore, you’re not taking the call for free. There are other great features of the site that allow you to sell your digital content.

How Does It Work?

  1. This site is basically for people living in the United States to join.
  2. When you register with the site, you’re given your own unique Ether phone number. The phone number 1-888-MY-ETHER will have an 8 digit extension that is uniquely yours.
  3. You’ll need to create your profile, enter all your detail, and don’t forget to list the field of expertise on the site. This helps the person find you easier and can contact you for help.
  4. In your profile, you’ll need to determine your rates for helping people. You can set your hourly rate, rates for every 15 minutes spent talking to the person, or a flat rate per call.
  5. Each person who wants to contact an expert on the site must first prepay the service before they can call this person.
  6. In your profile, you’ll need to set your calling times. This will tell the clients what hours you’re available to accept phone calls.
  7. You can easily advertise your Ether account on any business card. Just add your unique Ether number to your card so anyone can contact you when they need to find an answer.
  8. Furthermore, you can add your Ether phone number to your website or blog. You’ll be adding a Click to Call button that anyone can hit to call you directly.
  9. You can use the Ether services to handle all your calling needs. The company will collect the money up front, won’t charge you a monthly fee, and there are no connections fees to use this service.
  10. The company will send your payment directly to your bank account. However, before your payment is sent Ether will collect their 15% commission upfront.
  11. The site gives you the ability to sell any of your digital content. This is easy to set up through email. You’ll just need to attach your digital content to an email and send this to Ether. They will add this to the site.
  12. Set the price that you’re asking and before the person can review the content, they must pay for it.
  13. If you’re selling digital content on the site it is easy to install or add a button called Buy Now to your website or blog. This will direct the person to Ether where they can purchase and download your content.

How Do You Receive Calls?

  1. You will receive a unique Ether phone number that you can publish on your blog; website, business cards, social media account, forums, or wherever you think a person will need help.
  2. The company also has a set of Ether Buttons you can use on your website, blog or send in your emails. These buttons will link back directly to your Ether phone number. When a person clicks on this button they’ll be directed to the site to make their payment before you receive the call.

How Does The Ether Calling System Work?

  1. When a call arrives on your phone, you’ll earn money based on the rates you’ve established in your profile.
  2. The Ether phone number is only a routing number so people don’t have your personal phone number. When a person uses this number, your private phone number isn’t displayed. The Ether phone number will transfer calls to your phone without a person knowing what has happened.
  3. When a call arrives if you press 1 to receive the call, you’ll immediately find the person on the line. You’ll help the person and receive your pay for the time you spend.
  4. If you are busy and can’t accept this call when it arrives, all you need to do is press 2. This will give you 3 hours to accept the call and talk with the person. Even if you delay the call, you’ll still earn your money once you talk with the person.
  5. If you are busy and can’t talk now or within the next 3 hours, you’ll need to press 3. This will terminate the call and the caller can look for another person to help them.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each time a client speaks with you, they’re obligated to prepay Ether. Ether collects the money and holds it until the person has finished the conversation.
  2. The money is added to your account on Ether once you’ve successfully completed your session. Ether will deduct a 15% commission for each call you take. The remaining balance will show up in your Ether account. You can review your earnings from your online dashboard.
  3. Ether only has two forms of payment. You can either have your money directly deposited to your bank account or request a check to be mailed to your home address.


This is an excellent company to work for. You’ll be using the Ether services to establish your own online help center. The company offers you an easy way to receive calls from people and be paid for your time and services. With the unique Ether phone number, you can now advertise your special services without the need to give your personal number out. The Ether services will automatically forward your phone calls to your cell phone, home or business. This protects your privacy and having your phone number abused online. This is an excellent service and only charges a 15% commission when you’re paid. Otherwise, the service is free to use and easy to set up.




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