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Advego Reviews 2019: Legit or Scam

Advego is an article and ready-made content exchange. The site is in Russian and you’ll need to translate the page. The website has different services such as copywriting, rewriting, write SEO articles, create promotional advertisements,  write comments, reviews or create audio and video descriptions. The site has a forum you can work on to earn extra money for answering questions or asking questions. Furthermore, if you’ve written any type of content articles you can sell them on the exchange. If you are a freelance writer and are looking for a new site to write for, this is a unique place to go. They have a variety of different ways for you to earn money.

How To Join:

  1. You’ll need to register on the site and fill in the required information.
  2. The site will require you to confirm your email.
  3. The site will send you a confirmation email and a password.
  4. Once your account has been confirmed, you’ll need to fill in all your personal details.
  5. Fill in your payment details. The site works with and it shouldn’t be that difficult to register with this site and receive your wallet. The site requires you to enter your wallet ID to be filled in.
  6. Once the personal information has been completed, you become a member of the site.

Basic Concept Of The Exchange:

  1. The exchange offers you 4 different types of work you can do to earn money. It is important to understand the different types of work and how they are set-up for the exchange.
  2. Copywriting – This service is for writing unique content for articles or short reviews. In this section of the site, you can write about anything you have knowledge about. They accept content for gardening, cooking, medicine, graphics., dog training, and so much more. This will depend on you and your expertise.
  3. Rewriter – Here you will be taking articles that another person wrote and rewriting them in your own words. The rewrite doesn’t earn as much money for rewriting an article as a copywriter will earn.
  4. SEO Copywriting – If you love to write SEO articles or write an article that is SEO friendly, this is a good place to find work. The content you write in this section needs to be optimized for search engines.
  5. Translation – Like any site who offer translation, you’ll be translating documents from one language to another. This is an excellent place to work if you are adverse in several languages.

How To Sell Your Articles:

  1. It is possible to sell your images or articles you’ve written on the site.
  2. Just visit the Article Store, sell articles, and add articles.
  3. To post your images or articles for sale, you must fill out the form on the site to sell articles.
  4. The article you are selling should be placed in the unique section of the site. You can sell original articles, rewritten articles, and articles that you’ve translated.
  5. Each article you sell can have up to 30 unique images attached to each article.
  6. When you first register on the site, you are allowed to only post one article to sell. The site needs to moderate your first article. If you pass the moderation of this article, you are free to post as many articles as you like on the site for sale.

How To Earn Money:

  1. If you’ve never worked on an online site before it is recommended that you start off with small orders to get used to working online.
  2. You can earn money by chatting online, working on the forum for filling out simple polls or even writing text.
  3. Write original content, rewrite articles, write SEO text, write product descriptions, translate a document, write promotional articles, write comments, chat on the forum.
  4. There are plenty of new articles posted on the site each day. You can visit the site and see how many new articles are requested.
  5. Just take one of the jobs and the pay is posted on the site. It will tell you how many words are needed, how much time you have to complete the job, and how much you’ll be paid

How Are You Paid?

  1. Once you complete an assignment, you’ll need to upload this to the site.
  2. The customer will check your work.
  3. If it is approved, you’ll receive the payment in your account.
  4. You’ll need 5 y.e or 500 rubles in your account in order to withdraw your funds.
  5. The company pays through Webmoney, Qiwi wallet or directly to your bank account in any country.


The site has been online for the past 10 years. It is difficult to say if this site is international or only for people who read and write Russian. It is possible to translate this site and regard the work and jobs that are posted on the site. The company is legitimate and they do pay people for writing content, you can sell your content, or you can even work on their forum to earn money. Like all content sites, the pay for writing the content is low, however, it is a good start for anyone who is just starting out. It will give you a chance to earn a few dollars and learn the ropes of working online for content writing site. The owner of the site is willing to answer all your questions. I would suggest contacting the site and see if they offer work in other languages besides just Russian.




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