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Digital Global Forum Review – Legit or Scam

Digital Global Forum is a paid to post forum that rewards members in DG coins for posting new topics or comments. The forum is free to join and offers people an opportunity to earn a passive income posting online. The forum also has a marketplace where you can buy or sell products and services online. They also offer you a way to conduct legal business on the forum. When you join the forum you’ll find many different areas where you can learn about legal sites that pay people to work online, This is a rather new forum and just opened up in 2018. So far there are a few members on the forum that are active. This is a great opportunity to join the forum now and be part of the growing community.

How To Join Digital Global:

  1. Just visit the forum and sign up.
  2. You’ll need to select a username to use on the forum. Once you select your username, it can’t be changed. Your username can be any name that you wish to use.
  3. They require you to register using your email address.
  4. You’ll need to select your password.
  5. The company is asking for your birthday to sign up.
  6. You’ll need to agree to their terms and let them know if you want to receive an email from the company.

How Do You Earn Money?

  1. When you create a new topic or thread, you’ll earn 25 DG coins.
  2. Each time you replay to a new post, you’ll earn 15 DG coins.
  3. If you report a post or conversation that has violated the rules the site pays you 250 DG coins.
  4. If you add an avatar to the site, you’ll earn 50 DG coins.
  5. For each video that is related to the niche, you’ll earn 20 DG coins. Before adding a video the site requires that you visit the DG Media page to see what topic they are looking for.

Referral Program:

  1. The site has a referral program. However, before you can join the referral program you must have 100 posts before you can participate in this program.
  2. You’ll find your referral link on your account.
  3. Each person who signs up under your account must have 100 posts on the site before you can earn money for your referral.
  4. Each referral that meets the requirements of the site will earn you $5 or 5000 points in your account.
  5. If you meet the site’s requirements you can cash out the money or you can leave it in your account.

What is the Maximum Post Limit Each Day?

  1. New Topic or threads have a limit of 25 each day.
  2. Each comment or replay on a post has a limit of 25 each day.
  3. If you exceed this limit the new posts or comments won’t be paid. You are only paid for a certain number of comments and new topics each day.

Forum Rules:

  1. When posting on the forum, your posts must provide value to all forum members and visitors.
  2. You’re required to only post in English.
  3. The posts that you write on the site use correct grammar, punctuations, and sentence structure.
  4. Your English must not be broken or look like you are from a 3rd world country. They are looking for people who can write in English.
  5. The company uses Copyscape to check all your work. So it must be 100% original when you add it to the forum.
  6. If you add a new topic in the wrong area on the forum, the forum will deduct coins from your account.
  7. In order to be paid by the site, you must have 100 posts on the forum. After you’ve reached the 100 posts your account is upgraded.
  8. The site won’t accept any duplicate account. If you’ve created more than one account on the site, you’ll be banned. The site will wipe out the coins you’ve earned.
  9. Members earn rewards for reporting other members for not following the rules. Each time a member has reported a violation of the rules they earn coins for their efforts.
  10. You’re not paid to post in DC support or in the Buy-Sell-Trade section of the forum.
  11. If your account has been inactive for 3 months, the account will be closed and the coins n your account will be recovered.
  12. Accounts are banned if you’ve violated the terms of the site in a serious manner.
  13. There is no copying and pasting of content on the site.
  14. The content that you post on the site must add value to the forum.
  15. The site will deduct coins from your account if you fail to meet their quality level.
  16. Don’t post spammy posts on the site, they will be deleted and your account will lose coins.

How Does The Site Pay?

  1. Each 1000 DG coins equal $1.25.
  2. Once you made 100 posts or new threads on the site, you can request your payment.
  3. You can request payment once you have 1000 DG Coins in your account.
  4. You can only request payments from the site between the 1st and 5th of each month.
  5. You can’t request payment before or after the dates indicated by the site.
  6. To request payment or cash out on the site, you’ll need to go to the DG coins area.
  7. Click on the donate tab.
  8. Enter the username: DigitalGlobal.
  9. Enter the number of coins that you wish to withdraw. The amount must be 1000 coins or higher to withdraw from the site.
  10. In the message box, you’ll need to type in “I want to redeem X amount of coins for cash.”.
  11. Your PayPal ID must be included in the message, otherwise, your payment request will be ignored.
  12. If you don’t include your PayPal ID and the number of coins you wish to withdraw, the company will consider this a donation.
  13. Submit this to the company.
  14. The company will only send payment through PayPal.
  15. You must use your own PayPal account to receive payment from the site.


This is a relatively new forum that has just opened up in 2018. So far the site has 48 active members that participate in forum posting. The forum is very strict about the quality of content that is posted on the forum. They are looking for people who have English grammar skills. Furthermore, there are forum rules that you must follow when joining this site. If you don’t follow the rules, you’ll lose your coins or be banned from the site. You’ll need 100 posts on the forum before you can request your payment. Payments are only made on the 1st to the 5th of each month. The site requires you to have 1000 DG coins in your account before you request payment.

So far this site is a legitimate way to earn a passive income online. There is a posting limit each day that will earn you coins in your account. This is a new forum posting opportunity for people who like to post on forums and be paid for your time and efforts. Just follow the rules and have fun. You can earn a few dollars each month and learn about other ways to make money online.


Forum Posting

Forum Coin Review: Legit or Scam

Forum Coin is a forum posting site that lets you talk about different cryptocurrency. The site aims to become the new world currency. Here you have the options to buy or sell a different product for cash. The site allows you to earn ForumCoins for posting in the different categories on the forum. You’ll also earn extra ForumCoin through the Classified and Exchange program on the site. Here you can exchange your ForumCoins for jobs, asking people to sign-up to a site, paying a person to write a blog post for your and much more. Forum posting is less tedious than working on survey sites and you can learn so much on the forum. It is a good way to learn about cryptocurrency and the market today.

How Does It Work?

  1. You’ll need to visit the site and create an account. It is free to join the forum.
  2. Just enter your email information, name, and other details to create your account.
  3. Once you’ve confirmed your email and your account is activated take time to read the forum posting rules and how the site works.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the different topics and categories on the forum. Take a few minutes to search a few topics that might interest you.

How To Earn Money?

  1. Use the Classified Exchanges on the site to earn money from other members. You can offer to sell items, give lessons, or earn coins for completing different tasks.
  2. The site has a tutorial section. If you like to write tutorials, you can earn 150 ForumCoins for posting in this section.
  3. In the forum General Chat and Off Topics, you’ll earn 1.0 ForumCoins for each new topic you write or adding a comment to a topic in this section.
  4. The sections CGT, Computers, Gaming & Technology allow you to earn 1.0 ForumCoins for starting a new topic or posting a comment in these sections.
  5. The Webmaster Questions, Discussions & News will pay you 1.5 ForumCoins for adding a new topic or commenting on an existing topic.
  6. If you post in the Business, Money & Wealth or the BMW Forum, you’ll earn 1.5 Forum Coins for a new topic or for posting a comment on an existing topic.
  7. When you first join the forum you should post in the New Members Introduction. You’ll earn 1.5 ForumCoins for your introductions and 1.0 ForumCoins if you post a comment in this section.
  8. The Articles Tutorial section will earn you up to 150 ForumCoins for each new article or tutorial you post in this section.
  9. The other forum categories on the site will earn you money. However, if you chose to post in one of these areas the site will pay you 0.25 to 2 ForumCoins depending on where you post.
  10. You can earn 25 ForumCoins for each person who joins the site under your referral link. However, this person must make 20 posts on the forum to earn you the coins.

Does The Forum Have A Posting Limit?

  1. There is no posting limit on the site.
  2. The first 10 posts you add to the site each day will earn you the full amount of ForumCoins.
  3. All other posts will earn you 20% of the sections ForumCoins. This means you’ll earn 0.20 to 0.30 coins after you’ve successfully completed your 10 posts.

Does The Site Take Away Your Earning?

  1. Like all paid forum posting sites if you don’t follow the rules you can lose the coins you earned fro posting a new topic or comment.
  2. If you posted a comment on a topic that has been removed, you lose the coins you earned for your comment.
  3. If you post in incorrect forums the site will take away the coins you’ve earned. Make sure you’re adding the new topic in the correct forum, otherwise, you’ll lose the coins you’ve earned.
  4. If you post in the Ads Promotion section on the forum, you’ll pay the site 10 ForumCoins for your post.
  5. If you receive a warning from the site for breaching their official rules, the site will deduct coins from your account.

What are Official Offers?

  1. In Official Offers, you can offer to sell or exchange up to $5 that is in your PayPal account. You will ask a member if they are interested in purchasing this money in your account in exchange for giving you the same amount of ForumCoins for the transaction.
  2. You can sell Domain Names on the site and be paid in ForumCoins.
  3. If you have any gift cards you can’t use or just want to sell offer them to the members on the site. They will purchase them from you and you’ll be paid in ForumCoins.

How Does The Site Pay You?

  1. In order to request payment in your account, you’ll need $5 worth of ForumCoins.
  2. Each ForumCoin you earn on the site has a value of $0.01.
  3. The site will pay you through PayPal.
  4. It normally takes 72 hours to process and receive your money from the site.


This is a legitimate forum site to use. The site was opened in 2012 and has been paying the members on the site for posting new topics, answering on different topics, writing guides & tutorials, and referring new members.  If you enjoy working on a  forum, then I’d suggest you should join this site. You can earn a few coins for participating in the discussions, adding a new discussion, or even exchanging your other cryptocurrency.  You’ll learn about cryptocurrency, have a chance to exchange currency on the site, earn money by selling off your gift cards and much more.


Forum Posting

EarnThatBuck Review – Legit or Scam

EarnThatBuck is a new forum that pays you to post new threads or comments. The forum is based on making money online. On the forum, you’ll find articles and information about working online jobs that you can do online or offline. The forum is new and was registered on April 12, 2018, by Moniker Online Services LLC. Like a few other forums online that pay you to create a new thread or post a comment, they use their own form of coins. The site is using ETB coins to pay you. However, you’ll be able to covert these coins to cash once you’ve earned enough coins in your account.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to register an account with the site. They require you to choose a username, enter your email address and password.
  2. The site will send you an email to confirm your email address before you can access the forum.
  3. Click on the link in your email to confirm your email address.
  4. Once your email address has been confirmed you are now free to edit your account details or go to the home page of the forum.

How Do You Make Money?

  1. The site has a limitation on how many posts you can make in an hour.
  2. You are allowed to create a new thread or comment on an existing thread 3 times an hour. If you exceed the 3 post limit, you won’t earn credits on your account.
  3. Each time you post the system will check the quality of your post. The post should be at 100 or more characters long in order to earn credits for your new thread or comment.
  4. Before posting any new threads on the site, read the sticky guide first. This will tell you what the site wants and expects you to publish.
  5. The site will only give you credits when you post in these sections on the forum:
    1. Rewarding Apps and Sites
    2. Best Paid Surveys and Routers
    3. URL Shorteners
    4. Paid Tutoring
    5. Paid to Upload
    6. Get Paid to Write
    7. Work From Home
    8. Clinical Trials and Donations
    9. Contractor and Odd Jobs
    10. Sharing Economy Jobs
    11. Cashback, Coupons, and Freebies
    12. Loyalty Programs
    13. General Money Chat

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. When you refer a friend to the site you’ll earn 1000 ETB coins. The person must be an active member on the site and have a minimum of 20 posts to earn money from your referral.
  2. If you update your Avatar the site will pay you 5 ETB coins.
  3. When you replay to a thread on the site, you’ll earn 25 ETB coins. The replay must be relevant, informative, and about the topic being discussed.
  4. When you post a new thread on the site, you’ll earn 50 ETM coins.
  5. If a person likes your thread or comment you can earn 5 ETB coins. There is a limit of 5 likes per post or a new thread.

How Does the Forum Pay You?

  1. Before you can request payment, you’ll need 1000 ETB coins in your account. The coins will convert to $1.
  2. To redeem your coins it is a manual process and you must donate your coins back to the site using your Wallet.
  3. You’ll need to select the donate tab in your wallet and add the username, amount you want to redeem, and a message.
  4. Use the message box to add your PayPal account information. The company will only send money to PayPal accounts and doesn’t have any other method to pay you.
  5. Each month on the 5th, the company will process all payment request and send your money to your PayPal account.

Creating a New Topic:

  1. You are required to create your title.
  2. If you have an image this can be inserted into the body of the text first. The site wants the images at the top of the page.
  3. Give a description of the program that you are adding.
  4. Add your sub-titles in the post.
    1. Give the person an idea about the site using sub-title What is (name of program)
    2. Add site requirements under (name of program) Requirements.
    3. Add any tools or other items that you must have to join the site to work there. (name) Requirements.
    4. Explain how the site works.
    5. What is required of you from the site?
    6. If there is a training program and what it teaches you.
    7. How much can you earn?
    8. How are you paid?
    9. Your verdict: SCAM or LEGIT
    10. Your Turn – this ends the post with a question or a small summary.

What Are My Thoughts About This Site:

  1. The site expects a lot from the people. You are to write up a full review of each new program that you introduce on the site. This takes quite a bit of time to do all the research and give all the detail in your review. The site is only paying you 5 cents for a 500 to 1000 word review.
  2. You are earning 2.5 cents for posting a comment on the site. However, the comments should be around 300 to 600 characters long. Otherwise, you’re not rewarded for the comment you make.
  3. The site seems like an exact mirror of another popular forum online for making money.
  4. This site is only a few months old and there is no telling I the site will make it or not.
  5. You’ll be spending a lot of time on the site to make a few cents each day. The length of new reviews and comments is rather strict and this makes it difficult to earn ETB coins from the site.


This is a rather new site and has only been online since April of 2018. So far the site is paying people to post new threads and comments. However, the guidelines, format, and length of each new post are ridiculous. You are writing up a full-blown review for 5 cents. In cases like this, if you want to write up a review about a website that you can earn money online, it is better to start your own review site. This way you’ll earn money from advertisers and other affiliate programs. There is no need to post a full page review on any forum site for 5 cents. However, if you want information about a new program that you can work on at home, the site does have some excellent reviews that you can read. This is a good reference site to use to find information about working online and earning money.


Forum Posting

Paid Forum Posting Review – Legit or Scam

Paid Forum Posting is a website that offers SEO Article writing services, standard articles, forum or blog posting, proofreading and editing, resume services, social media management, and virtual assistance services. The original company was established in 2005 and recently is under new ownership and management. The new owners of the company are now located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company hires writers worldwide and it is necessary that each writer takes a performance test to ensure they have the necessary qualification to meet the new, higher standards of the company.

How Does it Work?

  1. If you’d like to write for this company, you must first read the rules about the company before applying.
  2. The company accepts only writers that are 18-years of age or older. There is no exception to this rule.
  3. You’ll need to create an account on the site. The website only allows you to have one account.
  4. The company requires you to create a username for their site that you’ve never used on any other online account or registration.
  5. After the company changed hands, they now allow the writer to reapply to the site. However, if you’d like a second chance, you’ll need to notify the admin of the site. They don’t want you to create a new account but use your existing account. The site admin will update your writer’s status before you can take the test a second time.
  6. Once your account has been established, you’ll need to visit the Applicant Posting Area. There you’re required to make 7 unique posts on their forum. This can be a combination of creating a new thread or leaving a comment on an existing thread.
  7. All posts made in this area must be 25-words or longer in order to qualify for the test.
  8. You only are allowed to make 7 posts in this area. Once you’ve finished the 7th post in the testing area, you’re required to go to a thread called “Hit My 7th” and let the company know that you’ve made your 7 posts. At this time, you’ll need to stop posting in this area. If you continue to post in this forum, your application will automatically be rejected.
  9. The company recommends that you apply to this site using a computer or laptop. They claim that people who apply for this position using a smartphone or table have a higher rate of spelling errors and other mistakes in their test posts.
  10. The site’s admin will review your 7 posts and notify you by PM if you’re accepted or rejected to the site. At times a writer is required to make a few extra posts on the testing forum. If you’re not asked to make additional posts, the admin warns you that adding extra content to this area will disqualify you from the acceptance process.

Application Forum Posting Rules:

  1. When creating your 7 posts, you’ll need to follow the forum rules.
  2. You’re not allowed to add any links to your posts. Don’t try and advertise on this forum and get other members to join your referral program or become an affiliate.
  3. Keep the language appropriately, that means you can’t use any foul language when posting on this forum.
  4. Each post made on this forum needs to be in proper English. The company won’t allow you to use abbreviations or test language that you’d use when sending out a text message. They also frown on the excessive use of emotions on your test posts.
  5. The topics that you create can’t be about illegal activities, terrorism, sexual content or drugs.
  6. Don’t copy and paste content in the testing area. All posts that contain plagiarism will automatically disqualify you.
  7. When creating or commenting on the existing thread, you’ll need to be respectful to other site applicants or the PFP staff.

How Does The Company Hire Writers?

  1. Once your 7 posts have been completed, the admin staff will review your writing skills.
  2. Your application is judged on how well you follow the instructions the site has given you before posting on the forum.
  3. You’re judged on your grammar, spelling, punctuation and proper sentence structure.
  4. When writing your posts, make sure they are informative, stay on topic, and add information to the discussion. Don’t post a simple response that says “I agree”. Each response you make must be 25-words or longer.
  5. Proofread all your content before submitting, you are judged on how well you can proofread your responses before submitting them to the forum.
  6. The company will review all applicants post during the week. If you post on the weekend this could take several days for the staff to review your content. Furthermore, the staff doesn’t work on holidays.
  7. If you’ve been accepted, the company sends you an email with a link. You must follow the link and let the company know that you’ve accepted their terms before you are allowed to enter the paid forum posting area.

How Does the Paid Forum Posting Area Work?

  1. In this area, you’ll find all the jobs listed.
  2. You are free to pick a job as long as it is not full.
  3. Accepting a job is easy. All you’ll need to do is enter your request to take one of the positions available.
  4. Once you’ve accepted the job, you’ll have several hours to start the job.
  5. On the job thread, you’ll need to enter your username that you’ve registered under.
  6. Each forum posting job will have two numbers in the job description. The numbers indicate how many new topics and how many comments you must make to fulfill the job requirements. You’ll see a number such as 5/25. This indicates that you must create 5 new topics and comment on 25 existing topics.
  7. Each job has a deadline for you to complete the job. You are not allowed to complete the job before the deadline. That means, that you’ll need to spread your content out over the time period.
  8. The site only allows you to make 3 posts per day in each forum you’re working on.
  9. After posting on the forum, you’re required to go back to the job thread and update your status. This lets the site know your progress so they can keep an eye on the job.
  10. You’ll also need to create a personal thread on the site. The personal thread will help you track all of your jobs and submit your work for payment.
  11. If you’ve completed your work on the forum and there are still other positions available, you can request to work on this forum again.
  12. As a new writer on the site, you’re given a site status of a Trainee. As a trainee, you are limited to the number of jobs you can work on. The site will evaluate your work during your training period. If you’ve completed your training period successfully on the site, your status will change to a writer. As a writer, you’ll earn a higher pay rate for posting on the forums and you’ll be allowed to accept more jobs to work on.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. Each post you make on a forum has a set amount of money you’ll earn.
  2. On your personal job post, you’ll keep track of the number of new topics and comments you’ve made. When you’ve completed your work, you’ll update this post.
  3. This thread is to help you keep track of your work and when you request payment from the company.
  4. You’ll need to use your personal job post in order to request payment. You’ll be submitting your payment request to the site in the form of a PM.
  5. The site has a strict format for you to use and you must follow this format in order to be paid.
  6. Once you’ve submitted your payment request, this will take 24 to 48 hours to process. The site must verify your work before you’re paid.
  7. Once your work has been verified the company sends your earning to your PayPal account.

What People Say About this Site:

  1. The site is very hard to be approved as a writer. You are given only one change to pass the entrance test. The admin of the site doesn’t like giving you a second chance to apply for the job.
  2. The company has now lowered the payment a trainee receives for posting on forums. You’ll need to accept the lower pay rate until your account has been upgraded to a writer.
  3. When you first start working on the site the job board is very confusing. You have no idea what the numbers mean or even how to apply for the work.
  4. It is difficult to keep track of your work. You are always having to update the job board with your completed work daily and update your personal log.
  5. You are the one who keeps track of how many posts you make each day. The site doesn’t have an automated system that counts the number of posts you make.
  6. Many good writers try to apply for this job; however, not so many are accepted.


This is a legitimate company that hires freelance writers to write forum posts. The company has other types of jobs you can apply for. However, these jobs are not available to new writers. You must be an established writer on the site before you can actually make decent money working for this company. Now that the new owners have taken over the site, there are more jobs you can work on. However, the new owners are still following the same configuration of the site as before. The site doesn’t have an automated system that counts the number of posts you make on the site.

This is a decent company to work for once you understand how the site works. The major drawback of this site is the number of posts you can make each day and how long the jobs take to complete. Some jobs are easier to complete and finish, while other jobs will last several weeks. You’ll need to work on these jobs longer before you can get paid for your work. If you accept one of the other writing jobs on the site, you could spend a great deal of time researching the information that is necessary to write the article. The site allows the client to request 3 rewrites of your work. If the client rejects all of your rewrites, you won’t be paid for your work. This job won’t earn you a great deal of money, however, it is a good job if you’re looking for a passive income.


Forum Posting

Forum For U Review – Legit or Scam

Forum For U was opened in 2014 by Norman Prodhan. This is an online forum that pays you to post new topics and comments. The forum has a marketplace where you can buy or sell your virtual goods or digital content. Furthermore, you can visit the offers section on the forum to earn money performing micro-tasks or even buy different services the other members have to offer. You can also write articles or tutorial to earn money on the site or join in a discussion about designing and programming. You will also be introduced to online opportunities that you can make money while working online. This is a special community where people come together to share, learn, and earn a passive income.

How Does it Work?

  1. You’ll need to create an account on the forum before you can start posting new topics or comments.
  2. When posting on the forum it is forbidden to post any illegal or copyright material on the forum.
  3. The site won’t allow you to have multiple accounts from the same IP address.
  4. When posting content on the site it is forbidden to use shortened URLs in your content.
  5. The site forbids you to post any content that contains pornography, gambling or nudity.
  6. You are not allowed to make duplicate posts on one thread. If you post a comment, you’ll need to wait until a person posts another comment before you can comment again on the same post.
  7. When posting a new thread on the site, you’ll need to search the site to verify if this thread has been posted before or not. There are no duplicate threads or comments allowed on the site.
  8. Each discussion you create or comment on must be related to the topic. You can’t post information about politics, religion or drugs on the site.
  9. There is no bumping up your personal threads. You are allowed to comment on your own threads, but you need to wait for another member to post a comment first.
  10. It is forbidden to send spam messages to other members by PM. If you’re reported for this, you’ll be banned from the site.
  11. You will need to have a minimum of 25 posts on your account before you’re allowed to add any clickable links to your threads or comments.
  12. If your account is inactive for 30 days, it will be deleted from the site.

How To Earn Money on Forum For U?

  1. You can earn money by posting new topics, commenting on existing topics, create polls, replying to a comment, when a person comments on your topic, and referrals.
  2. To earn $1 on the site, you’ll need 100 FFU coins.
  3. Each time you post a new thread on the site, you’ll earn 2.00 FFU coins which are equal to $0.02.
  4. For each new post you make on the site, you’ll earn 1.00 FFU coins which are equal to $0.01.
  5. Each new poll you create on the site earns you 0.20 FFU coins which are equal to $0.002.
  6. If a person replies to you, you’ll earn 0.10 FFU coins which are equal to $0.001.
  7. However, if a person replies to one of your threads, you’ll earn 0.25 FFU coins which are equal to $0.0025.
  8. For each referral that signs up on the site and makes 100 posts, you’ll earn 20 FFU coins. You’ll need to contact the admin of the site to receive your credit.
  9. The site also offers you 10 to 100 FFU coins if you write an article or tutorial for the site. You’ll need to post the article or tutorial on the site and send the link to the admin. They will check your work and get back to you within 7 days.
  10. Each article or tutorial needs to be a minimum of 450 words. They must be written in Standard English with no spelling or grammar errors. Furthermore, they must be helpful and your original articles or tutorials. You can add one new article or tutorial to the site each day. The pay is $0.10 to $1.00 for each article the site accepts and pays for.
  11. Each new thread or comment on the site has to be 400 characters long in order to earn money from the forum.

How Does the Company Pay?

  1. You’ll need to have 500 FFU coins in your account before you can request payment. The coins will convert to $5.
  2. After requesting payment the admin of the site will review your request.
  3. The payments are sent to your PayPal account.
  4. The site doesn’t pay the PayPal fees and they are deducted from your earnings.

Thought About This Site:

  1. The owner of the site wants you to write quality articles and tutorials, but he isn’t willing to pay for your work. Each article or tutorial that you write, he’ll offer you 10 to 100 FFU coins. This converts to $0.10 to $1 for each article or tutorial that you create.
  2. The amount of money earned for each thread, comment, new poll or response on the site is very low.
  3. When you comment or create a new thread or post on the site, you’ll now need to write 400 characters in order to earn from your comments. This was recently increased from 100 characters for a new comment or post because the owner thought that he would receive a higher quality of content on the site. This has made many of the older members stop posting on the forum and the forum is not receiving a great deal of activity now.
  4. I can’t find out how many posts you can make each day to earn money. I think there is a limit to the number of posts and threads you can work on each day.


This is a legitimate site and many of the site members have posted recent payment proof on the forum. However, the rate of pay and the number of posts that you can create each day will make it difficult to earn 500 FFU coins on the site so you can cash out. The site only pays you by PayPal. Not long ago the site owner closed down the earning portion of the site. However, he has opened this up again and has started to pay people for participating on his forum.

This forum has limited information on it, but you can find some helpful information pertaining to working online, web hosting, CEO tactics, and a marketplace where you can offer your services or sell your digital goods online. If you are looking for a forum to earn money on, you can try this forum. It is a passive income and designed to earn a few dollars each month. You won’t be able to rely on this forum to earn more than $5 a month unless you post some offers in the marketplace and other members hire you for your talents.


Forum Posting

Postloop Review – Legit or Scam

Postloop is a comment exchange platform that was created in 2010. The Royal Medial LC in South Carolina created the site to help forum, blog, and website owners increase their traffic and ranking with search engines. As a freelance writer, you can join the site and earn a passive income each month by leaving comments on blogs, forums, and website. Many forums, websites, and blog owners will pay you for your services. This helps them to establish their blog, website, or forum and attract more visitors. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone worldwide that enjoys this type of work.

How Does it Work?

  1. Anyone can register and join Postloop as long as you can prove to the company you have excellent English grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills.
  2. You’ll need to create an account on Postloop.
  3. An email is sent to your inbox that has a link for you to follow. You must click on this link to verify your account.
  4. Once your account has been activated, you’ll need to take a writing test for the company. This is a simple test for some, but others find it very hard to pass this test.
  5. You’ll need to use your sign-up information to create an account on The Postloop Portal forum.
  6. They will send you an email to verify your account.
  7. Once your account has been verified, you’ll need to subscribe to The Postloop Portal before starting your test.
  8. You will locate The Postloop Portal on Postloop and hit the subscribe button first.
  9. After this step has been completed, you’ll need to go to The Postloop Portal and start your test.
  10. Your test will be to make 10 posts on the forum. This test will include that you create a new thread and make comments on existing threads.
  11. The company normally likes to see a combination of new threads and comments on the forum. This shows them that you are capable of creating a new thread and adding comments to existing threads.
  12. Once your 10 posts are completed the company will review your posts.
  13. This normally takes 24 hours if you’ve created your account during the week. However, if you’ve created your account on Friday to Sunday, this will take a bit longer for the company to review your posts.
  14. After your posts have been reviewed, you’ll receive an email.
  15. The email will let you know if you’ve passed the test or not.
  16. There are 3 possible outcomes. If you’ve passed the test, you’ll receive a quality rating from the site. If you have a few issues with one or two of your posts, the company can give you a second chance to add another 10 posts on their forum to evaluate. However, if your content is way below the company’s expectations, you’ll not be able to reapply for the work.
  17. It is very important to subscribe to the forum before starting your post.
  18. When taking the test pay close attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. You are graded on these fields and if you fail, you’ll not be given a second chance to try again.

How To Make Money:

  1. Once you’ve passed the posting test, you can now join different forums and start working.
  2. Your initial rating will determine how many forums you can join.
  3. The higher your rating, the more forums you can join and post on.
  4. Each time you post on a forum, you’ll earn points for your work.
  5. Each point you earn will convert to $0.08.
  6. Each forum has a different amount of points you can earn for posting new threads or comments on the forum.
  7. Furthermore, there is a limit to the number of new posts or threads you can make each day. You’ll see how many new threads or comments you can create on the job board.
  8. When posting on forums that allow you to make more than 10 comments each day, it is advised to spread these comments out during the day. If you make all the comments within an hour, the points you’ll receive will be lower.

Joining New Forums:

  1. The company lists all the forums on your job board.
  2. The forums you can join will be highlighted and will have a rating level for the forum.
  3. The higher your rating is on the site, the more forums you can work on.
  4. The company rates their writer on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest.
  5. Anyone with a rating of lower than 3 will normally not be able to work on the site.
  6. It is necessary that you try to achieve and maintain a rating of 4.0 or higher.
  7. Check each of the forums on the site to see which forum interest you.
  8. Select your forum and join the forum.
  9. Before starting to work on the forum go back to the job board and subscribe to this forum.
  10. Once you’ve subscribed to the forum, you can now start to comment on the forum and your comments will be created to your account.
  11. It is very important that you always register on a forum first, and then subscribe to the forum before starting to work. Otherwise, your comments on the forum won’t be credited to your Postloop account.

Your Postloop Rating:

  1. Your initial Postloop rating is given to you by the site. This rating was determined by the score you received on your 10 posts.
  2. Your rating can increase or decrease as time goes by.
  3. Blog, website, and forum owners will rate your comments on their site. A rating will be posted on your dashboard. The ratings are anonymous and you won’t know which site gave you this rating. However, each rating comes with an explanation and why they gave you this rating.
  4. Some blog owners will give you a poor rating if you continue to comment on older posts. They like fresh new content on their forum and will give you a higher rating if you create new thread or comment on a new thread that has been created by another member.
  5. If your rating on the site starts to fall, you’ll not have access to the other forums. You’ll be limited to the number of forums you can work on each day it is important to keep a high rating on the site in order to work on higher paying forums.
  6. Your overall rating is determined by your initial rating given to you on the site, plus your next 3 rating that you receive from the site owners. Each rating is calculated on a 30-day period and the rating you have on your account is for the past 30-days.
  7. However, if you haven’t received at least 3 rating in the past 30-days, your rating is based on the last 10 ratings you’ve received on the site, regardless of when you received this rating.
  8. It is good that rating can expire because if you have received a low rating, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your rating.
  9. If you’ve received a rating from a site owner that you feel is unfair, it is easy to ask for clarification. All you need to do is go to your rating received page and click on the comment from the rating that you disagree with. Leave a comment on this rating so the forum owner can read your comment. The forum owner has to option to either answer you back or to ignore you.
  10. Postloop will review all rating given on the site. If they feel that a rating a person has received is unfair, it is possible that Postloop will contact the site owner or they can change or delete this rating.

Why Are Posting Points Not Credited to My Account?

  1. After registering on the forum, you’ve failed to return to Postloop and subscribe to the forum. Each forum you join, you must go back to Postloop and hit the subscribe button. You’ll need to enter your username that you registered with on the forum and submit the information to Postloop.
  2. Any posts or comments left on a forum before you subscribe to this forum won’t be credited to your account.
  3. Each post or comment takes time to show up in your account. You’ll normally see your credit appear after 10 minutes.
  4. At times the forum, website, or blog have an not Active status next to them. This means that the site is not active at this time and you shouldn’t post on this site because you won’t earn a credit. You’ll need to check on the job board before going to the site to start working. This will ensure that the site is active and you’ll earn credit for posting or commenting on this site.
  5. At time Postloop can’t validate a site. You’ll be able to check the site’s validation time to make sure that Postloop can validate this site before posting on the site. Postloop needs to track your posts and comments; therefore, it is necessary to check when the site was last validated by Postloop.
  6. Some forums have non-paid sections. If you happen to post in one of these sections, you’ll not receive a posting credit for your work. Check the site information before starting to work. It is important that you only post or comment in paid sections on the site.
  7. Some forum, blog or website site owner want to moderate all content on their site. You’ll need to wait for the owner to moderate your post or comment before a credit can be added to your account.
  8. You won’t receive credits on your account if your subscription status is not active. If you’ve unsubscribed or the owner has revoked your subscription, you won’t receive any credit from this site. Make sure to check if your subscription status is active on the site before starting to work.

How Does the Point System Work?

  1. The owner of the forum is given points when they pay Postloop. The points are deducted from their account when a member of Postloop posts on their site.
  2. Each site that you post on will gain you points in your Postloop account.
  3. The higher the points the owner of the site has, the more points you can earn for posting on this site.
  4. You will earn more points if you spread out your posts or comments during the day. However, if you make all your comments and posts at the same time, you’ll earn fewer points from the owner of the site.
  5. The owner of the site can give you extra points for posting fantastic content on their site.
  6. Your points are also determined by the rating you have on the site. The higher your overall rating, the more points you’ll earn from the work you do.
  7. There is no limitation to the number of points you can earn each day. The only limitation is to the number of posts or comments you can make on a single site each day. The number of posts and comments is determined by the site owner.

How Are You Paid?

  1. Each point you earn on the site will convert to $0.07. However, if you have a higher rating on the site you can earn up to $0.12 for each post you make on a forum, blog, or website.
  2. You’ll need to have a balance in your account of $5 before you can request payment.
  3. After requesting your payment, the staff at Postloop will review your account. This can take up to 24 hours depending on your account and when your request was submitted.
  4. In order to cash out or request a payment from the site, you must have an overall rating of 2.85 or higher. If your rating is lower than the average, you’ll not be paid from the site.
  5. Once you submit your payment request, the points will be removed from your account.
  6. Any member of the site that lives in the US and earns more than $600 in a year from the site, will be contacted by the site to submit your SSN. The site is required by law to report your earning over $600.
  7. Your payments are sent out to your PayPal account.
  8. The company sends payment to the email address that you’ve registered with. Therefore, your PayPal account must use the same email address in order to receive your payment. There is nowhere on the site that you can add a different PayPal email address so that you can receive your payment from the company.


This is a legitimate company that has been in business since 2010. They hire writers worldwide to work for them. You’ll be writing comments on forums, blogs, and websites. Each comment you add to the owner’s site will earn you points in your account. The points you earn are converted to cash. You can receive payment from the company once you’ve accumulated $5 in your account. When registering with the site make sure that you register with your PayPal email address. The company will use your registered email address to send your payments to you. If you enjoy posting comments or new topics on forums, then this is a great opportunity for you. However, this won’t be a full-time income, but you can earn a passive income each month from Postloop.


Forum Posting

The Forum Wheel Review – Legit or Scam

The Forum Wheel is a paid forum posting site that hires people worldwide to create forum posts for money. According to the website, you can earn money by simply posting in online communities. Forum owners will hire people to boost their forum activity and post new content on their forums. As a forum contributor, it is easy to find online communities through the site that will pay you for your contribution. Each day you’ll be required to join different forums and add new comments or topic to the forum. You’ll be paid by how much you contribute to each forum. If you like joining forums, adding new content, and interacting with existing forum members, then this is a great opportunity for you.

How Does it Work?

  1. You can create an account with the site for free.
  2. After creating your account, you’ll receive an email.
  3. Follow the link in the email to activate your account.
  4. After activating your account, you’re required to create a second account on the site using the exact same information that you used to register. You’ll be creating an account on The Gateway.
  5. Your account on The Forum Wheel and The Gateway needs to be linked together in order to complete the second step when registering for the site.
  6. After creating your account, you must subscribe to The Gateway. This will link the two accounts together. If you fail to subscribe to The Gateway, your 10 tests posts won’t be submitted for approval.
  7. One your account has been created and activated on The Gateway; you’ll be required to create 10 forum posts on this forum.
  8. Once you’ve completed the 10 posts on the forum they are automatically submitted to the forum moderators to evaluate.
  9. The forum moderators will check your posts for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  10. After the review, you’ll receive an email. The email will explain if you’ve been accepted to the site or rejected.
  11. You’ll only have one chance to pass the test. The site won’t allow you to register another account and try again.
  12. If you pass the test, you’ll be given access to the paid forum posting section on the site.
  13. This is where you’ll be able to register with other forums and be paid to submit content on these forums.
  14. The site doesn’t have a minimum age requirement to join the site.
  15. There are also no restrictions to your location. It appears that the site accepts all international writers as long as you can pass the test.

How To Create An Account on The Gateway:

  1. After creating your account on The Forum Wheel, you’ll need to click on The Forum Tab on your dashboard.
  2. Locate The Gateway Forum. You’ll find The Gateway at the top of the list. The Gateway will be highlighted in bold text to make it easier to spot.
  3. Click on the green plus sign next to the name.
  4. A drop-down menu box will appear. You’ll be required to enter the username and email address you’ve used to register on the site.
  5. After filling in the information click on the submit button.
  6. This will link your two accounts together and give you an active account on The Gateway.
  7. You can now create your 10 posts to submit to the company for approval.

How Are You Rated On the Site?

  1. The first rating that you receive on the site is based on the 10 posts you’ve made.
  2. This rating will give you access to different forums you can post in.
  3. You’ll be required to sign up to different forums.
  4. After signing up, you can either reply to an existing thread or create a new thread.
  5. You’ll be required to create a new thread in the appropriate category on the forum.
  6. Once you’ve created 5 comments, they can be a new thread or a relay to an existing thread, the forum owner will be asked to grade your work.
  7. The forum owner will rate you on a 1 to 5 scale.
  8. The lowest rating on the site is a 1.0. This means that the owner of the forum thought that you did the worst job possible when commenting on his forum.
  9. The owner of the forum must supply you with a reason as to why they gave you the rating they did.
  10. The rating that you receive from the forum owners will determine your rating on the site and how much you’ll make for each comment you leave on a forum.
  11. If you’ve received a bad rating from a forum owner, this can reflect your overall rating on the site.
  12. You can improve your rating on this forum, by following the instructions the forum owner has given. Furthermore, you can take his comment and improve on the quality of your comments that are left on their forum.
  13. Forum owners will grade you on the content that you supply. It is better to leave a 3 to 4 line comment on each forum. This way you’ll receive a decent rating from the forum owner.
  14. Each forum owner will rate you on your content, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Pay close attention when commenting on each forum. This is important for you to reach a higher level on the site and earn more money for each comment that is left on the forums.
  15. If you improve the quality of comments left on each forum, the forum owner’s can change your rating.
  16. Furthermore, the rating you have on the site will determine how many forums you can post in. Therefore, it is necessary to try and obtain the highest rating possible on the site so you can post on more forums and earn a higher rate of pay.

How Are Your Points Determined?

  1. Each comment you leave on a forum will earn you 1 point.
  2. The site will calculate your points based on how many comments you leave on each forum.
  3. In each forum, you’ll have a certain number of comments you can leave each day.
  4. If you leave all your comments at once, you’ll receive a lower point value for your comments.
  5. Forum owners want the comments spread out over time. That means that you should leave no more than 3 comments on the forum at a time. You can go back to the same forum a few hours later and leave another 3 comments. You can continue to do this during the day until the maximum number of comments has been made on a single forum.

How Much Are Points Worth?

  1. The value of your points is determined by the level you’ve achieved on the site.
  2. The Level 1 will only receive 1 point for each comment left on a forum.
  3. You’ll earn $0.05 for each point that you receive.
  4. If you achieve a higher level on the site, your points will increase for each comment you make.
  5. The Level 5 comments will receive 2.5 points for each comment they leave on the site. You’ll be paid $0.13 for each comment as a Level 5 contributor.

The Referral Program:

  1. The Forum Wheel has a referral program.
  2. Any active member on the site can join the referral program.
  3. Each person that signs up to the site as your referral, you’ll earn an extra 20% bonus in your account.
  4. You’re paid 20% based on the points your referral earns on the site. This is good for the lifetime of their account.
  5. The more referrals you have on your account, the higher your earnings will be.
  6. You can advertise The forum Wheel on your own website, on other online forums, on your social media accounts, use business cards or even flyers. Make sure that you add your referral link so that people can sign up using your referral link. This way you’ll earn credit for the work they do.

How Do You Get Paid?

  1. You’ll need to accumulate enough points in your account to convert to $5.
  2. Once you’ve reached $5 in your account you can request payment.
  3. The site pays you using PayPal. Therefore, it is necessary that you have an active PayPal account to work on this site.
  4. The company needs to verify your account and will pay you after it has completed the verification process.
  5. You’ll receive payment in your PayPal account within 24 to 48 hours after requesting payment from the site.


This is a legitimate site that pays you to post on forums. You’ll earn $0.05 for each point you earn on a forum. Your ratings, your pay, and money you earn are determined by the level you’ve achieved on the site. The higher your level on the site will earn you a higher rate of pay. Each point earns you $0.05. Therefore, if you’ve achieved a Level 5 on the site, you’ll earn 2.5 points for each comment you leave. This will convert to $0.13 for 2.5 points.

This is a legitimate way to earn a passive income online. However, there isn’t enough work for you to earn a full-time income posting on forums. Each forum has a specific number of comments you can leave each day. Furthermore, you can only unlock certain forums based on your level on the site. Anyone who has achieves a Level 5 on the site will have access to all the forums. However, if you have a lower level on the site, there will be a limited number of forums you can post on.

Remember this work isn’t for everyone. It can be time-consuming and you’ll be dealing with the forum owners and how they rate you. At times there are some forum owners who demand that you write long comments before they will give you a decent rating. While other forum owners will only require you to write 25 to 50 words before giving you a decent rating. You’ll need to find out what forums give you the highest rating for the number of words you must write on their forums. This will ensure that you receive a high rating on the site and can comment on more forums to earn a higher rate of pay.

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