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Intelli Shop Mystery Shopper Review – Legit or Scam

IntelliShop is a company who hires men and women living in the United States to visit markets and stores as a mystery shopper. Furthermore, some jobs require you to purchase and try a product, take photos, talk to people, or sign up for a service. The company works with large and small businesses across the United States. Many companies have bad ratings from their customers and want to improve their image. That’s why they hire a mystery shopper. The mystery shopper identifies the problems or issues and gives feedback to the owners of the business. The company basically works with independent contractors who belong to the IC Pro.

How to Become a Mystery Shopper:

  1. You’ll need to go to the website and apply for the position.
  2. The company has a rigorous hiring process and screening.
  3. Each person who works for the company must be screened and a background check is done. This ensures the company that you don’t have a felony record.
  4. Any mystery shopping company you work for puts each of their employees through the same process.

How Does the Company Work?

  1. When starting off with the company each new hire is given a shoppers rating.
  2. The rating can move up or down depending on your performance with the company.
  3. The more jobs you accept, complete, and follow the guideline, the higher your rating is with the company.
  4. Higher ratings are offered the better-paying jobs and assignments.
  5. On your dashboard are different job assignments you can select.
  6. At times the company will directly assign you a job.
  7. Jobs vary depending on the requirements and needs of the client.
  8. You may be required to visit a shop and take pictures of a display case, order food at a fast food restaurant, by a product and test the product. There are many different types of jobs and assignments for a mystery shopper.
  9. The company has other types of jobs you can apply for. They hire Proofers that will review and edit the mystery shoppers reports,
  10. The company also hires people for quality assurance.

What Do Other People Say About Working For This Company?


  1. The company is an excellent place to work with many people who are there to help and support you.
  2. Working for the company is relaxing and many of the people have a passion to help clients.
  3. This is an excellent work at home position with flexible hours.


  1. At times there are many client deadlines and the job can become stressful.
  2. For the type of jobs, we do the pay rate is terrible.
  3. Some feel the company doesn’t treat the remote workers the same as the people who work in the office.
  4. Many people have multiple complaints about working as a Proofer for the company. This isn’t a great position and has many problems inside this division.

How Does The Company Pay?

  1. Mystery shoppers will earn $5 to $30 for each assignment.
  2. You’ll need a verified PayPal account to work for this company.
  3. The company doesn’t make direct deposits or issue checks.
  4. Each job you complete on or before the 20th of the month is paid the following month.
  5. The company sends out payments to your PayPal account on the 20th of each month.
  6. There are no charges associated with your pay from the company.
  7. Five days after the company pays and posts your payment to PayPal, you’ll need to claim this payment.
  8. Any payment not claimed within 30 days is returned to the company. If this has happened, you’ll need to wait until the following month so the company can reissue your payment.


This is a legitimate company to work for and they pay their employees or individual contractors once a month. The company sends each mystery shopper their pay through PayPal. In order to work for this company, you’ll need a verified PayPal account.

Mystery shopping is a competitive market online and many people try hard to destroy the reputation of a company. This company isn’t a scam as some people would have you believe. However, the company does have issues with their Proofers and how they are treated. This is a legitimate complaint and at times the Proofers have demanding deadlines to meet.

If you’re thinking of working for this company, it is an excellent company to work for. However, the pay rate is rather low compared to a few other mystery shopping companies. I’d also suggest that you take the position as a mystery shopper and not a Poofer.




25 thoughts on “Intelli Shop Mystery Shopper Review – Legit or Scam”

  1. received one of these bad checks, opened a separate acccount so only the so called check is avaliable for scam. also david heald is in the obituary. so, this is a bad deal. headed to bank first thing in morning to report this scam, and to the post office. wish i had read this before going to the bank. lesson learned.


    1. I am happy to hear that you did not follow the instructions given for cashing this check and sending them money. it is good that you reported this. I am not sure why you even tried to deposit this check but you did. Normally it is not possible to even do this because the banking numbers on the bottom of the check are not valid and are missing a few key numbers in order for a bank to accept this check. Thank you for reporting them and I am happy you did not get scammed by these people.


  2. Just recvd a letter and check from bogus intellishop as well. Check for $2450.24. Im supposed to deposit and buy gift card at Walmart and post office money orders for 1k and 700. And send. Guys name in Florida is Dave Heald. After researching here I see the scam. The first numbers on the bottom of the check are the check number. This is not how bank checks are. Routing and account #’s come first and then check #. So glad I checked this out. Paper and check now going in the shredder. Hope this helps others.


  3. Omg IntelliShop is a legitimate mystery shopping company that I work for and they do NOT send out checks to people and then ask them to send money back!! Why do people believe those scams? Most companies now pay through paypal or bank deposit.


    1. I just got a check for $2450.00 and a letter saying to buy money orders totaled 4 for $500 each. I am worried. I don’t want to deposit this check. How do you check out this check for scam then!


      1. No company would ever ask you to do this. Throw the check away and do not do what they ask of you. They will steal your money and you won’t be able to get it back. The person who did this is not a real company but a fraud.


  4. The first thing I did was take the check to Union Bank, and they laughed. The manager said
    ” we see these once in a great while, most people are smart enough to see this is a scam”. She recommended taking it to Wal-Mart and let them know what’s going on.


    1. There is so much information online for the past several years about people who try to scam others out of money. This company has been a victim of scams for quite some time now. For several years now, people have been claiming they work for this company or are the owners of this company. They send out checks or even money orders that they ask people to cash for them. In return for doing this, they offer you a portion of the money.

      If you have ever worked online or know anything about scams, you’d realize this would never happen in the real world. No company will ever send you a check for services you’ve not done and ask you to cash this check for them. There are many people out there that try to cash these check and when they do the funds are removed from their account and they are out a lot of money. If anyone tries to contact you and ask you to cash a check for them, this should send up a red flag and you should ask yourself why. Large companies don’t need people to cash checks for them and send them back money. Only people who are ripping you off or trying to scam you will do this.


  5. Hi Ann Leflore,
    I just wanted to give you a heads up that the fake intellishop company is sending counterfeit money orders to potential workers to complete mystery shops. They are asking that the shopper purchase gift cards in a particular dollar amount and send them to an address that may or may not have any part in their scam. This happened to me months ago. I did not participate in the shop because they wanted me to deposit the money order in my account, Unfortunately, I ripped up the money order and the letter because I was frustrated that I was contacted by a potential scam artist trying to steal money from my bank account. This was about 4 months ago. I’m contacting you now because I receive an email stating that they are from intellieshop and would like for me to take a survey to see if I qualify as a potential mystery shopper. The email addresses looked very suspicious via SurveyMonkey .


    1. You were right in doing what you did a few months back. This company has received a bad reputation because of people who try to rip off others. Almost all companies now no longer issue a check or even a money order to pay people. They are now depositing funds directly to your bank account or paying you through PayPal. The email address is a fake address and nobody asks you to take a survey to qualify as a mystery shopper. I would suggest contacting this company and sending them this information. They ware working with people to track down everyone who is sending out checks or money orders in their name. This will help them track the IP address and hopefully locate this group of people so they can be shut down and brought to justice.


      1. Please post the legitimate email address for intellishop. I too have received a cashier’s check issued by a credit union in Utah; mailed from a Florida address; while being contacted by a company rep in Springfield, Mass! BTW: Walmart wouln’t cash the check.


  6. I tried calling the bank that the check is drawn on and it is a legit bank but the bank number on the check is not. It asked for the account number and there is not enough numbers for an account. So this is how they would have gotten me not by stop payment the usual way.


    1. It is good that you’ve done your research about this company before attempting to deposit the check into your account. As you can see on here a few people did not do their research. They claimed that the company had stopped payment on the check. There is no need to stop the payment on the check because the account doesn’t exist. Therefore, the bank can’t honor the check.


  7. is there someone I should take this too like the police and/or Wal-Mart whom they are targeting again. I just received a check and read the letter and laughed. I was not depositing it so they can get my bank number and then even if I went to a check cashing place I would have to give my driver license not happening. After reading further to send a gram to someone I have no clue who it is in Fresno CA not happening. they were not going to pull one over on me. But it needs to get out there before others loose so much money and Identity’s.


    1. I would contact the company, the police. and even Wal-Mart. I think that Wal Mart should know about this company and refuse to allow anyone to do business with them. If the people at Wal Mart knows the name of this company when another person brings in a check or want to send off funds they can refuse to cash the check or send the funds. This way the people are protected and won’t lose money.


  8. Thank you Ann Leflore for the heads up I just received a check and instruction in the mail today. We were trying to see if this was a scam so now that I know I will trash this check. Thank again for the information and hopefully other will follow be hide and not get scammed.


    1. It is so good to know that you read my blog post before cashing the check and follow their instructions. The company is a legitimate company and they will pay for your work. However, you will need to pass a test before they hire you as a mystery shopper. No legitimate company will send you a check for 100 times the amount of money that you’d normally earn. Afterward, ask you to cash the check and send them back the money. I had so many people tell me they fell for this scam. You can always contact the legitimate company and report this. They are trying to find these people again and close them down so they don’t destroy the name of their business.


      1. How do I contact the real company because I still have the check and letter and the postage envelope it came in. I can send to them if it helps. I hate to see other people who would continue to fall for this. It should be stopped.


      2. I know the website has the full contact information listed. You can go to the site and contact this company. I believe the fastest way is by an email. I also have seen the address on their website where their office is located.


    1. The site isn’t a scam at all. What happened to you has happened to several other people. A scam company has taken on the name of this company. They will send you a check to participate in a mystery shopper job. They ask you to deposit this check and return some of the money back to the company. So many people have fallen for this scam. If you’d read this review and others online, you would have been warned about this company. it is a shame that people have fallen for this scam over and over again.


  9. I fulfilled the required steps and then they stopped payment so my account is now extremely negative. This company is pathetic

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This is a company that is pretending to be the actual company. There are so many complaints about this scam. The company has posted warning after warning about this and has told everyone to not fall for this scam. I’m so sorry this has happened to you and they have closed down these people several times, but unfortunately, they keep coming back. I have warned everyone in my review to look out for a bogus company claiming they are this company. There are several people who receive a large amount of money in a check and were asked to do the same thing as you have done. They have all lost their money because of this problem. No company will ever pay you and then ask you to send them back the money.

        I had a few people contact me that received a check from the bogus company. They asked me what to do. I told them to either return the check or throw it in the trash because it was worthless and these people were trying to scam them.


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