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Job4Writer Review – Legit or Scam

Job4Wirters is an online platform for freelance writers. This is a full-service company and offers freelancers the opportunity to select from a variety of different writing or editing assignments. You can select assignments for copywriting content, proofreading, business writer or even a technical writer. It is easy to proofread and edit online using the company’s software. Job4Writers only hires English speaking copywriters to work for them. The online job board has many new assignments each day to choose from. You can easily find work and new jobs daily.

How to Join:

  1. You’ll go to the website and register with the company.
  2. Before you can start accepting assignments or even writing for the company, you’re required to take a proficiency test.
  3. The company will hire both beginners and professionals with excellent writing skills.
  4. They do hire writers worldwide as long as you can pass the proficiency test, you can work for the company and be paid.

How Does it Work?

  1. After passing the proficiency test and your registration is complete, you’ll have the opportunity to select from endless jobs daily.
  2. There are no set times or assignments that you must complete each day. You are free to work when you want, complete as many assignments as you want, and work the hours that best fit your schedule.
  3. Select different jobs like drawing up a business plan, or even writing an essay. Furthermore, you can prepare an SEO-friendly blog post. Otherwise, choose to write a persuasive landing page for a website.
  4. If you like proofreading there are plenty of jobs available for you to choose from.
  5. Jobs are placed on the board for all freelancers to choose from.
  6. You’ll select an assignment that you’re interested in writing.
  7. Work on the assignment and complete it according to the instructions given by the customer.
  8. Submit your work and the customer will review what you’ve written. If they aren’t satisfied with your article, they can ask you to rewrite certain sections. Otherwise, they’ll accept your work and the money for the assignment will be credited to your account.
  9. You can always keep track of your work assignment and payments on your dashboard.
  10. You’ll have the opportunity to submit your work to several clients as long as your work is original and hasn’t been published online before. Once a client decides to use your article it can no longer be used with other clients.
  11. Once a customer pays for your content, they’ll retain full copyrights to the paper.
  12. If your assignment doesn’t meet the customer’s satisfaction, you’re required to do revisions. The customer has one round of revisions he can request from a writer.
  13. You’ll have a deadline for each assignment you take. It is up to you to work on your assignment and meet your deadline.
  14. If an emergency arises during one of your writing assignments and it can’t be completed on time. You’re required to contact the support team or the customer and ask for an extension. Otherwise, this assignment will be assigned to another writer.
  15. You’re not allowed to supply your contact information to any client. The client must work through the company and they have the opportunity to choose a writer that they want to work with.

What Type of Writing Assignments are Available?

  1. The company has a large selection of jobs to select from. The jobs that are available will depend on the customer’s need and what they’ve ordered.
  2. You’ll find writing jobs for:
    1. Web pages
    2. Advertisements
    3. Blog posts
    4. Annual reports
    5. Social media or social network posts
    6. Presentations
    7. Product descriptions
    8. Whitepapers
    9. Speeches
    10. Create landing pages

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. You have the opportunity to be paid once or twice a month.
  2. Job4Writers uses a pay-per-page system to calculate and pay each writer.
  3. The amount of money you earn through the company will depend on the assignments you’ve completed, the price paid for each assignment, and how much you’ve decided to work.
  4. The company pays you through Payoneer, Skrill or PayPal.
  5. If you’d like your payment can be directly deposited into your bank account.
  6. The company doesn’t have any hidden fees or extra charges.


This is a legitimate company that will pay you once or twice a month depending on your account setting. The company hires freelance writers worldwide and as long as you can pass the proficiency test it won’t be hard to work for them. There is a wide variety of jobs available and each day you’ll have plenty of work to choose from. So no matter what you enjoy doing it is easy to find it here. You also have the opportunity to proofread documents online and make the necessary corrections. Each job pays a different amount of money and depending on what you take, will depend on what you earn.




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