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StudyBay Review: Legit or Scam

StudyBay is an academic writing site for freelance writers. The company is registered and owned by Edutec Limited and registered in Malta. The site offers you a chance to work for students or companies who are looking for a person to write an academic paper for them. Anyone can place an order on the site. In the order is the full detail of the assignment. As a writer on the site, you’ll have full access to all the new jobs posted on the site. Pick and choose the jobs you’re interested in and place your bid. If you are selected by the person who placed the order, you can start composing your paper as soon s you’ve been accepted.

How Does It Work:

  1. You will need to register with the site and create an account.
  2. They are looking for writers who have exceptional grammar skills in English. Even if your primary language isn’t English and you can pass the English test it is possible to write for this company.
  3. You should have some academic background knowledge of different subjects and styles of writing academic papers.
  4. Once your account has been created it is now possible to start looking for work.
  5. The jobs are placed on a job board.
  6. You will need to read the job, description, and what is expected of you to complete the job.
  7. Decide on the price you want to charge.
  8. Place a bid on the job.
  9. The creator of the job can pick and choose the write they want to complete the assignment.
  10. If you’re selected for the job, you’ll have so long to research and complete the assignment.
  11. Afterward, the assignment has to be approved by the person requesting the job.
  12. If they are not satisfied with your work, they can require you to rewrite this paper.
  13. After the paper has been approved the person who placed the order must deposit the funds in their account.
  14. You’ll be paid before the order or paper is handed over to the person.

Rules of The Site:

  1. All the information you supply on the questionnaire must be accurate and correct, otherwise, the company will block your account.
  2. You may only communicate with the student on the site. No outside communication is allowed.
  3. The student and the writer can communicate on the site for one month after the writing assignment has been finished.
  4. The site can terminate you if you fail to complete the assignment according to the student’s instructions, refuse to do corrections, cooperate with the service of the site, or delay a student’s assignment.
  5. The students have the right to place writers on the blacklist if they cause any type of finance or reputational damage.
  6. The student can request a refund for low-quality or non-acceptable work. If this happens the site will contact the writer and try to work out the details of the dispute or refund.
  7. One the student pays for the paper, the writer must upload this to the site.
  8. After the student takes possession of the paper, the writer is paid for the work.

How Are You Paid:

  1. Writers can request payment for the completed work only during normal business hours.
  2. Payments are processed during the week only and only during normal business hours.

What Do Students Say About the Site?

  1. Many students are totally disappointed in the quality of work that is given to them.
  2. The amount of money the writer expects is extremely high and very hard for a student to pay.
  3. The students believe that many of the writers are using a translator to do the work. They receive papers with grammar and obvious spelling errors.
  4. The money that is charged for an assignment isn’t worth it at all. The paper is very low quality and not possible to use in class.


This is a legitimate writing site that will pay you to write academic papers for students. However, you will need to bid on the assignments with the other writers on the site. You are free to set your own prices and the student will be the one who selects the writer. This is a very competitive site to get established with for the first time. Many freelance writers work here and have established their skills and have a client base. However, this is a good place to start if you are looking for work as a freelance writer. You can pick and choose the assignments that you’d like to bid on and work your own hours. You can work this type of job as a full-time or part-time position. Just keep in mind you’ll need to be selected for the assignment before you will earn anything on this site.



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