Ai-Media Review: Legit or Scam

Ai-Media is a company that offers live captioning, transcriptions, and closed captioning services. The company hires freelance captioners or transcribers to work for them. Currently, they are only hiring people who live in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Australia. The job of live captioning is very similar to transcribing an audio tape. However, with live or closed captioning, you’ll be working with videos or movies and typing the spoken text at the bottom of the screen. The company will provide you with all the tools you need to do this job and they have a 4 to 6-hour training class which you must take in order to start.

How Does it Work?

  1. The company is hiring native English speakers who are proficient in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  2. You must apply for the job from the company and fill out the application. If there isn’t any job opening at the time the company will have you send them your CV to keep on file. When the company has a job opening they will contact you.
  3. When you complete the application, the company will do a background check on you. This is standard for anyone they hire.
  4. The main skills a captioner should have a good command of the English language both colloquially and formally.
  5. You’ll need to be able to type the spoken word using the software provided for you so that the captions you type flow smoothly from one screen to another.
  6. You need a computer with an internet connection in order to do this job.
  7. The software only works on a Windows machine. You can use a MAC as long as you can install Windows on the machine.
  8. You will need to use the Chrome browser to work with the software correctly.


  1. In order to understand how the software works and what your job will be, the company has you go through a training class.
  2. The class is 4 to 6 hours long.
  3. This is a fast-paced class that will teach you how to use the software, how to sync up your captions with the videos, and how to use the respeaking software to have your voice turned into the caption file.
  4. The course is not paid and you’ll need to pass this class before you can begin working with this company.


  1. One of the captioning techniques you’ll be working with is respeaking.
  2. The captions will be produced through a voice recognition technology. Here you’ll be using a special software that will capture your voice and produce a text document.
  3. You will be listening to an audio source such as a video, live event, or even a telephone conversation.
  4. You will be speaking into a microphone and repeating exactly what you’ve heard. You will add the punctuation and sound effects as you speak.
  5. The microphone is connected to a special voice recognition software that will transfer your voice to a test or caption file.
  6. You will see the text appear on the screen as you are talking.
  7. After the transcript of the audio has been completed, it is your job to correct any problems and regulate the text that was typed on the screen.
  8. The text needs to be in sync with the video’s audio in order to be correct and produce the caption file.
  9. You will also do live events that you’ll listen to a broadcast via Wi-Fi and see the viewer’s device in real time. This works the same way as the capture, recording does for videos. When the captions are done and displayed on the screen, you’ll need to edit the files and make sure they sync up with the video.


  1. You will be using a stenotype machine to type in shorthand commands to produce the transcript.
  2. You will be listening to the audio tape and use shorthand commands to record the spoken words. This can be from a video, live broadcast, or even a phone conversation. You will need to type in the shorthand commands for each work, punctuation, and sound you hear on the recording.
  3. The machine is linked to your computer and will receive the captioned words in real time. You’ll be able to see the shorthand words appear on the screen as you are typing them into the machine.


  1. The company also offers transcribing jobs that you can do.
  2. As a transcriber, you’ll be listening to the audio tapes and creating a text document.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. Each job pays a different price.
  2. Depending on the length of the video or the audio file you are working on.
  3. According to the site, you can make $27 to $42 per video hour. Just keep in mind this isn’t your pay rate for the number of hours you work on the video or audio file.
  4. Each video hour will normally take you around 3 hours to complete the job.
  5. This includes your typing time, editing time, research and replay time you spend on the video or audio file.

How Are You Paid?

  1. The company pays every two weeks.
  2. The money you earn is sent to your PayPal account.


This is a legitimate company to work for. If you have any transcribing experience this is an excellent job to apply for. The company does transcribe of audio tapes and also captioning for movies, video files, live broadcasts and more. You will need to take a training class through the company that isn’t paid. In your training, they will teach you how to use the different equipment and what is expected from you. The company will perform a background check on you before you are able to work with them. You will be working as a freelance typist and the company will supply you with the work.


Tigerfish Transcribing Review: Legit or Scam

Tigerfish Transcribing is a company that transcribes audio tapes into readable text. The company is always looking for transcribers to join and if you live in the United States and are 18 years of age or older you can join this company. You don’t need any previous experience transcribing audio tapes in order to apply for the company. Like all transcribing companies, there will be a test for you to take before you can be hired. The company requires that you have a phone they can contact you on. Furthermore, you’ll need your own computer and a high-speed internet connection. After you’ve been hired the company requires that you buy a program to do the work with.

How Does It Work?

  1. You must live in the United States in order to apply to this company.
  2. The company requires that you are 18 years of age or older in order to apply for a job.
  3. You will need to own your own computer in order to work at home for this company.
  4. You’re required to have a high-speed internet connection in order to download the orders and send them back to the company once they are completed.
  5. Before you decide to take the test the company will have you download their styling guide. The guide will tell you how they expect the documents formatted. In order to take the test and past the test it will be necessary for you to study this guide and understand the format the company uses.
  6. There are 3 audio files that you must download from the website and transcribe for the company during the test.
  7. Each audio file is around 5 minutes long and must be formatted according to the document that you downloaded.
  8. When you’ve completed the test it will be sent back to the company in an email.
  9. When sending in the files, you’ll need to send in an essay about yourself, select the subjects you are familiar with, and how many hours a week you want to work.
  10. The company is also interested in which days each week you can work and the time of the day you’re available.
  11. Once the test has been completed, you’ll need to fill out the application form for the company.
  12. The company will require you to tell them how long it took you to transcribe each of the audio files.
  13. If you pass the test the company will notify you.l
  14. At this time you’ll be required to purchase a good headset and foot pedal to use for the job.
  15. The company also requires that you purchase Start Stop’s Power Play for Windows media to do the transcribing jobs with. The program cost is $250 for the software.
  16. The total application process may take up to 3 weeks before you hear back from the company.

How Much Can You Earn?

  1. The company doesn’t pay by audio minutes but will pay by how many words you transcribe for each audio tape.
  2. You will earn $0.005 for each word you transcribe.
  3. As a new transcriber, it will take you around 20 to 30 minutes to transcribe an audio tape of 1000 words. Therefore, you’ll earn $5 for the work that is completed.
  4. As you get familiar with the job it is possible to earn a higher rate of pay because it will take less time to transcribe the jobs.
  5. The company isn’t disclosing how they pay you for the work that you do. Therefore, it is hard to say if you are paid monthly, weekly, or even bi-weekly. Furthermore, they don’t even indicate if they pay you through a direct deposit or your PayPal account.l


This is a legitimate company to work for at home as a transcriber. The application process is simple and requires you to download and transcribe 3 different audio tapes. You’ll need to fill out the application and send the company an essay about yourself. Once you’re hired the company requires you to purchase a piece of software that you’ll use to transcribe the audio tapes with on your home computer. The software cost between $200 to $250 dollars depending on where you purchase the program. This can be quite difficult for a person who is just starting out and doesn’t have a budget to purchase the program so they can work. Just keep this in mind if you want to work for this company.


GMR Transcription Review – Legit or Scam

GMR Transcription is an American company with offices in California, Georgia, New York, and Florida. Their corporate office is located in California The company is always looking for people who can transcribe English and Spanish voice tapes. If you’d like to apply for a job here it is recommended that you are a skilled typist. Joining the company doesn’t require that you have any previous transcribing skills, however, they do offer their client a 99% accuracy to maintain their high standards. The company hires transcribers for Engish and Spanis. Furthermore, they are always looking for people to translate Spanis documents.

How To Apply:

  1. The company only accepts an application from their website. They don’t allow anyone to phone the company to apply for a job.
  2. On the website the application process is quite simple, you’ll need to supply your name, address, phone number, email address, indicate if you are willing to take a test, check the type of work you’re looking for, if it is English or Spanis, add your additional skills, your highest level of education, how many years you’ve done transcribing, and let them know if you won Start/Stop equipment and software.
  3. Upload your application to the website.
  4. Once the company receives your application, an email will be sent to you.
  5. The email will contain an attached zip file of a test tape that you must complete and upload to the company.

Taking The Test:

  1. The zip file contains instructions for taking the test.
  2. During the test, the company won’t answer any of your questions.
  3. You are expected to be able to read the instruction and follow the directions.
  4. If you have an issue, it is up to you to troubleshoot these problems and find your own solution.
  5. If you try and contact the company before submitting your test, you’ll be disqualified and your application denied.
  6. Your test and application will be denied if you submit an incomplete test or don’t follow the template they provide for you.
  7. The test must be completed and submitted back to the company within 3 days otherwise your application is rejected.
  8. It normally takes 2 weeks for the company to review your test and send you an email.
  9. If you don’t hear back from the company it means that they aren’t interested in hiring you and there was a problem with your test.
  10. The audio table that is sent to you arrives in the form of a zip file, The file must be opened in order to play the tape. The company suggests that you unzip the file with PeaZip. This is a free program and can be downloaded online.

How Many Hours Can You Work?

  1. If you’re hired by the company they require you to do 4 hours of audio tape transcribing each month.
  2. You can work more hours if you desire and the company is always looking for people who want to transcribe tapes. They have plenty of work available if you’re interested.

Does The Company Have a Trial Period?

  1. As a new transcriber, you’ll be required to transcribe 120 minutes of audio tapes for free.
  2. During your trial period, you’ll be graded on your performance if you complete the job on time, and the accurac6y of you’re the file you’ve transcribed.
  3. If you pass your trial period, you’ll move on to a paid position.
  4. The paid position allows you to pick and choose the types of files you’d like to work on.

How Much Does the Company Pay?

  1. The company won’t discuss any type of payment openly unless you’ve passed the test and the trial period.
  2. Your pay is based on the quality of the tape, the number of minutes, and the overall job.
  3. You’ll see the description of the job, what it details, and how much you’ll be paid for completing this job.
  4. You are free to pick and choose the jobs that you’d like to complete.
  5. There are no indications of how the company pays you. This will be discussed privately with you once you’ve passed your trial

What Do Others Say About This Company?

  1. People are happy to work here and the company always has worked for them.
  2. People who work for this company enjoy the fact that each job you take has a sliding pay schedule. The company lets you know the difficulty of the audio tape and your pay before you accept the job.
  3. The company offers a higher pay rate than other transcription companies.
  4. People are always satisfied because the company pays on time.
  5. The hours are flexible and you can pick and choose the hours you want to work. The company only requires you to do 4 hours of audio tapes each month.


This is a legitimate company to work for and they are always looking for people to transcribe English and Spanis audio tapes. Furthermore, they need people who can translate Spanish documents or tapes. You are only required to transcribe 4 hours of audio tapes each month, but you have the opportunity to work as many hours a month as you wish. There is always work with this company and they don’t have any complaints about paying you for your work. Just keep in mind the first two hours of audio tapes that you transcribe won’t be paid. This is your trial period and once you pass the trial period you’ll be paid for your work. If you’re interested in the job, just visit their website and apply for a position. Complete the test and submit it to the company. If you pas the test the company will be in touch with you within two weeks.