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Extra Dime Forum Review – Legit or Scam

Extra Dime Forum is a site where freelancers can post-shopping coupons, discount codes, deals on products, credit card information and much more. For each new thread, you post the company pays you for this information. You can also participate in the forum to earn extra points. Furthermore, they offer a referral program and you earn points for each referral that joins the site and stay 7 days.

How to Join:

  1. Just visit the site and fill in your information in the registration form.
  2. Once you’ve verified your registration information, the company adds 50 coins to your account.

How to Earn Money Posting on the Forum:

  1. For creating a new thread and entering an online shopping offer or discount code, you earn 2 credits, which is equal to $0.02.
  2. If you post a cheap price or a product that is discounted, you’ll earn 2 credits, which is equal to $0.02.
  3. All non-coupons and general sales threads earn you 2 credits, which is equal to $0.02.
  4. Any Visa shopping discounts earn you 10 credits, which is equal to $0.10.
  5. When joining the site you earn 50 credits, which is equal to $0.50.
  6. For each referral that signs up to the site, stays active on the site for 7 days, and make 5 posts, you’ll earn 50 credits, which is equal to $0.50.
  7. The site has a new thread credit up to 15 points. This credit only applies to an eligible forum.
  8. Each time you post on a thread that is in the eligible money-making sections, you’ll earn 2 points, which is equal to $0.02.

How Does the Forum Pay?

  1. Each time you earn 100 credits, it converts to $1.00. You’ll need 500 credits or $5.00 in your account to request payment. You’ll need to use the “Contact Us form” on the site to request your payment.
  2. The payment is sent to your PayPal account.
  3. The site has a maximum earning per month of $49.
  4. You can earn a maximum of $599 a year on the site.

Complaints About the Site:

  1. The site refuses to pay you.
  2. There are many excesses about the posts and threads you make on the site. Therefore, they say, you’re not eligible for payment.
  3. After registering and confirming your details, when you try to log onto the site for the first time, you receive a message “BLOCKED FOR LIFE”. The site owner won’t tell you the reason or even try to fix the problem.
  4. The site is a gimmick and the site earns money off the rebates and offers you post there.
  5. The site has paid out once and when reaching the second payout has deleted the account. They claim that there is some sort of technical difficulty on the site and your account information is deleted from the database.
  6. When logging into the site it no longer recognizes your email or password. You’ll receive a message that the site is having technical difficulties and to contact the admin for help. However, when you try to contact the site, they refuse to answer you back.
  7. When I was working on the site all my answers, posts, and threads disappeared. Afterward, the site signed me out. I can no longer access the site; it doesn’t recognize my email or password.


This site is a SCAM and a total waste of time. You’ll be paid once from the site, then they will block your account, delete your profile, or delete all your work off the site. The owner of the site can only be contacted on the forum. He refuses to respond back to you and won’t fix the issues on the site. The owner is profiting from the coupons, discount codes, and special deals you post on the site.

Don’t waste your time working on this site. They might pay you once, but after this, your account is deleted from the site. The owner of the site is shady and won’t tell anyone why he has deleted their accounts. Furthermore, the owner will find many excuses to not pay you for working on this site.




1 thought on “Extra Dime Forum Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. It is good to read a great review on a site. I like the way you present your material and how you warn us this site is a scam. Thanks for the great information.


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