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Daily Two Cents Review – Legit or Scam

Updated January 2019 – The site has been closed.

Daily Two Cents is a revenue sharing site for freelancers. This company has 3 different revenue sharing sites you can join. This type of platform is designed for freelance writers that wish to post their articles online and earn a passive income. Each person who joins the site will have their own blog account where they can write about business, entertainment, sports, food, life, health, science, and world news. The site uses Google Adsense as their revenue sharing model. Each person who joins the site needs a Google Adsense account to earn from the site.

How to Join:

  1. Anyone can join the site. All you need is your name, username, and email address.
  2. The site will send you a confirmation email to verify your email address.
  3. When you join the site, you’ll be a subscriber and not allowed to write on the site until your account is activated.

How to Activate Your Account:

  1. The site checks each person’s writing capabilities before allowing them to write on the site.
  2. All published members must be able to write and demonstrate good English skills, which include grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  3. Each candidate must submit 3 examples of their online articles to be considered.
  4. The site prefers that you link 3 of your writing example in the submission email you’ll send in.
  5. If you don’t have any published articles online, then you’ll need to send the company 3 examples of your writing skills.
  6. You must copy and paste the text on the site into the body of your email.
  7. Complete the information and add the three links to the email. However, you can add your 3 writing samples to the body of the email if you don’t have any published articles online. The 3 writing examples should be for 3 unique posts you’d like to add to the site.
  8. Submit the email to
  9. The subject line of your email should read “Application Process DTC”.
  10. This process normally takes 5 days before you’ll receive your answer back.

What Can You Write About?

  1. You can write about business, careers, education, finance, job searching and work at home programs.
  2. Furthermore, you can write about entertainment, movies, books, arts, nerds, celebrities, and TV.
  3. Maybe you’re more into sports, such as hockey, football, baseball, basketball, or even golf.
  4. Are you a foodie? You’re in luck you can write about foods, recipes, diets, and drinks.
  5. The site has other topics you can write on like your own personal opinions, pets, animals, home décor, fashion, health issues, world news, and science.
  6. Each article you write must be 200 words long.
  7. If you use quotes in your article, it doesn’t count as part of your word count.
  8. You are allowed to post 10 new articles each day on the site.

What The Site Won’t Publish:

  1. The site won’t publish articles if they are:
    1. Posting copyright infringement articles on the site will be an automatic suspension and deletion of your account.
    2. Articles that you’ve published on another site online.
    3. Articles that you haven’t personally written.
    4. You can’t write adult only content or articles about sex or porn.
    5. Furthermore, it is prohibited to write articles about drugs, growing drugs, or even smoking drugs.
    6. You can’t in any way promote alcohol or cigarettes on the site.
    7. The site won’t publish any pay-to-click articles, or articles promoting scams or potential scams.
    8. The site is designed for people of all ages; therefore, you can’t post any articles that have extreme violence, racism, hate, or hate crimes.
    9. It is against the site rules for you to promote weaponry or anything that is dangerous and could cause harm to others.

What Type of Photos Does the Site Accept?

  1. You are free to use your own personal images on the site.
  2. There are many sites now that offer images online. These sites use creative commons and the images can be downloaded and used on our own personal blog site or other sites. If you decided to use one of these types of images on the site, you must include an attribution in your article.
  3. Any image that you use on the site must state that it can be used on a commercial site; otherwise, it isn’t possible to add the image.
  4. If another person gave you permission to use their images, you’re responsible for notifying the company. The company needs verification that you have permission to use this image.
  5. You can use videos on the site as long as they are for commercial use. You’ll still need to include the attribution in your article.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. The site no longer pays writers directly. However, the site is designed for writers to earn money from their Ad Sense accounts.
  2. Each member of the site will need to have their own Ad Sense account.
  3. You’ll add your ads to your profile.
  4. The site then displays your ads on your articles 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time, the site will display their ads on your articles.

Can You Use Links and Affiliate Links in Your Articles?

  1. The site allows you to embed links in your articles as long as they are relevant to the article you’ve written.
  2. However, you can’t add your personal links to your articles until the second paragraph.
  3. You’re limited to five links in your article.
  4. If you have an affiliate account with Amazon you can use your affiliate links in your articles.
  5. The money you earn from your affiliate program is yours. The company doesn’t require you to share your affiliate earning with them.


This is an excellent way for freelancers to earn a passive income online. The site is legitimate, but they no longer pay freelancers directly. Instead, each freelancer needs to have their own affiliate links and Ad Sense account to earn money from the site. The site is using a revenue sharing platform with each writer. Your ads will display on your account 75% of the time. You’ll earn money from Ad Sense and be paid directly from your Ad Sense account. The other 25% of the time the company will display their Ad Sense ads on your account and they’ll collect the money from their Ad Sense account. However, if you have any affiliate accounts, you’re free to embed your affiliate links in your articles. You’ll earn money from your affiliate accounts and the site doesn’t ask you to share the revenue with them.

My Thoughts About This:

  1. This is a legitimate site and you can earn money using your Ad Sense and affiliate programs on the site.
  2. However, the site is no longer paying you, but you are paying the site. When the site displays their ads on your account 25% of the time, they are earning money from you.
  3. I personally don’t like this type of revenue sharing sites. The site demands high-quality articles from you, and in return profits off your article views to earn money displaying their ads on your articles.
  4. Furthermore, if you can write and post 10 new articles on the site each day why not just make your own blog and post them there.
  5. Using your talents on your own blog site will benefit you and earn more money in the long run.
  6. Why waste your talents earning this company money from what you’ve written?




1 thought on “Daily Two Cents Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. I have heard about this site since I was writing at Bubblews, but I didn’t join as I am not a professional writer. I didn’t know it doesn’t pay the writers directly anymore. I agree with you that if one can come up with great articles, it would be better to start their own blog and earn 100% from Adsense. With Daily Two Cents, it may be good to help the writers to generate traffic to their articles, and the writers do not need to manage their own blog and also the marketing stuff.

    Thank you for sharing this site and your opinions too!


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