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Writedge Review – Legit or Scam

Updated January 2019 – The site has been closed.

Writedge says that it is for an expert writer with cutting-edge knowledge. The site is a revenue sharing site for freelance writers. Each person has their own personal account or blog on the site. There you can write about anything and everything as long as your articles meet the minimum requirements of the site. The site is broken down into different categories you can write about. If you love to write about different types of arts, family, entertainment, business, food, wellness and more, this is an interesting site to check out.

How to Join the Site:

  1. It is free to join the site. All you need to enter is your email address, password, and username.
  2. The site will send you a confirmation email.
  3. Before you can start writing on the site, you must submit 3 examples of your writing to the site.
  4. The company doesn’t want you to send them your examples, but instead, they are asking you for 3 links to articles you’ve written online.

How to Activate Your Account:

  1. When you first register with the site, your account is a subscriber.
  2. To become a writer on the site you must be able to write clearly, have good grammar, spelling, punctuation, and English skills.
  3. In order to have your account activates as a writer, you must submit 3 articles or 3 links to the site.
  4. The company requires that you copy and past some information into the body of an email. Complete the information and add your 3 links or 3 articles to the email.
  5. Send the email to
  6. The subject line should read “Application Process: Writedge”.
  7. The company requests that you join their Facebook page and group.
  8. The site will review your submission and send you an email. You’ll either be able to write on the site or not. If you have a few issues with the posts you’ve sent to the company, they could request you to work on them and resubmit them again for approval.

How Does the Site Work?

  1. Each writer has their own personal blog space on the site.
  2. You’ll be able to add new articles to the site.
  3. Each post added to the site must be 400 words or longer to be acceptable.
  4. When adding your work to the site, be sure to include a featured image with each submission.
  5. Each image used on the site must include an attribution in your post. Furthermore, the image must be licensed to use on commercial sites.
  6. The site won’t allow you to post duplicate content.
  7. You have a limit of 10 posts per day that you can add to the site.
  8. Each post has a maximum of 2 categories and 6 tags only.
  9. Your tags must be 2 words or longer and they have to be relevant to your post. It is best to choose tags that a person would use in a search engine when searching for information contained in your article.
  10. To avoid keyword stuffing penalties on the site, you must only use the keywords embedded in 200 words of a test. The keyword can’t be used more than once in the 200 words of text.
  11. All titles used on the site must be relevant and not misleading.
  12. You can add outgoing links to your articles. You’re allowed 1 outgoing link for every 250 words. There is a limit of 5 outgoing links on each post.
  13. You can use your Amazon affiliate links in your articles as long as they are relevant to your article.
  14. You must use contextual links in your posts. This can only be words used in a sentence that a person can click on and no links that say “more info”.
  15. All links must be after the first paragraph in your article.
  16. The site does make an exception to the link rule. If you’re planning on doing a top 10 article and want to include your affiliate links in the article, you must first notify the site. This way the article will be posted on the site.
  17. The site can delete any link that isn’t relevant before posting your article on the site.

What Type of Topics Can You Write?

  1. As long as the topic is acceptable by Google Adsense terms of service it is possible to post them on the site.
  2. The site won’t allow you to post articles about:
    1. Adult topics
    2. Promotion of drugs
    3. Articles about promoting alcohol and cigarettes
    4. Don’t write articles about gambling, gambling tips or even gambling sites.
    5. All types of hacking articles are not permitted on the site. However, if you want to write articles about life hacks and how to make life easier, then this is fine.
    6. You can’t write about extreme violence, hate crimes, or racism.
    7. Furthermore, you can’t promote weaponry.
    8. Any article that is copied online and put on the site is prohibited and against the law. If you use plagiarism on the site, your account will be deleted immediately.
    9. Don’t add articles that are published on another site, your blog, or anywhere else online.
    10. You can’t use the images on the site more than twice.
    11. All pictures used on the site must be copyright free. Furthermore, if you use an image from Pixabay or another site, you must have attribution and a source location to the image. This way the site can verify if the image is legal to use on the site.
    12. Articles must be written and posted in English only on the site. All other languages are prohibited on the site.
    13. Don’t post articles on the site that contain misspelled words and that have grammar errors. All articles must be edited before you can add them to the site.
    14. If you’re using quotes in your article, they don’t count towards the word count of your article.

How Does Revenue Share Work?

  1. As of October 1, 2015, the site stopped paying writers for their articles.
  2. However, the site incorporated Google Adsense so writers could be paid for their work.
  3. You’ll need a Google Adsense account to add your ads to the site.
  4. On your account, your own ads will appear 75% of the time to earn you money. The other 25% of the time, ads from the site will appear on your account.
  5. You’ll be paid directly from your own Google Adsense account.
  6. Furthermore, if you’re an affiliate with Amazon, you can earn money on the site.
  7. The company doesn’t take money from your Amazon affiliate account. You’re earning 100% of your affiliate money from Amazon.
  8. To earn from Amazon the site allows you to embed your affiliate links in the text of your articles.
  9. Furthermore, to earn from Amazon the site allows you to use the review module and add your link codes to the article.


This is a reputable site to write for as a freelance writer. The site is legitimate, but it doesn’t actually pay you directly. The site uses Google Adsense to earn money on your blog posts. You’ll need your own Google Adsense accounts if you plan on earning money from the articles you’ve written on the site. Furthermore, the site allows you to use your own affiliate programs to earn from your articles. The site doesn’t charge you money for your affiliate links; therefore the money you’ve earned is yours.

My Thoughts About the Site:

  1. Revenue sharing is an excellent idea for the site owner. This way they aren’t liable to pay people to write on their site. Unfortunately, if people don’t have their own Google Adsense account, they can’t earn from this type of site.
  2. You’re basically writing for another website, in order to capitalize on this site and earn, you’ll need over 100 articles in your account.
  3. If you need to continue to write for this type of program, all you’re doing is helping the site earn money from your work. The site no longer pays you, and this type of a system means you are paying the site now.
  4. I feel if you can build up your account on a site like this, it wouldn’t be difficult to start your own blog or website. You’ll have a better chance of earning money off your own blog.
  5. These types of sites are very competitive and it takes a lot of work to build up your account.
  6. The site only accepts top quality articles that are easy to promote. This way the site is guaranteed to earn money from your articles.
  7. If you can write 10 articles a day for this site, it would be easy to write the same articles for your own site.




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  1. Hey I am regular visitor of your website and read all your posts very carefully. This is another great article about revenue sharing, thank you so much for writing such nice post.


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